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January 11, 2013


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Complants about people who don't listen: Fun time story sharing

We have all had our share of complaints thoughout our lives. But lets face it: sometimes, people just refuse to listen. Lets share our favorite stories about humanities inability to pay attention.

Several months ago. I had a small get together with friends at my house. and My not-cousin-cousin Cynthia (I call her that because she's not my cousin, just a friend of my dad's friend or something. I don't really care about the logistics.) called and wanted to come over with her friends. I caved, got them permission, and they came. To say I don't care for them would be kind of me. Anyways, as I was making brownies, I hope other to youtube and put on the fourth greatest thing mankind has ever created.

The Legends of The Hidden Temple Temple Run Theme.

So, I'm rocking out, making brownies, and not-cousin-cousin Cynthia waltz in. Wonders what that music is. I tell her it The Legends of The Hidden Temple Temple Run Theme.

She proceeds to try and convince me that my favorite childhood gameshow is a pornography.


I tell her. "No, it was a game show of kids in the 90's>'

"No, it's a porno."

Yea, somehow a kids show is a porno.

People don't listen. That's was that day's complaint of the day.

Anyways, that's my funny complaint story. Anyone else wanna share?

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Devious Comments

puppy-dangerous Jan 11, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wait, is that one of those Nick game show things? I think I vaguely remember that.

People can see sex in everything. She has porn on the brain.
Yea, the Nick one. The best of the bunch in my opinion.
ZeFlyingMuppet Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
She must like pornos herself... o_o
Don't know. Don't care.
Your not cousin is a trol
Or an idiot. My vote is that one.
prosaix Jan 11, 2013
No thanks
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