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November 9, 2012


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My view on dA

... after being AFK for a couple of months now:

:star:This is all my personal experience, plus, I'm overly generalizing and aggregating here.

Points 1 - 10

1, dA is boring, it's a cycle of :+fav: fave -> (optionally) :+devwatch: watch -> comment/note -> talk for some time -> restart cycle.exe

2, dA is full of retards. Yes, I said it boo-hoo, you're a retard, but I'm no exception. We're all retards, believing only that which fits in their retarded little world.

3, dA is one emotional black hole. The most useless shit gets posted on here, which in the end only leads to:"I want you to see/know/feel/acknowledge my pain and suffering *sadface* and sometimes optionally:"now give me points, so I can feel better!"

4, dA looks like vomit. I mean, can anyone pick an even worse color* scheme? It's really hard to browse on dA without having stylish installed.

5, dA introduces many new features from time to time, which is good, but they don't make sense at all sometimes, or completely screw up the browsing experience one has when being here.

6, dA is full of egocentric-self-centred idiots thinking they're artists whilst they're not lol. Yes, you have 100k pageviews, but please, don't see yourself as an artist when for instance take rendered screens and put them on a simple background saying:"Hurr durr i creatod dizz!" and when being confronted with the truth that you're not actually as good as you think you are hide the comments + block the person.

You DON'T have to react to this one, it's my personal view

7, dA is full of religious bullshit. Liking / believing in religion, ok, but please... Don't go to profiles trying to "save" people, this isn't omegle people.

Same rule applies here

8, dA is full of MLP retards. nothing more, nothing less. Yes, you can like it, but please leave the rest of the "proper" shows intact, dont rape them with the mlp stuff.

9, dA contains some of the most idiotic people on earth. I still can't believe they were smart enough to create an account here. I came across a lot of retard on youtube, but dA surely beats that by a long shot.

10, dA is full of:

1 - Kids, mostly thinking they're already nr2, thus act like total retards,
2 - Over sensitive teens, thinking they know everything, till nr 3 or 4 shows them different,
3 - Middle aged dudes (trying to get something with nr4 or most likely nr2
4 - Unstable middle aged woman insecure of themselves, trying to find comfort in a man which still hasn't appeared in their lives
5 - Trolls
6 - Older people, mostly photographers. (A small segment of dA I can't complain about)
7 - The rest (the nice people, your friends, watchers, family etc. etc.)

Feel free to reply with tl;dr or something else because I won't reply to any of you.

Have a nice fucking weekend. :iconmiddlefingerplz:

*Color / colour, it doesn't matter, it's the same so stfu and gtfo.

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Devious Comments

kittysophie Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
angelishi Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how you reply to people even though you've said you wouldn't - it shows you're a strong willed person.
Furthermore, I wonder what sort of unfulfilling life you lead that forces you to spend time in a website you seem to overally dislike. :hug: I hope you can work things out.
Oh you think crappy animu artists are bad, wait until you look at how politically backwards most users are.
not only the anime ones, yes, they are the worst, but this applies to everyone from my pov. including me
timmy64 Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
My problem is that I found your OP irredeemably boring. Doesn't matter if I agree or not.
Sorry, ill spice it up next time with some cliffhangers
timmy64 Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
And a chase! :eager:
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