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November 23, 2012


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What Would A Man Do If His Wife Was Unfaithful ???

To all,

Iíve got a question for you (mostly boys and men but girls and women may read if they are still interested).
Letís pretend that:
You are a man with a full-time job as a high school teacher who is married to a honey-sweet, part-time waitress who has always waited on you hand and foot (sheís sort of the doting type, to put it bluntly). You both live in an apartment block with your best mate just residing in the room opposite yours.

For some time, your wife has been complaining about how you never have any time because youíve been fairly busy with work. You are trying your best to spend time with her but it is really, really hard for you. She continues to express this frustration and you continue exhausting yourself trying to balance your home and work life.

One day, you come home and find she is not there. You go to your best friendís room and to your surprise, the door is not locked. Inside his room, there are empty bottles of beer and wine crowding the table and you hear someone further inside. When you go in, you find your wife making love to your best friend who is absolutely drunk.
What is your initial reaction?
Keeping in mind that:
Your wife has been complaining about her not having time with you for ages
Your best friend is ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY drunk sick
So what are you going to do?
Because the character in question is male, it is suggested that males answer this question.
However if you are female and know a man well enough to write what he might do, I would be extremely pleased to hear from you too.
Thank you

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3wyl Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Not a complaint. Something like this belongs in your journal.

FAQ #801: Are there any rules for the Forums?

I can answer this one from experience! Well, it's not the EXACT same thing, but close enough. I divorced that bitch. Simple enough!
She can't possibly be that desperate. I would divorce her.
DaynaEMCraig Nov 23, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
The gender is totally irrelevant to the reaction.

If you don't know your own character well enough to know this, you need to stop writing.
Mmm... I think different genders might react differently to this.
... Well, I actually kind of do know what he would do but I'm just afraid that it's warped by my bias and not realistic.
Thank you for answering. ^_*
SkyFire2008 Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What would Jesus do?
siantjudas Nov 23, 2012   Digital Artist
MasterPlanner Nov 23, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
1) You missed a turn, Help with Life is over there

2) Divorce
siantjudas Nov 23, 2012   Digital Artist
Also, learn to find the right forum jack hole, that's probably why she fucked your friend, if you can't even find the right forum to post in, I'm damn sure you couldn't find her g-spot either.
siantjudas Nov 23, 2012   Digital Artist
How do you say, shot them in the fucking face :D
Oh but make sure that you also don't forget to shoot yourself too, because really, this was all your fucking fault to begin with.
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