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November 21, 2012


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Shady Tenant

kmnfive Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
this woman is 55 years old. grown woman, agree?

the rent in the neighborhood goes for 1400, we charge her 1100, on the assumption that she takes care the house and the yard; we have a ton of fruit trees.

anyways. so i get a call from a bank the other day talking about how the tenant signed up for a loan and the that they need to verify her living situation, and they asked us if she lives in the house.

i thought it was strange. so i call the tenant and ask what she is getting a loan for.

she tells me its for refinancing her car.

she calls me back---the tenant---and then suddenly feels like she needs to figure out what i said to the bank, which wasn't much, but she never pays rent on time, so i figure she was worried about what i would tell her lender.

her lease is up in feb, and i want to get her out of there, she's a moron, and a grown woman who can't pay her own bills.

every time she doesn't get her way she starts crying, our family doesnt have the heart to do anything, i on the other hand, hate this broad.


what is it with people these days? you can't afford the four bedroom house you live in that's on top of a fucking hill? move out, get an apartment in city.

fucking makes me go up the wall man.


ok end rant.

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Devious Comments

Corvalian Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Mercury-Crowe Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
We've got a house here that is rented when it's not being lived in by one of the family, we moved into it a couple years ago after the last guy got kicked out.

Yes, kicked out. Because he didn't pay his rent. EVER. My mother manages the house, and I still have no idea why she let him stay as long as she did, except she doesn't like confrontation.

Anyway, this guy, who is apparently grossly overweight, moves into the house with his wife and rents a pasture. The deal is supposed to be whatever, $700 for the house and pasture or whatever, and they are supposed to take care of their own horses, provide the feed, etc, the barn would fill the water since the trough is right across the drive from the one for the main pasture so that's not a big deal.

Puts the horses out there. Doesn't feed them, or come out to mess with them at all, leaves that up to the barn staff. I wasn't working there at the time (I'm barn manager now) and they just kinda went ahead and did it.

This went on for maybe three months or so. Never paid any rent. Sort of 'check is in the mail' sort of thing, even though my mother lives literally across the street. Added a sob story about his dad in the hospital with cancer, dying, he had to commute to visit him, was looking for another place in that city. All very sad, yes, I'm sure that sucked for him, but rent has to be paid. At least SOME rent, a little bit, just to show that you are trying. Even a hundred bucks.

One morning mom comes down and their horses are gone. Hm. So she goes up and finds out that the guys wife has just up and left him, took the horses and her dog. She still owes a couple hundred dollars for board as well as rent.

Well, fine, Mom says she'll take the horse stuff up with the wife. Still needs rent on the house. He says he'll get it to her, and he's looking for somewhere to move to and will be out in a month.

Then we decided to move out of the house we were in, my mom would rather have us living in that house than anybody else, it's a good deal for her. We pay her reduced rent and I run the barn, I've been training and breeding horses for 15 years and was usually assigned the rogue cases, and I run a tight ship. I'm anal about the barn. And I have veterinary experience and can treat almost any common ailment. It saves her a lot of money.

Since he was leaving anyway, she told him he needed to find another place to live. We still had a couple months on our lease at that point, plenty of time for him at the worst to get a storage unit and stick everything in there until he found somewhere else.

He said fine, no problem, he'd get the place cleaned out in a couple weeks. Called a wile later and said he'd gotten everything he wanted.

Well, she scooby gang here all got together and went into the house- to find it still full of furniture, clothes, dog-droppings... and really personal stuff, a couple file cabinets with personal stuff in them, military records, tax returns, that sort of thing. A chest freezer full of rotten Senior horse feed and a saddle rack from his wife. We called Mom, she called him, he said he was done with it.

I have to admit there was once when I packed what fit in the car and left a place with all my stuff in it. Sometimes you just can't handle it.

So we started to clean stuff up.

A few days later, my Mom gets a call. Somebody was in the house.

Well of COURSE somebody was in the house, she said, you said you were done with it.

He comes back a couple days later. Ok, he says, he's done now.

So we come back. He's taken some more stuff, picked up his bed, maybe a few other things. All the personal stuff is still there. Find winter clothes and Christmas decorations in the storage room. Lots of furniture.

Another call, another confirmation he was really finished, really out, done with everything. Absolutely certain, never coming back there. I even had her call him again to make sure.

Alright, awesome, we get a bunch of our friends and proceed to pick through what was in the house. Went through the clothes, decorations, furniture, everything that was left.

Next day- you guessed it. Another phone call. Oh my God somebody had STOLEN all of his stuff!

At this point we're all banging our heads on the wall. Alright, well he's done now, right?

Back in the house, we find a letter written on cardboard propped on a prominent mantlepiece. It started out more or less 'people who stole all my stuff...' then had a numbered list that contained things like 'your girl left her sunglasses here with fingerprints on them', 'my automatic deer hunting camera was on and I've got pictures of you' and 'my uncle in the FBI will chase you down'- with a 22 cartridge sitting beside it.

Alright, this guy is clearly nuts. Fine. We gather up all the stuff that is still in the house, pack it up in boxes, and move it to the front room. Then we clean the house out and start moving our stuff in.

Finally, another phone call. He wants his Teddy Ruxpin. Not a problem. In fact, we have ALL of his stuff. If he will just tell us when he can come out, we'll load all of it up into the truck for him. So he arranges a day to come by.

Day passes, nothing from him at all.

That is the last straw. We move all the remaining trash out onto the porch, lock the doors, tell him that he can have his stuff back if he will take his trash (so we don't have to pay to take it to the dump).

This has dragged on for about three months at this point, our lease was up, we finished moving in.

He drove by at some point, called late and said all he saw was trash and he wanted his teddy bear. We said if he'd come by when he said he would, he'd have it. To bad, at this point he was out of luck.

That apparently ended it, we haven't heard from him since.
kmnfive Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
its interesting what ppl think they can get away with
Knightster Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Bitches be crazy yo. Sounds like you're the only one with balls to get this dealt with.
prosaix Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
So you're basically turning your tenant into a gardener/maid? How profitable and so morally good.
3wyl Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ShutUpSprinkles Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Professional Filmographer
A home across the street from me was being rented out. The renters were this crazy loud family who would throw loud parties late into the night, let their kids run all over the place with minimal clothes on (and sunbathe in the front yard, even though they had a pool, which I thought was rather odd), would get so drunk they would puke in their front yard was gross.

Apparently they thrashed the house before they got kicked out.
deviant-garde Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
That reminds me of a time my dad told me that he and somebody else stopped a woman for a traffic violation (he was a cop) and the woman broke down and cried over it saying she didn't want to be late to work. The both of them laughed at her and gave her the ticket anyway, fucking FACE
divine--apathia Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
That reminds me of a time when a cop booked my friend for talking on the phone, while sitting in a car park. (He had the keys in the ignition, but the car was off)

The police officer looked at his ID, and then asked the guy 'So, it's your birthday?' the guy replies 'yes'.

So the officer decides to do a full inspection of his car :roll:

What a dick.
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