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December 17, 2009


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Four year old boy suspended from pre-kindergarten... Because... His hair was too long?

Rasec-Wizzlbang Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

Uhhh... What?

I've heard some bullshit reasons for people being suspended/expelled but...


Hairstyles "designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus (are) not permitted," the policy states.

Holy shit, they have a point! As soon as the other children see how crazy this kid is with his hair growing down passed his earlobes, they won't be able to do anything but stare!:roll:

Damn... They would have hated me at that place...:lol:

*(Well, actually, the most bullshit reason for an expulsion was at a private catholic high school my sister use to go to. If a girl got pregnant, she could abort it, or be expelled, so's not to damage the schools image.)

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Devious Comments

Nephenee Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
My brother went through the same thing when he wanted to donate his hair to Locks of Love. What eventually happened was that my parents had a discussion with the school, and the upshot was he could grow his hair out as long as his bangs weren't in his eyes and he wore it tied back in a ponytail.
Rougaroux Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Professional General Artist
That kid is adorable! And I don't even LIKE children!
Gassy-mac-gas-gas Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
The kid doesn't look like an anarchist. He looks like he belongs in cereal ads.

As for the part about Catholic schools wanting pregnant girls to have abortions to "protect the schools image" -- Whaaaaaat? I thought Christians were against abortion. I suppose next they'll encourage the boys to masturbate so they don't have the urge to fuck the girls.
EternaLegend Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
So much for "individuality." :roll:

What the hell is long hair on a guy going to do? Consume fucking everything or perhaps hide shit under his hair?

Society has gone nuts.
relativestranger Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
good, parents should take care of their kids
CrimsonMagpie Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Texas, (do I even need to finish that sentence?). . .
gayagainstyou Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Professional General Artist
Two years ago I had candyfloss coloured hair. The school told me if i didn't dye over it, i would be suspended. This was two days before the summer holidays. So I just didn't go in and went to a super fun party yeeeeaah!
furawatchi23 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009   General Artist
That kid has pretty badass hair! I think he should keep it! :XD:

I hate school dress codes at times. Our school disallows the stupidest stuff. I don't get what's wrong with wearing hats to school or shoes without a back strap.
KodawaruOnna Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
Ridiculous. When I was in Highschool, I had bright purple hair, and I knew people with green, pink, you name it, even facial piercings. Heck, there was even a kid in ROTC with a trihawk.

My sister's middle school used to check girls for thongs when getting off the bus. Dress code got super strict and the parents fought back, going so far as to walk their kids into the school and stop any administrator who wanted to pull aside their kids for an inspection. But it was only the girls who had this problem. Guys' pants could be falling off and no one cared. My sis almost got suspended for having bright red streaks, but when she refused to dye her hair, the school gave up and let her keep them. Or maybe it was my mom telling off the principle?
KodawaruOnna Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
*principal. My bad.
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