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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Dammit people, answer your kids! Forget-The-Name
1h 49m ago
23 DrifterJellybean
42s ago
Social justice's careless "identity" acceptance. The unique labels trend! (Warning, essay-like) Fennelflower
1w 2d ago
467 This-Nerdy-Gal
2m 39s ago
Did it always suck this much? SadistSkunk
2w 1d ago
806 SadistSkunk
2m 58s ago
In Bruges: A Tale of the Derailed Youth PuzzledHeartBox
2d 9h ago
304 SadistSkunk
3m 7s ago
Oh, you big sissy, PUNCH the cunt for God's sake! sbkMulletMan
1d 3h ago
151 sbkMulletMan
6m 20s ago
DeviantArt? fingolfinboy
1d 17h ago
286 Felizias
14m 48s ago
i hate icedcoffeeXD
19h 43m ago
13 zenpoint
15m 59s ago
I licked a flower. StripedPower
Jun 9, 2014
335 StripedPower
17m 7s ago
Trolls that annoy themselves more than you demonlight
6h 32m ago
61 maddmatt
19m 23s ago
When People talk like they're cool... Princess-Num-Nums
3d 22h ago
345 KawaiiGamu
22m 22s ago
Shove your 5S and S5 up your second mouth. Eraezr
3h 27m ago
55 SavageFrog
22m 28s ago
So a little birdy told me... Kitsunefireball
2h 13m ago
20 QueenOfTheSilence
30m 24s ago
Over protective mother -_-" ScribbleScrab
1w 3d ago
70 ScribbleScrab
31m 10s ago
Suicide pics/Attention Whores Rockyroxay
5h 29m ago
32 Milyusia
34m 10s ago
Uh thanks for the minutes? Atlantech
1d 9h ago
18 Riftress
38m 44s ago
Is It too late for me to be a good artist? Grimgor09
18h 24m ago
31 Riftress
39m 12s ago
Stop fucking moaning! demonlight
1d 1h ago
81 Solum-Ipsum
40m 33s ago
I lost it all (computer media) WildfireBlizzard
16h 56m ago
53 Riftress
41m 12s ago
flesh eating bacteria CatsEyeNebula
1d 7h ago
132 bedroom-inc
42m 45s ago
Craigslist no-shows thecomatosekitty
2d 15h ago
222 Riftress
43m 23s ago
11h 44m ago
24 Milyusia
44m 4s ago
Brand new PS4 game my arse! Fullmetal-Animator
2d 16h ago
60 Krasher124
45m 49s ago
1d 13h ago
62 BGinks
48m 28s ago
Old people Goatlactic
10h 56m ago
21 Riftress
48m 37s ago
uneeded boners Hashae
6d 5h ago
354 Werewolfferret96
53m 53s ago is going to erase my videos unless i buy a subscription D: Yuuza
1d 18h ago
111 bedroom-inc
55m 41s ago
Want to buy something real expensive but no money RZ-desu
5d 13h ago
99 Werewolfferret96
1h 42m ago
Why Should I Be Ashamed? Irishfury97
4d 11h ago
102 Werewolfferret96
1h 45m ago
Hypocrites SadistSkunk
1w 4d ago
987 AnVirgin
1h 49m ago
Anime!!! I can't ESCAPE IT! DigitalRipple
1w 1d ago
134 Werewolfferret96
1h 50m ago
Callout zydaria
1w 18h ago
1,035 zydaria
1h 54m ago
Context is for bitches neurotype
2w 4d ago
198 zydaria
1h 56m ago
Annoying DeviantArt Ads stayinwonderland
1d 6h ago
48 EvocativeEloquence
1h 59m ago
Guilt LizzyChrome
22h 27m ago
30 RansLove
2h 37m ago
You Are Soooo Not Getting a Job Aret
2d 13h ago
102 Aret
2h 45m ago
Quote marks are things. Look: " " demonlight
1w 2d ago
87 sinZeta
2h 47m ago
Avocadoooo Finnguala
1d 7h ago
47 Koushoku-jin
2h 50m ago
Llama grooming, chicken porn. igloo9201
1w 4h ago
131 Koushoku-jin
2h 55m ago
"If you don't like it, you don't have to read it." russetwolf13
1w 6d ago
144 russetwolf13
2h 59m ago