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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
MLP fans... FloatingMacaroni
1w 1d ago
159 PurpleAmharicCoffee
5m 13s ago
The "But I'm Not Racist" Anti-Feminist Who Thinks the Answer to Progress is Assimilation. martellotower
2w 2d ago
1,894 martellotower
5m 41s ago
Closet gay friends who want you kmnfive
2d 12h ago
99 61021376
6m 40s ago
So you want to snapchat me huh? Hashae
4h 49m ago
23 SH-Productions
40m 43s ago
Sports Bras Pokey-Bunny
2d 7h ago
216 demtitties
52m 39s ago
"Homophobe" is a slur... LizzyChrome
1d 16h ago
147 Operia
53m 13s ago
I hate pain MissPoe
1d 8h ago
86 Golvanious
1h 17m ago
i fucking hate my mom MahouShoujoBlackStar
6d 2h ago
20 MatRou
1h 35m ago
Internet Blues hunterN05
1d 17h ago
53 hunterN05
1h 52m ago
ableist trash MissMaddox
1w 3d ago
669 Katcam007
2h 7m ago
Quick call the police! EbolaBearVomit
8h 30m ago
34 Corvalian
2h 23m ago
Kidney Stones CindarellaPop
2d 9h ago
42 Dark-Mage-13
2h 23m ago
This arsehole who doesn't appreciate his girlfriend. demtitties
1w 5d ago
120 MasterPlanner
2h 48m ago
Poe's Law and entertainment related number 8675309. HerbalDrink
2w 19h ago
102 HerbalDrink
2h 55m ago
Immature Sonic fans, rabid bronies, pomifications, and "crack shippings," bleh Internetexplorer968
19h 1m ago
161 LadyDeven
3h 1m ago
Because this makes total sense... SweetCandyCyanide
1w 4d ago
99 kitsumekat
3h 3m ago
holy shit ya'll still here VelvetFish
3w 5d ago
166 haavs
3h 10m ago
Now to develop one of those "life" things VelvetFish
6d 4h ago
11 Corvalian
3h 17m ago
my cat died siegeonthorstadt
3d 18h ago
89 kitsumekat
3h 31m ago
Tell your friend they're chubby Day. SmileOfMalevolence
5d 10h ago
565 SmileOfMalevolence
3h 50m ago
Fucking bitches. SmileOfMalevolence
1d 22h ago
211 SmileOfMalevolence
3h 51m ago
I hope God smites you, sister DepressedNutella
1d 7h ago
46 Impious-Imp
3h 51m ago
Dear, SocJus. Please do not culturally rape Rock and Roll. For fucks sake. Katcam007
1w 10h ago
277 Katcam007
3h 54m ago
Where are you uncle Waldo? QueenOfTheSilence
1w 2h ago
41 QueenOfTheSilence
4h 10m ago
Christmas Music Maxi-Moran
8h 42m ago
23 QueenOfTheSilence
4h 16m ago
Kill a White Cop For Every Black Person Killed Aret
3d 16h ago
284 Hashae
4h 45m ago
Bill Cosby is a rapist! Redfoxbennaton
5d 7h ago
265 MissMaurice
4h 55m ago
Shitstains ^owo^. KEYLOCKES
20h 54m ago
38 Sapphire-Ashesx
5h 10m ago
"Weh, my baby wanted to finish the game even though she lost!" Forget-The-Name
4d 6h ago
117 Sapphire-Ashesx
5h 20m ago
Timezones SadistSkunk
1w 4d ago
524 RobStrand
5h 23m ago
Rhyming is harder than i thought Planet-i-Studios
7h 49m ago
26 MysteryBandit
5h 27m ago
I Opened a Window Aret
14h 37m ago
17 RobStrand
5h 30m ago
Attention whores SadistSkunk
5d 21h ago
416 Werewolfferret96
5h 38m ago
Assholes and their asshole parking Mrs-Durden
1d 15h ago
118 Savaliste
5h 40m ago
Stop hating on all U.S citizens you ignorant jerks! Internetexplorer968
1w 1d ago
454 Werewolfferret96
5h 53m ago
I wish turkey was a painkiller as well as a sleep aid SynapticBoomstick
2w 6d ago
34 OhKelseyYou
6h 1m ago
Why are photos of tied up nude women fine, but a DRAWING of an erect penis is porn? meheeners
1w 2d ago
97 Chiminix
6h 6m ago
Eep radical feminism is turning women insane! Patt-Ytto
9h 5m ago
58 kitsumekat
6h 29m ago
Things I cannot pronounce namenotrequired
Nov 1, 2014
323 psycopix
6h 52m ago