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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
The Best Camera FallisPhoto
Apr 30, 2012
191 FallisPhoto
3h 23m ago
Monthly Photography Critique Thread: January 3wyl
3w 6d ago
25 NellyDesigns
20h 18m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Photography Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
1w 5d ago
0 N/A
Advice for someone new to 35mm film? Sarah-BK
5d 22h ago
35 FallisPhoto
3m 11s ago
A Model Without A Photographer threadwick
1w 5d ago
20 sarahhite
46m 49s ago
Need camera advice! Roouii
1h 56m ago
1 sfoisy
1h 37m ago
How much of good photography is editing? Who does editing here? GoldManeRoyale
2d 20h ago
8 FallisPhoto
1h 44m ago
Any Photographers had any luck selling there photos on DA? ONYX-CREATIONS
1w 2h ago
15 Cinestress
12h 37m ago
Conversion of 35mm negatives and slides to digital format? BianchiPantani
18h 8m ago
0 N/A
gimp made all my photos pixely RainbowSwitchblade
1d 16h ago
2 ODPerson
21h 27m ago
Any good free software? Steampunkie
4d 17h ago
8 Steampunkie
1d 2h ago
concept for a model over 40. please help KarineSt-Pierre
2d 4h ago
4 puppy-dangerous
1d 14h ago
Fellow Models/Photographers with modelmayhem! midnightclashtiger
3w 3d ago
60 midnightclashtiger
1d 15h ago
photography advice fotomademoiselle
5d 2h ago
13 prestonthecarartist
1d 19h ago
Using FB to hire models? Flatographer
3d 13h ago
7 Flatographer
1d 20h ago
Who knows a good Camera? --> not expensive Sina-Rose
1w 2d ago
7 KarineSt-Pierre
2d 4h ago
Need for Historically Accurate Sword Fighting Stock? Wolf-Daughter
2d 18h ago
1 SteveCaissie-stock
2d 5h ago
Photographers AMA (ask me anything!) - Also giving advice, will try answer as best I can! Ravensaura
3w 5d ago
29 Ravensaura
2d 11h ago
The best advice whovian63
1w 4d ago
20 whovian63
2d 16h ago
Models NineFireStar
2w 4d ago
33 FallisPhoto
2d 20h ago
Is it always necessary for an image to be 'correct'? Aurwu
1w 1d ago
17 UriahGallery
2d 23h ago
nikon d40 blurry closeups? RainbowSwitchblade
3d 7h ago
3d 2h ago
do you want critique? me too. fotomademoiselle
3d 21h ago
10 3wyl
3d 3h ago
New Photographer ToTheExtent
Dec 22, 2014
41 ToTheExtent
3d 4h ago
Roadtrip time lapse? JacquelineBarkla
4d 15h ago
4 TheChosenPesssimist
3d 10h ago
Colourful photography NineFireStar
3w 1d ago
28 sonyash26
3d 22h ago
Watermarks NineFireStar
2w 4d ago
69 NineFireStar
4d 4h ago
Buying an external flash ,is it really important ? blue2x
5d 4h ago
7 tiganusi
4d 15h ago
Moon Pictures? Lottie-Photography
6d 23h ago
6 FallisPhoto
4d 22h ago
canon 7d or 6d ? maybe-paper-hearts
2w 1d ago
37 UriahGallery
5d 6h ago
Manual shooting : what am I doing wrong? Boghesz
2w 1d ago
11 FallisPhoto
5d 20h ago
painting portfolio (borders or no borders?) pho3nixinflight
2w 21h ago
9 FrankyHollywood
6d 8h ago