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December 31, 2012


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Does It Matter?

LockedAsh Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There are many writing websites out there, that allow you to post your work and get critiques on them.

And after belonging to some after a while. The critiques really got to me. Some people were just extremely rude. And I know that they were just trying to help and everything. But as a writer who is new to posting their work for all to see.. It was extremely hard for me. I know my writing isn't the best. And the novels I have attempted weren't exactly the "ideal" book that everyone would want to read. But it allowed me to voice out my frustrations, my feelings, my true self.. My fears.. My beliefs. And yes, I posted my work. But I wanted to see if what I was doing.. Would go somewhere some day.

But does it matter what others think? I had stopped writing for a while (a year almost) after the comments I got on a novel I was writing... And they just broke me down. If they were supposed to be helping, why be so brutal and just... non-human about it?

I suppose me asking this is like asking why birds fly.

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Devious Comments

ColdBlackRaven Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Everyone likes a little push towards what they want to do and people just do the opposite. I've been through the same and it was from family D: but my partner told me that if I like it, I need to believe it, need to believe myself, I shouldn't need anyone's approval for that :) You should believe in yourself too :pat: if you like it, then it's good enough. If you don't like it, it's still good enough :)
neurotype Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
PS. People who critique like this expect it in return. Unless they literally just say 'u suck,' in which case they're trolls.
Vineris Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
"But does it matter what others think?"

Sort of, but not really.

There's two stages to a project. In one stage you have to keep going while the going is good, and at that point other people's opinions just interfere. In the next stage your excitement has cooled off a bit, you are probably working on something else, and it's time to edit your work so that other people might want to read or buy it. At this point other people's opinions can be helpful. Although not everybody has helpful opinions to give.

Don't ask for opinions about the work while you're still in stage one. It's just going to ruin your day.
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013   Writer
Of course they are non human about it- they're writing to someone on the internet and they can't see reaction, only the face value text before them.

Before you ask for critique, you need to ask yourself whether you are truly ready to hear everything, even the harshest, most honest point. Good critique is never a personal attack on you as a person, it is a review of the writing. Sure hearing "sloppy", "lazy" etc will probably hurt a bit, especially when you put your energy into it. 

Secondly, I always believe that you shouldn't stick your first draft up for critique. Write the piece, let it rest a bit, revise it yourself (not just check grammar, learn to self critique) and then maybe post the revised copy up ready for further revision post critique. You almost need to let the piece mature before you show it and be at a point where you aren't so emotionally attached to it anymore and won't take those words as personal.

neurotype Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Why are you doing this--yourself or to get published?

If you're getting this upset over honesty, whether or not it could've been worded better, you need to learn to separate yourself from your work. Or just keep it for yourself. I dunno why everyone thinks they need to do stuff with their writing if it's just to make themselves happy.
Avenvia Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Writer
Does it matter what others think?

If you ever want to make any kind of money off your work, yes. The people at the publishing companies' opinions matter, the critics' opinions matter and the people you want to spend their hard-earned money on your writing have the most important opinions before.

On another note, if your work gets published the comments will only get worse. If people don't like a published novel (especially if it gets popular to hate it) they won't hesitate for a moment to rip it to shreds in a vocal way. Rudeness is just something you have to get used to and develop a thicker skin for if you want to do any kind of art that people will express opinions about; writers who complain about mean reviewers don't get much sympathy.
DorianHarper Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Writer
I agree with *merrak here. If you want to improve as a writer and want to pursue writing as a career down the road (or even just small publications here and there), people's critique and opinions should weigh heavily on your work. Now, when I say "people's opinions", I don't mean people saying that the story isn't for them or that they don't like the plot-- everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you're never going to please everyone. What I mean is, their opinions on how it is written, structured, if it makes sense, etc.

Critiques are what help you improve your work (both the individual piece and as a writer overall). Again, like *merrak said, things such as help with grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, if the plot makes sense, if the characters need more developing, etc. are important factors of critique that you want and as a writer need to hear. If it's downright bashing (basically: this sucks) with no explanation of what needs working on or how to improve, it's best to ignore it. However, if there are suggestions and tips on how to improve or WHAT they found wrong in the writing, it's only meant to help you, not hurt you.

It's hard for every new writer to accept critique and criticism, but it's vital to be able to learn how to accept it, move on, and apply those critiques to change and improve their work.
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww i feel the same way sometimes!! (but with drawing lol) i've gotten such mean comments, even today actually o___o someone said my art was "shit" and someone else told me that they agree with the first person. wtf, that's not constructive at all. you have to learn that some people are just stupid and it's not worth it to take their comment seriously.

i have often said that people need to consider the other person's perspective when they give it a critique. they don't even think about how you feel. they don't consider the time and effort you put into their work. it's so easy to criticize others, some people really love to do it. people act like that to ignore their OWN flaws. being rude to others makes them feel superior!!

what i suggest is to find people you know and trust and ask them for a critique. ask a writer you admire. ask your friends. because, these people will actually know how to help you and they're not just being critical just to make themselves feel superior. they will care how you feel. and they'll try to understand your artistic vision. in contrast, random internet people are just random internet people. some are smart and helpful, but others are just stupid. XD
merrak Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist
I'd suggest not asking friends and family for critique. At least, not without extreme care. It's hard to give objective feedback to friends and family, and it can be harder to receive it.

Asking a fellow writer, though, sounds like a good idea :thumbsup:
Sachi-pon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well honestly, i give constructive, helpful critiques to my friends sometimes. and they say i helped them. so it's possible. XD

but yeah okay, i guess it's good to take some crits from friends AND some from random people. friends may be too nice, but random people may be too mean. so it's good to do both =)
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