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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Photography Critique Thread: October 3wyl
3w 23h ago
25 Im-Anonymous
18h 19m ago
The Best Camera FallisPhoto
Apr 30, 2012
184 FallisPhoto
Aug 22, 2014
READ BEFORE POSTING - Photography Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
What's The Ideal Amount Of Frames For A Stop-Motion Film A Minute Long? pewpgun3000
4h 7m ago
1 Myrddhin
14m 59s ago
Good photography groups (and photographers!) to follow! Sarah-BK
2d 14h ago
9 EdgedFeather
7h 12m ago
Anyone have any sexy wedding photos? lctnovelist
2d 9h ago
7 JasemineDenise
7h 36m ago
Need help- Photoshop a pic o0oAnnyo0o
10h 27m ago
0 N/A
Your Favorite Camera prestonthecarartist
1w 1d ago
85 prestonthecarartist
12h 1m ago
Help! Need tips for taking my own 'headshots.' ProsperousInterlude
15h 35m ago
2 SteveCaissie-stock
12h 24m ago
Do you have a facebook fanpage for your art? Skysofdreams
Jun 12, 2014
72 Lottie-Photography
13h 57m ago
Apparently, Photography isn't REALLY Art... Makaylafashion
2w 1d ago
56 Lottie-Photography
14h 1m ago
Looking for an antique wooden desk top background... DreamBliss
1w 1d ago
32 SteveCaissie-stock
16h 15m ago
Degrees and careers? JustinMLindner
1w 6d ago
106 JustinMLindner
17h 47m ago
Finding Models? pipecleanermonkey
Sep 18, 2014
42 Cookie-Sweetie
1d 4h ago
60s-70s camera. utopia13
2d 7h ago
1 FallisPhoto
1d 19h ago
Might have a photography gig sfoisy
2w 2d ago
14 sfoisy
1d 19h ago
Minolta Maxxum QTsi ? JustinMLindner
5d 13h ago
20 JustinMLindner
2d 14h ago
Critique please? alex-dorman
2d 20h ago
2 3wyl
2d 15h ago
Best new film SLR (Of these options or others in this price range) JustinMLindner
6d 7h ago
20 utopia13
3d 5h ago
Mirrorless cameras balladofpink
1w 4d ago
19 balladofpink
3d 14h ago
Zenit cameras ? JustinMLindner
5d 20h ago
8 JustinMLindner
5d 10h ago
Best prices for cameras? JustinMLindner
1w 3d ago
29 FallisPhoto
5d 12h ago
I have a question about a setting on a camera kimikitn
1w 6d ago
14 cybertaff
5d 19h ago
link me to male photography rgrant1993
6d 11h ago
4 3wyl
6d 2h ago
Vivitar SLR Camera with 28-70 Zoom Lens (VIV-V3800-2870) ? JustinMLindner
6d 7h ago
0 N/A
New to this sight seeking opinions Victorianprince
6d 19h ago
2 3wyl
6d 16h ago