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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Oh look hate! SirCassie
3d 12h ago
258 Katcam007
17s ago
I hate the Pokemon Global Trade System OnyxFur
29m 10s ago
4 SadistSkunk
2m 40s ago
Eyeabeetus Man Spudfuzz
8h 50m ago
21 Abstract-Mindser
13m 42s ago
Trigger Warning; LIFE kumapastrychef
2d 4h ago
249 SadistSkunk
15m 47s ago
OH NOES!! TooneGeminiElf
21h 9m ago
16 zerima34
16m 33s ago
Friend has serious gamer rage... OnyxFur
39m 27s ago
10 OnyxFur
21m 31s ago
oh good god AnVirgin
1d 17h ago
112 AnVirgin
26m 34s ago
People who only speak the ghetto/trailer dialect of english. Katcam007
6d 8h ago
278 Katcam007
34m 1s ago
Child labour, sorry, pageants, child pageants. PuzzledHeartBox
3d 20h ago
286 SirCassie
35m 37s ago
Bring me all your childish deviants! MarcoEmma
1d 19h ago
239 HolleeB
36m 49s ago
Vegetarian SadistSkunk
2d 22h ago
363 AnVirgin
38m 5s ago
Fake Eyelashes... Pokey-Bunny
1d 23h ago
126 Corvalian
39m 40s ago
Shoots Albino Deer. Response - He should be hanged! Raven-Born
16h 6m ago
178 CrispyLettuce
40m 59s ago
I almost killed a dog today TheaAtherea
1d 11h ago
50 CrispyLettuce
46m 26s ago
But I Wanted To! Harokiti-Chan
4d 10h ago
59 CrispyLettuce
1h 1m ago
Women's clothing... HunterStrait
4d 2h ago
164 JamieAgathaRose
1h 11m ago
Tumblr SJWs TrueSoprano
1d 4h ago
166 JamieAgathaRose
1h 16m ago
Drawing Tablets: I don't have one get over it KromCompany
5d 4h ago
314 KromCompany
1h 22m ago
Girls who want to have sex on the first date kmnfive
2d 13h ago
583 BigDolly-Photography
1h 31m ago
So aparently its wrong to ask for someones gender.. terors
3w 3d ago
176 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
2h 38s ago
Sucky neighbors skygal333
1d 1h ago
17 skygal333
2h 31m ago
The State of Mental Health Services PoultryChamp
1d 10h ago
35 CindarellaPop
2h 40m ago
Aki Con, At lease they got the 'Con' part right Tiny-Owl
4d 22h ago
66 LizzyChrome
5h 59m ago
Sewing machine! Work dang it! Squad1rox
1d 10h ago
28 Squad1rox
6h 12m ago
What in the world... JDMWanganPichu
1d 18h ago
56 Z-Pikachu
6h 34m ago
Fuck STDs Z-Pikachu
1w 3d ago
402 Corvalian
7h 2m ago
IM A ADULT Smkiller
1w 6d ago
244 Corvalian
7h 14m ago
Nature StripedPower
3w 4d ago
143 EbolaBearVomit
8h 9m ago
Viagra EbolaBearVomit
1w 6d ago
195 EbolaBearVomit
8h 50m ago
I'm so bored, anyone else? IceAngel1234
9h 29m ago
6 IceAngel1234
9h 16m ago
I feel internet lonely. Patt-Ytto
1w 1d ago
66 Patt-Ytto
9h 20m ago
I am not an animal abuser and WTF did they do to my dog??? Essansee
1w 3d ago
168 G-Glitchy
10h 18m ago
Not everyone HAS TO love animals Lolliihime
Sep 10, 2014
620 igloo9201
11h 11m ago
I keep leaking. Pokey-Bunny
1w 2d ago
399 Pokey-Bunny
12h 12m ago
Writing a comic for 1 year and some, only has 36 pages. KromCompany
4d 2h ago
123 KromCompany
13h 2m ago
The New Complaints Cyberbullies List Pakaku
Sep 18, 2014
1,277 BrandiTheBisharp
13h 4m ago
People who shit on the floor Laemiri
2d 16h ago
79 3wyl
13h 28m ago
Apparently life loves to mess with me ReveLeViFleur
1w 1d ago
129 ReveLeViFleur
13h 55m ago
My Inbox Is Too Quiet KromCompany
4w 1h ago
620 KromCompany
15h 3m ago