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January 1, 2013


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WTF is wrong with people lately

unionjack67 Jan 1, 2013  Professional Photographer
It is OBVIOUSLY against the rules to post erections. Yet they keep popping up one after another, sometimes from the same person.

First of all, Erection or not, some of this stuff is so far from being art that it's more in line with pure trash.

I see so much crap in Artistic Nudes that has absolutely no artistic value at all. It's frustrating to be browsing this stuff and see stuff more suitable for Amateur porn sites than for an Art site.

I hate ranting about this stuff. I know it happens all the time. I know that this rant isn't going to change the perverted behavior of these idiots, but it helps me to get it out.

I understand Art is relative to the Artist and the viewer. I understand that Art is a very relative subject. The definition of art is vast and almost undefinable.

That being said, somethings are obviously not art.

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Devious Comments

SinisterStick Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My question is why the fuck are you even looking at nudes in the first place if it offended you so much?

Also, there is no point in bitching about the content, just report the hell out of them and move on.
TeenyTinyTentacles Jan 7, 2013   General Artist
The answer is simple really. Stop going into the Artistic Nudes section.
plumcider Jan 6, 2013  Student General Artist
"Yet they keep popping up one after another, sometimes from the same person."

I tried and tried, but I just couldn't get past this sentence. XD
singagainsoon Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just choked on my cereal. cx
Umagic65 Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just spit my Earl Grey. OH. MY. GOD.
mapper3 Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
mapper3 Jan 6, 2013  Student General Artist
But it's erection day!
kizgoth Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Someone taking a picture of their dick, in black and white, with their webcam, is not art. No matter where they placed their desk lamp. That will never be art. Sort it out, guys.
Redfoxbennaton Jan 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Then don't look.
LorenzoFlowers Jan 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I had no idea people drew that kind of shit here. But to solve the problem, you could always turn on your safe search filter. That should prevent you from seeing erection pictures (which I thinking is just fucking disgusting to even know people draw that stuff).
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