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January 18, 2013


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Lighting equipment.

JuApples Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Hey guys, i need advice!:/

so, i've been wanting to purchase some lighting equipment, but i'm stuck between buying 2400 Watt Photo Studio Softbox Kit or a canon speed light 430 EX II flash...

i honestly dont know whats worth investing more on. suggestions please!

i tend to shoot more outdoors, but thats only when i shoot other people. most of the photography i do indoors and have been using regular clamp desk lights as light sources and the standard flash.

any advice/suggestions are welcomed!!!!!


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Devious Comments

FallisPhoto Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Well, I notice that your gallery is full of photos of people. Is the 2400 watts only one light? If you fire off a 2400 watt strobe in someone's face, softbox or not, your model is going to be done after one shot and will probably be blind for the next half hour. If you are talking about three 800 watt strobes, it's still way too much.  Three 500 watt heads are even going to be a little too strong for portraits, unless you turn them down. If your choices are limited to those two systems, I'd get the speed light for sure.
SteveCaissie-stock Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Professional Photographer
I’d agree with ~Rcooper; 2400 w/s is overkill for a beginner. I have 1200 w/s of available power in two monolights and I’ve never come close to using all of that. I second his suggestion of checking out the Paul C. Buff site as well. I have one of their battery packs and it’s one of the most useful pieces of kit I own. You can only run two lights off it at a time, but for a lot of outdoor applications, two is quite enough, since you can always use the sun and/or sky as an ambient light source to complement (or provide a nice contrast to) your strobes.

I will say that there is one benefit to having strobes with a lot of power vs. speedlights: quicker recycle times. If you’re outdoors and want to “nuke the sun” with speedlights, you’d likely need at least two of them and have them at full power, which is going to give you recycle times of about 1 to 3 seconds (and even longer as the batteries start to drain), but with larger lights, you can use them at 1/4 power or less, and unless you’re using a continuous shooting mode, they’ll recycle faster than you can say “Work with me, baby!”.
rcooper102 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
2400 Watts of studio strobe is a ton of power, you won't need that much. If you plan to shoot outdoors you are going to want something with a little less juice so that it doesn't drain so much power to operate. Also in studio 2400 Watts of power will be definitely overkill unless you are trying to light up an entire warehouse. I assume you are looking at buy 3x 800w flash heads to reach that 2400w of power? I shoot with 500w heads personally and I almost always have them on one of the lowest settings. In fact, if I want to shoot with a fast lens like an 85mm wide open I have to use neutral density in order to make the exposure.

Paul C Buff makes a great line of strobes that many pros love and sells them at a VERY reasonable price compared to the competition. My suggestion would be to get 2 or 3 B800s along with a battery unit and some modifiers. [link]
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