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February 4, 2013


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Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013   Writer
Hello all!

Welcome to the confessional box! In this thread, it is time to admit your literature based confessions!

The Rules

:bulletblue: Don't post "all my writing is about my innermost feels" Why? Because duh, usually that is obvious and not exactly a confession! Plus, if you've been here a while, you'll realise we don't do sympathy.

:bulletblue:  If you have a response/solution to some of the confessions, feel free to respond!

:bulletblue: This is about your WRITING confessions, not about your dA issues. (So don't confess to us you're obsessed with favourites or images of grumpy cats).

My confessions

Forgive me all, for I have sinned...

:bulletpink: I didn't know how to use a semi colon until I joined dA. I was 21 at the time.
:bulletblue: I used to use the structure of famous poems to structure my own- just changed the words!
:bulletblue: I still have unfinished scripts I started 8 years ago that I swear I am going to finish, but still they remain open- and I'm not even sure if the original drafts are on a usb stick.

You can no longer comment on this thread as it was closed due to no activity for a month.

Devious Comments

skygal333 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

- I failed NaNoWriMo each time. Even the camp ones.
- I am horrible at poetry.
- My short stories turn into super long ones
- And when the teacher gives us a writing assignment, I write much more than what was asked for. I turned a 2 page assignment into a 17 page story. got a 110% but it put her behind in grading other kids papers, set the standards too high and other kids hated me in that class.
SaxonPride Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Here's my confession - I have no talent. None. Zero. I mean nothing as a human being and my writing means even less.
No one cares what I write, no one gives a shit and no one will remember me when I'm dead because I won't even have the smallest book left to mark my time here. I'm a hack, a charlatan and a nobody.
Once I enjoyed writing, but now every time I write a story I'm reminded that no one will read it and if they did they wouldn't give a flying fuck.
My spirit was shattered into a million pieces a long time ago and no one ever thought to try and piece it back together. I try to write human characters but I'm fundamentally inhuman and empty - so I have nothing of any worth to share with you.
I'm just a waste of skin and bone, I shouldn't have even been born for all the good I've done.
JeffandWilbur Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013   Writer
I can't write for more than a few minutes without somehow spiraling into a rant laced with anti-catholocism and misogyny. Don't know why.
I also tend to be very punctual in my writing. It always makes me angry that the writers I read can describe the most mundane things in tens of pages, while I struggle to stretch a long journey into three.
desert-druid Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I still haven't completed writing a full length novel. The one I've done the most work on is probably between 70,000-80,000 words.
LadyKuki Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I fail at not writing run-on sentences. I also fail at using semi-colons. :stare:
doodlescribble Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Just a few:

1. I've never really wanted to write a whole novel, per se. I've always leaned towards wanting to make short story compilations, since I work best at worldbuilding/characterization through short stories.

2. I cannot write villains that are so far into "complete monster" territory. Maybe it's because I still struggle with putting conflict with characters I love or I just don't know how to write evil people.
changealex Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
The priest and penitent are in separate compartments and speak to each other through a grid or lattice. A crucifix is sometimes hung over the grille. The priest will usually sit in the middle and the penitents will enter the compartments to either side of him. The priest can close off the other compartment by a sliding screen so that only one person will be confessing at a time. Kneelers are provided in the compartments on each side of the priest, sometimes a prie-dieu style kneeler, or sometimes a diagonal kneeler built into the walls of the confessional.

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Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013   Writer
neurotype Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:lol: totes a spambot.
PanzerKnacker73 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I write commas all the time and mostly unnecessary ones.
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