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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
The new generation is getting out of hand orochibi
1d 8h ago
107 CrimeRoyale
30s ago
Every Time, It's the Same (Disgusting) Subject... American-Sock-Puppet
11m 8s ago
16 IvypooI
48s ago
That moment Explosion245
10h 28m ago
53 IvypooI
4m 1s ago
Coffee Shops American-Sock-Puppet
4d 4h ago
135 Zigholtul88
9m 56s ago
</3 AnVirgin
4h 11m ago
81 RansLove
10m 13s ago
I miss TV QueenOfTheSilence
36m 19s ago
19 QueenOfTheSilence
11m 43s ago
I'm losing my touch Crazylittleloon
6d 2h ago
87 Crazylittleloon
22m 50s ago
When fans ruin something you like... EDSHEERANILOVEYOU
1w 2d ago
489 LizzyChrome
27m 23s ago
I'm sorry you're too stupid to insult people properly. SirCassie
10h 10m ago
130 LizzyChrome
29m 44s ago
Dude, no means NO EleganceApparent
2d 22h ago
55 Ebonsong
43m 54s ago
I return to Complaints... Dark-Mage-13
1w 6d ago
375 EbolaBearVomit
45m 54s ago
Bring me all your childish deviants! MarcoEmma
Oct 24, 2014
697 theGman0
48m 42s ago
America, why you have all the good foods QueenOfTheSilence
6d 23h ago
356 Ebonsong
48m 58s ago
They say "No, I'm not hungry", and then takes a bite at everyone else's food. BeagleCakes
3h 43m ago
18 Pinkmitten
53m 28s ago
I'm not a discriminator if I don't support homosexuality. PickleParfe
2w 3d ago
1,012 PrairieLily
54m 11s ago
It rly ticks me off! KikiNeko3
1d 5h ago
199 DrawPlzForum
56m 47s ago
Little bipolar 'shat got what she deserves! SleepyCactuses
4h 3m ago
18 PrairieLily
59m 31s ago
Killer Whales is jerks!!!!!!! EbolaBearVomit
1d 2h ago
111 EbolaBearVomit
1h 3m ago
Coca-Cola makes me Tired Corvalian
1w 1d ago
171 Corvalian
1h 6m ago
Getting sick... Right before thanksgiving!!! koala-cuddles
20h 10m ago
16 EbolaBearVomit
1h 23m ago
PART TWO - I could have been left disabled, but they didn't care! HolleeB
1w 2d ago
31 HolleeB
1h 33m ago
Control your kids RansLove
1d 7h ago
109 BeagleCakes
1h 41m ago
Maybe we should try this feminism thing again neurotype
4d 1h ago
919 neurotype
1h 45m ago
Artists don't owe you shit! Stop bitching about them not doing requests! AClockworkKitten
2d 5h ago
79 AClockworkKitten
2h 28m ago
Re-occuring Staphylococcus Aureus infection and bad gift cards. SmileOfMalevolence
4d 19h ago
252 SmileOfMalevolence
3h 8m ago
Today's Generation... GiftedlyStrange
4w 7h ago
302 DalmationCat
3h 22m ago
Moonshine MatRou
20h 5m ago
27 DalmationCat
3h 25m ago
Wrong number 61021376
1d 8h ago
35 EbolaBearVomit
3h 31m ago
I'd like to complain about the downward spiral of DA mooshoowadawhippa
4d 16h ago
278 GoldplateArtz
3h 52m ago
Being Randomly Sick Z-Pikachu
2d 3h ago
289 Z-Pikachu
4h 12m ago
The New Complaints Cyberbullies List Pakaku
Sep 18, 2014
1,941 CatsEyeNebula
4h 21m ago
Art theft... Pixillon12Donuts
5h 13m ago
31 VanuInfiltrator
4h 39m ago
Side Effects CopaceticChaos
1w 3d ago
112 tessabe
5h 15m ago
1d 8h ago
35 MissMaddox
6h 20m ago
That's Not For Kids Aret
2d 12h ago
32 Aret
6h 25m ago
My Fish Died Raven-Born
5d 10h ago
131 Bailyfox
6h 44m ago
Just leave me alone Kariosa-Adopts
5d 4h ago
59 zomgmad
6h 46m ago
My Inbox Is Too Quiet KromCompany
Sep 27, 2014
722 KromCompany
7h 2m ago
Voice Racsist Frankybean
3d 6h ago
172 adondevas
7h 13m ago