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November 22, 2012


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When people don't GET paintings they call it sloppy...

illastrat Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
A true painter has control over their medium. What i don't get is when painters such as: de Kooning, Pollock, Basquiat, and myself paint in a seemingly spontaneous style they are regarded as sloppy. More so me as a upcoming artist than the former 3. With my art no line, color or shape is laid down unintentionally. I think its funny that some people who don't understand that call my art sloppy. No matter how good it is. Fools are stupid.

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fredjace Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
These are amazing check out my art at [link]
Blackrosekane89 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
A sloppy painting, even if it's done well, is still sloppy. A person can draw scribbles and even if they drew those scribbles well and made a beautiful piece of art, it doesn't suddenly become a straight line. It's still scribbles.
illastrat Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
i can name 10 artists that are considered by some to be "sloppy" and profane. but they will overshadow any of the sterile placid "refined" art that you can name.
rockstar1009 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
When people don't GET seconds, they call THAT sloppy. :no:
Xyires Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wondered how long it'd take for one of your threads to come to complaints. :lol:
Solaces Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
This...could escalate quickly.
WilderGothica Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone has their thing. I think some of the messy paintings look very trippy, there's some cool effects that can come with it, but MS paint slop is what shouldn't be in anyone's gallery.
ArtisticAxis Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Jak-the-Lombax Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Everyone, enjoy! \o\
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