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December 4, 2012


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Gotta love those lil' kids who like to think their tough shit.....

teejayspook Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
well I was perusing through many DA pages when I stumbled upon this particular article aimed directly at my sister...Dunno who he is but he sure does sound like he wants to bring down a whole tribe of angry relatives to his doorstep....


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Devious Comments

CopaceticChaos Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Your sister is retarded anyway.
MasterPlanner Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
kmwright Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
I'm sure your sister is a real sweetheart.
Pinkmitten Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
SolarLunix Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012   Traditional Artist
No hope for the human race .-.
Avenvia Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Writer
Your definition of perusing is... interesting at best. You don't need to 'peruse through' anything, the through is superfluous. Looks like using big words didn't make you sound quite as clever as you hoped.

Also, if an 'entire tribe' will go all the way to another country just because some idiot wrote a semi-literate journal that didn't actually mention anyone in said tribe, I'd recommend they maybe attempt to go outside and look for a job instead. They evidently have far too much time on their hands.
LadyDeven Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh goodie I get to use this.
dorkface4 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
So block him.
Cenaris Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that entire journal
Real tough guys are literate, know when to stop using commas and refrain using the word "faggot".
One jab to the throat and he'd be down like a sack of potatos.
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