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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: August GrimFace242
2w 6d ago
66 Art-of-the-Seraphim
7h 17m ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
516 SpiderLondon
1w 2d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Strategies for receiving feedback? Jayce-R
1h 47m ago
14 SolBrandz
15s ago
What words do you find yourself using the most? Timothi-Ellim
5h 40m ago
19 KomaInuMidoriyama
3m 26s ago
Do you ever get up and start fighting when you're writing an action scene? Timothi-Ellim
1w 2d ago
87 ajb-2k3
36m 31s ago
What Scene Are You Working On? DTKinetic
2w 2d ago
38 DTKinetic
2h 30m ago
TvTropes natetheninja23
3d 18h ago
25 SpiderLondon
4h 6m ago
Co-writing? darkone4587
1w 22h ago
24 iNeedYorkshireTea
4h 31m ago
What is good literature? neurotype
2w 3d ago
309 wordspencilsandwords
4h 46m ago
Your Creative Process aillin1
1w 1d ago
38 wordspencilsandwords
5h 8m ago
Organization help, and avoiding cliches and mary sues Eternal-II
1d 3h ago
30 Spatzchen
5h 11m ago
poetry inspiration LissieBull
5d 6h ago
44 LissieBull
6h 35m ago
What's in a Name? Harlequin-Werewolf
2w 3d ago
159 Harlequin-Werewolf
8h 56m ago
What's your story about? justMANGO
Jul 4, 2014
259 Zoltor
10h 35m ago
Why have you started to write? Mizu1993
1w 4d ago
19 Irishfury97
13h 36m ago
Chapter lengths teenrex7
4d 16h ago
16 bryosgirl
16h 42m ago
What do you NEVER write? DeniseCroy
1w 5d ago
238 bryosgirl
16h 51m ago
Do you have the guts to kill of your main character? Eraezr
Jun 19, 2014
608 GhostInThePines
16h 56m ago
Short writing exercise! Inquire within! Wallflower-Kris
2w 3d ago
16 Vineris
17h 1m ago
What part of your writing process is the most time consuming? muscularteeth
6d 18m ago
33 bryosgirl
17h 11m ago
Research Irishfury97
2d 1h ago
21 bryosgirl
17h 26m ago
Can anyone suggest me a good wring group(s)/community(s)? SharpGuard
1d 14h ago
3 GrimFace242
1d 6h ago
Are you more comfortable writing an MC of your own gender or ok with both? Eraezr
Jul 11, 2014
284 BlaineDaymon
1d 6h ago
When an idea occurs to you... Dawn-Mayer
1w 1d ago
25 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1d 7h ago
Where do you find your muse? Sunglin-t
2w 6d ago
26 SpiderLondon
1d 15h ago
Punctuation in Poetry keiku
4d 16h ago
26 neurotype
1d 16h ago
Crossing the Line Irishfury97
1w 1d ago
20 tiganusi
1d 20h ago
When is too much too much, and too little too little? BiscuitDude
2d 22h ago
11 LeiLaniOtter
2d 3h ago
Do I have to change my story elements just because someone else used them first? Sephiroth7734
2d 17h ago
37 LeiLaniOtter
2d 3h ago
I need... HALO-Infinity
2d 4h ago
1 GrimFace242
2d 4h ago
Character Ethnicity SavageFrog
3d 18h ago
70 SavageFrog
2d 22h ago
Writing a book! AmmoMaster
5d 10h ago
16 4eyesneko
3d 6h ago
Novel Length darkone4587
3d 17h ago
19 siantjudas
3d 10h ago
Exercice time! Dawn-Mayer
6d 22h ago
20 Zeedi
3d 15h ago
Do editors and writers need dirty minds? beeinthebottle
1w 1d ago
47 neurotype
3d 16h ago
What was your first piece of writing? WerewolfPTStudios
2w 6d ago
45 SpiralStatix
3d 17h ago
Adaptations darkone4587
3d 22h ago
4 darkone4587
3d 21h ago
Advice on trans/NB, please!! SprinkleKrisKris
4d 17h ago
22 neurotype
3d 22h ago
Have a species in the gray area yemto
6d 1h ago
37 vglory
4d 4m ago