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November 12, 2012


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Disrespectful twats

So me and my friend were walking around downtown last night and came upon a rather large war memorial. Vietnam to be specific. It was nice, huge, very beautiful. It was also Veteran's Day to boot too. However there were a number of skate fags just skating all over it like it was fucking nothing.

I don't care, I found that to be highly disrespectful and it's fucking Nashville for god's sakes, pretty sure you can just skate somewhere else or find a skate park. My friend felt my same sentiments. Since there were about 20 of them and two of us, we found one off from the group and talked to him about it. As usual, blows it off as if it was nothing and my friend freaks and ends up chasing them until we hit the group. One took a picture of me, dunno why but I guess my photo will be flying around the interbutts somewhere.

I began yelling at them, until they threatened us with numbers. Yes because it takes 20 people to take on 2. That's very though, hiding behind numbers. We ended up leaving but we found a state trooper and had them kicked off. :la:

Wished I could have caved in faces though, but I can't take on 19 other people. That would just be stupid. Just, fuck. On Veteran's Day too? One claimed to have a father in the military, pretty sure your pops would really appreciate you being disrespectful on a WAR MEMORIAL --- that was a pathetic-ass excuse.

I hate skateboarders.

On the plus side we ran into some very interesting people. :dummy: Not what I'm used to where I lived. But lots of bums. Lots and lots of bums. Bleugh.

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Devious Comments

Totally-dead Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I once surfed on a normandy beach. Does that count for your hatred?
You was afraid to take on 20 people? Have you never seen any Bourne movie, Matrix Movie or Steven Seagal Movie?
x666NiGhTmArE666x Nov 14, 2012
Too bad there was only the two of you and not more. :/
h-irsch Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's nice to discover someone else who dislikes skateboarders as well. I swear to God that at least 90% are total idiots who have no respect for anybody besides themselves and their buddies.
Oh-Cherie-Cherie Nov 14, 2012  Student General Artist
You're a chump who's too easily offended, and I think you're a disrespectful twat for hating on bums.
TheNecco Nov 14, 2012  Student General Artist
What, the kids were just treating the statue how the troops were treated when they went back home
prosaix Nov 13, 2012
Lame. Go back to listening to country music or something :lol:
I'll have you know I like Johnny Cash.
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