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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
"I want to learn Japanese so I can sound kawaii" Lolliihime
13h 5m ago
233 terors
1m 32s ago
What's so bad about highschool? SleepyCactuses
5d 17h ago
374 shuryukan
5m 42s ago
Cooking Aret
8h ago
16 kivabay
6m 11s ago
Scammed - by cuteness :( Ebonsong
6d 13h ago
139 shuryukan
6m 17s ago
My god damn molar hurts. Patt-Ytto
5h 47s ago
23 CopaceticChaos
11m 4s ago
Clothing that's made from animal fur DragonFly188
4h 10m ago
37 CopaceticChaos
13m 13s ago
Why are so-called "feminists" defending Zoe Quinn? BrandonSPilcher
2d 15h ago
225 TheRandom500
19m 24s ago
Kissing in public... PenPenDraws
10h 20m ago
56 sbkMulletMan
28m 18s ago
____ x Reader. Gah >.< Busciianniie
2d 15h ago
122 Whovian-Shitsuji
39m 18s ago
The Forum. Dark-Kadabra
17h 32m ago
188 61021376
1h 8m ago
Don't read this Dark-Kadabra
5h 12m ago
29 sbkMulletMan
1h 15m ago
I hate you, Adobe. Grayda
1w 6d ago
33 risesatspring
1h 42m ago
What's a proper dress? PenPenDraws
10h 30m ago
35 BrandonSPilcher
2h 6m ago
I can't sing OdeToMiniatures
1d 9h ago
265 Werewolfferret96
2h 15m ago
I need it so bad neurotype
19h 15m ago
115 darkone4587
2h 49m ago
Commission Prices MidnightCheshire
1d 10h ago
98 Werewolfferret96
3h 40s ago
I don't want to enlarge my penis, thank you. redmarlin
3h 17m ago
0 N/A
CAT EARS perisoft
3d 14h ago
130 LadyDeven
3h 28m ago
The biggest regret summerpho3nix
5d 7h ago
59 deviant-garde
3h 33m ago
Why im getting less and less comments? / Cada vez recibo menos comentarios (English & Español) Jennikey23
5h 14m ago
18 deviant-garde
3h 39m ago
No, I am not required to respect your religion zodiacgal
4d 6h ago
191 shuryukan
4h 3m ago
A mild rant about nothing ThatKidWithTheRabbit
2d 15h ago
45 BrandonSPilcher
4h 11m ago
No Longer Advertising for Artist on Deviantart PantyhoseClass
1d 15h ago
49 Werewolfferret96
4h 13m ago
I hate fags Chiminix
1d 14h ago
51 Werewolfferret96
4h 15m ago
Asexual porn SadistSkunk
1w 3d ago
945 Bootsii
4h 30m ago
American idol really? bedroom-inc
2d 11h ago
77 Eternal-II
4h 50m ago
I can't do sandwiches right rockstar1009
1d 4h ago
83 h-irsch
5h 25m ago
All the wonderful things computers can do... LeiLaniOtter
3d 16h ago
57 sweetsalad
5h 25m ago
No, please, keep the mask on akrasiel
2d 5h ago
80 akrasiel
5h 48m ago
"Leaving" LaughButts
7h 17m ago
31 LaughButts
6h 17m ago
Popular people who act artsy TheWitheredRose
2w 1d ago
162 TheWitheredRose
6h 59m ago
Fuck these people Sapphire-Ashesx
1d 6h ago
70 Sapphire-Ashesx
7h 15m ago
Stop toying with me! QueenOfTheSilence
2d 10h ago
63 QueenOfTheSilence
7h 27m ago
I lost it all (computer media) WildfireBlizzard
3w 1d ago
82 Abstract-Mindser
7h 29m ago
The internets are bad for life demonlight
1w 2d ago
62 Kitsuraki
8h 3m ago
People of Color LizzyChrome
1d 11h ago
81 Sapphire-Ashesx
8h 4m ago
Check the symbol, bitches! neurotype
6d 15h ago
265 Kitsuraki
8h 10m ago
Google Plus ThatKidWithTheRabbit
4d 8h ago
30 AvSkyggene
8h 30m ago
The new Windows version of Siri is named Cortana... Corvalian
4d 7h ago
88 AvSkyggene
8h 32m ago