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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
I don't want to hear that story, it's sad Spudfuzz
36m 44s ago
13 Spudfuzz
Moments ago
SV-40: 1950s Vaccinations infected with cancer virus. Dark-Kadabra
1d 11h ago
177 KorukiKonaru
6m 56s ago
Vegetarian SadistSkunk
1w 23h ago
602 SadistSkunk
9m 32s ago
Taylor Swift JustinBeiberOfficial
11h 6m ago
46 PuzzledHeartBox
11m ago
Cisphobia and Heterophobia? Sydney-Smith
4d 19h ago
1,537 RansLove
17m 41s ago
Not enough people are noticing me TheMuscle666
6h 12m ago
279 QueenOfTheSilence
31m 50s ago
I'm suffering from severe procrasination QueenOfTheSilence
18h 41m ago
52 Spudfuzz
32m 41s ago
I can't twerk. NeverSayNever2002
7h 12m ago
51 SadistSkunk
34m 51s ago
Birthday lunch woes Bombia
2d 10h ago
146 Bombia
37m 17s ago
Crazy Fat Bitch kmnfive
13h 15m ago
76 KikiNeko3
48m 39s ago
My astrological sign is nothing like me Ani-San17
9h 18m ago
43 Ani-San17
50m 49s ago
Smash, why you break my heart?! ThatKidWithTheRabbit
2h 39m ago
8 SadistSkunk
55m 36s ago
Arsehole hairdressers are putting my tattoo shop out of business. tsuyameki
22h 47m ago
56 PuzzledHeartBox
1h 13s ago
Forum Regulars - Troubles in Paradise PuzzledHeartBox
Jun 12, 2014
2,793 PuzzledHeartBox
1h 3m ago
Delusional Friend Abandons Me....Makes Sense starscreamfan2244
2d 10h ago
158 Spudfuzz
1h 32m ago
Bipolar disorder totally gives him the right to start a fight with me. TheNomzMonster
9h 46m ago
45 Sapphire-Ashesx
1h 47m ago
demon children?!?! andlighet
1d 7h ago
58 Sapphire-Ashesx
1h 52m ago
No, I am NOT getting ebola! igloo9201
16h 6m ago
186 SadistSkunk
1h 57m ago
Fat Girl costumes? Thanks a lot, Wal-Mart! ppgrainbow
2d 1h ago
446 Sapphire-Ashesx
2h 3m ago
Can someone explain this to me? AClockworkKitten
4h 48m ago
59 AClockworkKitten
3h 6m ago
Bad week Squad1rox
11h 4m ago
40 MasterPlanner
3h 20m ago
Turner and Dish bickering, which means... borninabathtub
4d 13h ago
32 Libayne
3h 50m ago
Separate but "Equal" 2: The Electric Bungaloo. Katcam007
2d 4h ago
76 Katcam007
4h 12m ago
I Can't. Fucking. Sleep Raven-Born
16h 20m ago
54 CrimeRoyale
4h 34m ago
Thank you for warning me neurotype
2w 6d ago
179 neurotype
4h 37m ago
3d 4h ago
70 Libayne
5h 31m ago
People who only speak the ghetto/trailer dialect of english. Katcam007
1w 4d ago
307 Katcam007
5h 45m ago
Screw you connected houses! SirCassie
3d 18h ago
196 MapleDeer
6h 20m ago
I want to love you, but alas, I cannot rockstar1009
2w 9h ago
74 rockstar1009
6h 39m ago
Women's fashion orochibi
4d 21h ago
64 Koui
6h 46m ago
YOU'RE REPORTED!! divine--apathia
3d 23h ago
138 kitsumekat
6h 55m ago
Special Education pisses me off. Delta-waves22
3w 4d ago
250 Libayne
7h 12m ago
School forces you out to a workplace. JenniferJK
1w 1d ago
121 kitsumekat
7h 24m ago
On design adoptions and auctions CeleryPony
1w 1d ago
25 NeverSayNever2002
7h 25m ago
Liquid Latex on Hair CosmosTheCreator
13h 39m ago
33 hippo-rim-job
7h 48m ago
Bring me all your childish deviants! MarcoEmma
6d 20h ago
582 MarcoEmma
7h 57m ago
No! You can't do that and What the flying... EbolaBearVomit
3d 7h ago
44 KorukiKonaru
8h 11m ago
I feel internet lonely. Patt-Ytto
1w 6d ago
70 Patt-Ytto
8h 36m ago
My imposter is more active than me.. SadistSkunk
Sep 29, 2014
1,617 JepoJ
8h 39m ago