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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Work for free or no love? EmbassyOfTime
1d 2h ago
45 EmbassyOfTime
15s ago
Fuck not having a job. Smkiller
10m 23s ago
1 KorukiKonaru
1m 3s ago
I'm so freaking sick of chicken parmesan EV9295
4w 1d ago
357 PinkyPie25800
5m 23s ago
Misunderstanding of perverts cygon7555
1d 5h ago
46 CrimeRoyale
10m 11s ago
Bitch, quiet the fuck down Mrs-Durden
21h 10m ago
44 CrimeRoyale
11m 11s ago
We are not going make a Mare/Mare couple cannon but we'll put a big hairy guy in a drag! TheMasterButcher999
14h 56m ago
119 CrimeRoyale
12m 7s ago
Why am I always so cold? Kitsunefireball
1d 4h ago
22 CrimeRoyale
13m 48s ago
Tumblr in general Rhapsodna
1d 10h ago
145 CrimeRoyale
14m 11s ago
Worst animal? (besides insects and airachnids) Stingrayzz
1d 18h ago
137 Smkiller
15m 26s ago
Why didn't I do this sooner? ThatKidWithTheRabbit
26m 33s ago
1 CrimeRoyale
16m 52s ago
It's so hard to be nice on this site. LadyRans
5d 1h ago
85 CrimeRoyale
20m 25s ago
Why do people take Deviantart so seriously. cloudyAJ
7h 50m ago
61 SirCassie
32m 20s ago
What the hell are you even trying to say?! ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1d 22h ago
40 AmalaAzula
37m 28s ago
StressiantART- A social mess RubberTendo
13h 10m ago
45 AmalaAzula
41m 16s ago
Wish link would play song of storms Rhapsodna
13h 51m ago
28 AmalaAzula
44m 24s ago
Witcher 3 Ending (no spoilers) Corvalian
5h 27m ago
9 AmalaAzula
46m 17s ago
Selfie Deaths. Kirokami
16h 2m ago
31 AmalaAzula
53m 19s ago
Kitteh... Husband.. Stahp.. SirCassie
2d 7h ago
60 Indigovation
53m 44s ago
Favourite-Spamming Gookar
17h 1m ago
7 AmalaAzula
55m 56s ago
Everyone awesome is not visiting the forums anymore... or so much less than they used to very-sexy
1d 23h ago
230 semilaiska
59m 27s ago
Man those people who... gamessence
17h 12m ago
10 AmalaAzula
1h 3m ago
Wallpart is stealing and selling! Well, not really. Somnusvorus
2d 16h ago
171 Somnusvorus
1h 12m ago
dA's search engine is broken. Tesla-That-Hedgehog
9h 43m ago
10 MC-Gemstone
1h 25m ago
McDookeys and sluts Typical-Dumb-Redneck
23h 3m ago
42 LunarCombustion
1h 48m ago
Minute-Rice Gookar
16h 52m ago
22 LunarCombustion
1h 50m ago
No moar digital for you son! PuNK-A-CaT
1d 14h ago
32 LvKA3
1h 53m ago
She, not he catsglade
1w 4d ago
104 LvKA3
1h 54m ago
Special Snowflake Alert! TheMistressofShadows
1w 2d ago
154 Dannyman12
2h 21m ago
1d 11h ago
92 Koushoku-jin
2h 32m ago
Can't tell the n00bs from trolls rockettreverie
14h 23m ago
100 very-sexy
3h 6m ago
Douchebags are douchebags. TheMistressofShadows
1w 5d ago
105 TheMistressofShadows
3h 9m ago
Fact: there is no third gender Diacraft
3w 2d ago
554 Rhiethreal
3h 28m ago
Framerate Issues in League of Legends ClassySecretAgent
2d 14h ago
54 ClassySecretAgent
3h 39m ago
Another school shooting Rhapsodna
2d 12h ago
118 Werewolfferret96
4h 16m ago
You're Joking, Right? bookwright
1d 13h ago
37 TealXUltimate
4h 30m ago
Stop Talking Badly About and to Other Deviants dinoloverXX
9h 39m ago
213 dinoloverXX
4h 31m ago
I hate you. Haggisbrain
2d 9h ago
41 TealXUltimate
4h 33m ago
Thieving roommates! BGinks
1w 1d ago
103 TealXUltimate
4h 35m ago
Horrors of Shaving one's self hunterN05
3d 21h ago
198 TealXUltimate
4h 35m ago