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December 30, 2012


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...but you just don't understand!

ForeverTeaTime Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I need to do a bit of complaining, because I am getting quite irritated here. (Big surprise huh? Since that's what this forum's for!)

The thing is I am working on a schoolproject about my favorite band/artist and my guiding teacher has accidentally sent me down a snakepit.
My teacher has repeatedly requested me to look into the connection between this band/artist and the gothic subculture: How vital the existence of the subculture was to help this band's/artist's rise to fame, and how this band/artist has influence the subculture from there on.
I thought these were some sensible questions to answer so I started researching it today on the Internet, BUT: The vast majority of websites I am running into are hating and pissing on this artist/band for not being goth (which is alright, they may have that opinion), but especially for being fake and just a lame commercial 'shock rock' act that has nothing to do with goth.

And the latter is what angers me, because I believe most of these people have come to this conclusion because they have never really looked into this band/artist. Because they don't understand what it is(was mostly) about.
Because it becomes obvious very soon when you do look into it that the things that this band/artist has created, especially around the peak of their/his carreer, are very complex. They are filled with comments, critiques and ideas that are in my opinion very intelligent and good. And they often represent the same values as the group of people who are so hating on this band/artist for having nothing to do with goth, would mention as core values of the scene.

<bold>And I am just so fed up with people hating on things based on nothing but their own (wrongful and possibly stupid) assumptions! </bold>
If you want to hate on something because it's just not your thing, fine.
If you want to hate on something because you disagree with it, fine.
But for real, hating on something that you don't understand and assuming it to be something that you must hate is just... ARGH!

Now why don't you all go ahead and make some nice and supportive comments that will make me feel less fed up with humanity? :D
(Don't worry, I know that's not to be expected in this part of the forum.)

Bonus complaint:
I am fed up with the fact that law enforcement doesn't seem to care about people lighting fireworks all throughout the week, while it's against the law to light them on other days than the 31st of December/1st of January.
It's scaring the living daylights out of my cat (and pretty much every other pet anybody has) and lighting fireworks is dangerous in general (although most people are willing to kindly ignore that for New Year's Eve anyway).
And damn it, it's against the law and the police should do their jobs and make people stick to that! >.<'

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Devious Comments

is the band my chemical romance
ForeverTeaTime Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Answered this one at least twice already, but well:
No, it was not MCR. They got one song I like and aside from that the sound of their music, sort of, annoys me? And I am not even trying to be nasty, it just feels as the best way to describe it for me.
then its gotta be evanescence
ForeverTeaTime Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The answer to that was actually on this page, if you have your comments said to 25 per page... :/

"*ForeverTeaTime 2 days ago Hobbyist General Artist
Out of the 50+ bands/artists I currently have in my playlist, there are only there are only 4 that (occasionally) have a lady doing vocals, and Evanescence isn't one of them.
So no, I wasn't talking about Evanescence."
no its evanescence i can feel it
ForeverTeaTime Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If it makes you happy to believe that, then by all means go ahead.
Originally the idea of leaving the name out was that it didn't, or rather shouldn't, matter for the point I was trying to make. :shrug:
81984 Jan 1, 2013
:iconangelishi: go spam her page
ForeverTeaTime Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do hope you know spamming isn't allowed on deviantART.
You can have your account temporarily disabled or even banned for doing so.
I also hope that you do understand that what you now suggest would indeed happen, your name is gonna be in the report just as well.
Damn deviantart, its just a b inside the <>
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