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January 27, 2013


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Questioning a literature: Love triangle & decision

So I've always interested to hear the opinions from the people of dA on this. Since this particular scene from this literature has ALWAYS ALWAYS use by teachers to ask their students & can be expected to find in exams. The popularity of this literature also influenced the language & culture, even religion itself, not only that, historians also consider this literature to be a historical record as well. This literature was originally a folklore being passed down by a word of mouth since the 16th century until it was finally written down by the late 18th century, but some believed it's a true story that actually happened.

So, a bit of a back story, this 2 men had been fighting over this woman for all their lives since their childhood, causing so much chaos to themselves & people around them. So the king called the 2 men & this woman to his court & demand the woman to choose who she want to be with, ending it once & for all, she has the 2 choices of

-The man she loves so much, he's a very handsome & a very charming man, but he's also a big womanizer, he will have sex with any woman he can get his hand on, he cheated on her a couple times before but she still has strong feelings for him since she knew him since childhood. For this discussion, let's just call him "The womanizer"

-The man who loves her so much, he's a very hideous man, bald, extremely fat & a mama's boy, but he's very rich & very faithful. He treated her well, he raised her son with the womanizer as his own son (who will turn against him when he grew up I might add). He once told her that everything he has is at her disposal, even his life if she demands it. Although she didn't love him at all, but he's a good man & he was her childhood friend. For this discussion, let's just call him "The fat guy"

She can't decide, the king called her a slut & order her executed.

But it bothers me how they're being depicted & some influences it has on the culture today.

-The womanizer being worshiped for some reason, a demigod of seduction I think? He is always being depicted as the main protagonist & a hero, an manly figure that all men should follow.

-The woman, her name is now an insult to women. She's depicted as a slut, an unfaithful woman.

-The fat guy, he's depicted as an antagonist, a scheming, manipulative pig.

I never like this literature, I disagreed with how the woman & the fat guy being depicted today. So a woman who can't decide between someone who loves her & someone she loves would make her a slut. Also, the fat guy isn't all that evil, he did it for love. His most vile action was whipping the boy he was raising after he found out the boy wasn't his own son as an act of sadness. But a man who love to climb into girls bedroom & rape them is a hero? At 1 point, he killed 1 of the girls he seduced by cutting her stomach open, took her fetus & let her bleed to death while he bind the fetus spirit & use it as his personal slave. (this fetus thing is also a practice being done today & there are issues surrounding it, but that's a discussion for another day)

So here are the questions

-Do you think the woman is a slut? Why/why not? Please explain.

-Do you think the depictions of the main characters fair? Why/why not? Please explain.

-This 1 is for the ladies, if you're in the position of the woman, who will you choose? Why/ Why not? Or you'd rather be executed for not choosing & being condemned for generations to come? Please explain?

In case you want to know the whole story, some guy actually put a summary on wikipedia in English [link]

I hope this is not too long, I swear I tried to keep it as shortest possible.

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Devious Comments

neurotype Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
1. She was banging a guy for money, so that's kind of slutty by definition?
2. I don't know. A depiction is just one presentation of how people are, it's inherently biased. Sounds like none of these people were very good people, tbh.
3. I'd choose the rich guy. He clearly doesn't have a problem with me sleeping around, and stability is good :shrug:
She didn't sleep with guys for money, the 2 men fighting over her her, wikipedia goes deeper on this part for a little bit which is why I didn't mention it on the OP. She was forced to be with the fat guy against her will, she can't fight him because her family forced her to marry the fat guy after the fat guy deceived the woman's family to think that the womanizer, her husband died in the war, but when the womanizer got back, he claimed his right over her as her true husband, while the fat guy claimed his right over her as her current husband. So I think the proper situation is she's being tossed around, has she been raped by the 2 guys? Yes, the scene where the womanizer raped her was glorified for some reason.
neurotype Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh. I did review the Wikipedia but it came off as she was okay with being with him. If not then she's definitely not a slut, she's a victim. And the ending definitely leans that direction too.
KyteGlory Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
1) No. If anything, she's the opposite of a slut, taking her time to choose the right man instead of hopping in bed with her first impulse. Though really don't see how this is a relevant question to the story. Even if she is a slut, what right does anybody have to punish her for the things she does with her own body?
2) A fair depiction is an honest one. So maybe Khun Chang is a scheming, manipulative pig. Maybe Khun Phaen is a god of seduction. If that's how the artist or author interpreting them believes those characters are, then portraying them as such as fair. Setting them up or portraying them in a way that doesn't present an obvious moral aesop isn't wrong or unfair. It's realistic. Real life doesn't always present us an obvious right or wrong decision.
3) I'd choose somebody else entirely. Neither of those men are all that great.
Lovely-Words Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you think the woman is a slut? Why/why not? Please explain.

Was she in a monogamous relationship with either of these guys? If she was, she was cheating, but if not I don't see why who she decides to sleep with has any bearing on her character. If both parties are adult, consenting, and safe, them having sex is their business. If she was cheating, then she's a pretty awful person, but I wouldn't call her a slut for enjoying sex.

-Do you think the depictions of the main characters fair? Why/why not? Please explain.

No because everyone involved has been reduced to a single characteristic. You can turn anyone into a villain if you reduce them to one trait that has no bearing on their actions or beliefs.

This 1 is for the ladies, if you're in the position of the woman, who will you choose? Why/ Why not? Or you'd rather be executed for not choosing & being condemned for generations to come? Please explain?

Honestly, I'd chose neither. The first guy isn't mature nor healthy enough to be in a stable relationship, especially when you throw a child into the mix and the I'm not physically attracted to the other guy. I'm gonna get a lot of flack for saying I wouldn't go with the other guy, but physical attraction is still part of a romantic relationship and if I'm not physically attracted to someone, I'm not going to want to have sex with them. That would put a major strain on the relationship. I would sooner leave that kingdom with the child and find someplace where I don't have to worry about people telling me what I can and can't do with my body since it's none of their business.
I'm glad it was a good idea to post on here, people in this country always answer with a kind of answer teachers want them to, I really love your take on it.

About the monogamous part, unfortunately I have to use assumption whether or not she was monogamous as there are still debates on the current version. As it used to be passed down as a word of mouth, many people tells the story differently. So based on a few books I've actually read myself. It was more like a tug of war, I didn't go too deep on the OP because wikipedia kind of mentioned it a little bit. I have to get to the back story here a bit, the womanizer & the woman already married but then the womanizer went off to war. So the fat guy plot a scheme, tricking the woman's family to believe the womanizer died in the war & the woman were forced to marry the fat guy against her will. So when the womanizer got back (you guessed it, he cheated on his wife while he was away as well), he claimed his right over her as the true husband but the fat guy also claimed his right on her as the current husband. Both side spend a lot of time kidnapping the woman really. But about love & feelings, she only loves the womanizer & all the supporting characters also confirmed this, which is why when the boy grew up he turned against the fat guy. But then again, it was the word of mouth before & I haven't read all the books but based on the ones I've read.
TheBlackBullets Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As I was reading this all I could think about was Popeye.

1. Was she banging both of them? If she was, then she's a total slut.
2. IDK.
3. It's three am, I'm not going to be thinking that hard.
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