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November 21, 2012


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shooting underwater video

jzoudavy Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Hi experts!

I recently finished building an underwater camera housing unit for my sony handycam. It is made from a waterproof ammo box, and a piece of plexiglass and some marine glue. (yes, there is that guy who did it and put it on youtube. it's where i got my idea).

On friday I will take to a pool in my area and test it's waterproof-ness by taking it to 45 feet. (Yes, that particular pool is 45ft deep, it is used for scuba diving practice).

If sucessful, I intend to do two things:
1. add a flashlight to my system, cause underwater it gets dark and I would expect that I need more light.
2. go shoot some video of me scuba diving! :)

I have uploaded a brief sketch of the box, it is all approximate. It is here: [link]

and have the following questions:

1. where would you recommend that I add the light?
2. any tips for videotaping underwater?

I have two 9 LED flash lights that's quite powerful, not sure exactly how many lumens they got (was on sale at rona for 5 dollars, you guys should have seen the other sale, it was a set of 10 LED flash lights for 20 dollars. :O)

thanks everyone!

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jzoudavy Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
hmmm, this might be in the wrong forum... it's not 100% photography is it? if i am in the wrong forum mods please let me know and point me to where it is appropriate
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