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February 7, 2013


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Curley's Wife?

asymmetrical-wings Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In of mice and men
You know the character of Curley's wife. What is your opinion on her? We are reading this book in school and i'm interested in what people think about her. I would love for some of you to share your opinion of her.

My opinion
Well I wouldn't call her A saint but she's deffinatly not A sinner. Personally I think Curley's wife is just desperatly misunderstood.

She had led herself into the false delusion of thinking that she is an amazing actress because it seems as though she did not have much of a childhood. Her dad is not mentioned suggesting he and her mum may have split up, or that he may be dead. Her mum could also have been a prostitute but I doubt that.

She only married Curley to escape from her mother, who she had frequent arguments with. In section 5 she says that her mother hid a letter from hollywood, although in reality the man that said she could be in the movies probably only wanted her for sex as throughout the book it states that she is "purty" meaning pretty.

“Listen,NiggerI could get you strung upon a tree so easy it ain’t even funny.” This everyone has to admit is not a nice thing to say. A death threat, although Curley's wife is no more racist than the men on the ranch. The boss permited fighting on christmas, for entertainment. Which I personally think is sick. I think Curley's wife is only racist to Crooks in section 4 because she does not know any better as she is surrounded by it, she also may have been seeking for attention because Curley is so over protective even though they both don't love eachother and she is just a status symbol to him.

Although she may come across as a bit of a "tart" in the way she stands and dresses, she only does this because she thinks it is what the men on the ranch loads because they all go to the whore house. Even Curley, suggesting that his wife is not good enough, so she tries hard to look like one of the prostittes for the approval of somebody.

Curley's wife is an outcast, much like Lennie and crooks, also she has no name. Suggesting she is seen as unnimportant or a possession, not a living being. In section 5 when she died, I think it was better for her that way as she had suffered so much, however she did not deserve to die in such a brutal way. I think it was a bit stupid of her however to let Lennie stroke her hair because she knew he was dangerous. She may have done this though because of her desperate need for attention or becaue she is suicidal and needed a way out.

Finally I would say that the men judge Curley's wife too harsh and she doesn't deserve all the hate that she gets on the ranch because she is desperatly lonely and misunderstod as she has had a hard life.

So that's my opinion on the whole thing. What do you think? Please comment with your idea's I'd love to know!

Devious Comments

BeccaJS Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013   Writer
Of Mice and Men, standard GCSE English exam question- I swear I did this years back.

These forums are not designed for homework help. If you wish to discuss this, it would be better suited to your personal journal or researching online. :)

Thank you
LaEmperatrizMariana Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't read that story in years, and I agree, she came off as attention-starved. From what I vaguely remember, I didn't hate her or like her. She was a neutral character to me.
Lytrigian Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So you're asking for help with your homework?
Euterpe-The-Egret Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm thinking I'm going to have to reread this. I haven't read this in over 7 years. :(
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