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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: January IrrevocableFate
4w 22h ago
45 WritingRin
4d 12h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
2w 2d ago
0 N/A
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
547 alexthetyger
3w 4d ago
Making better "transitions" ComanderSprings
18h 49m ago
31 spuggey
52m 53s ago
Poetry Vs. Prose DylanSeto
1w 5h ago
50 adondevas
1h 14m ago
Baudrillard fans in da house? doolhoofd
1h 52m ago
0 N/A
Stories Titles RizaKiryu
1d 4h ago
15 jamberry-song
2h 31s ago
Most difficult thing (emotionally) you have read or written BlaineDaymon
1d 8h ago
16 jamberry-song
2h 7m ago
Pseudo-Official Lit Forum Cock-Measuring Thread, 2015 Edition tiganusi
1w 3d ago
358 your-first-boyfriend
4h 20m ago
Main Character Goal Dillema Sky-Quill
6h 48m ago
11 neurotype
5h 35m ago
Best advice you've ever gotten/want to give? crocodilerocker
1w 5d ago
136 MiaEikuso
7h 17m ago
Is fan fiction really a good thing to be writing EtherealSanctum
Dec 28, 2014
161 MiaEikuso
7h 35m ago
original work pairing question Yaoiwriter25
1d 1h ago
32 SavageFrog
8h 12m ago
Writing Contests/Competitions and Events Digi-rocker
2d 7h ago
33 neurotype
9h 30m ago
Notes in the Margin? Steve-C2
1d 16h ago
37 Hurricaneclaw
9h 31m ago
Cross-Genre Writing. AGMeade
5d 5h ago
28 lovelymars908
11h 48m ago
Paper and Pen[cil] of Choice tiganusi
3d 12h ago
111 tiganusi
12h 25m ago
Smut (lemon) EmilyGThompson
12h 50m ago
0 N/A
Americans writing British characters (and vice versa) DaBair
14h 24m ago
2 DJ0Hybrid
14h 3m ago
Have you written a short horror story? robertc009
Dec 28, 2014
46 TomCranham
14h 56m ago
Describing the setting in High Fantasy (and Science Fiction) COKE-ZER0
2d 13h ago
29 justMANGO
15h 47m ago
A question for low fantasy writers ShenaniBOOM
1d 7h ago
4 Firebirdchick
18h 22m ago
Dreams and writing Yaoiwriter25
6d 19h ago
38 jamberry-song
1d 2h ago
The steps before you write RejectiontheHedgie
6d 18h ago
68 doolhoofd
1d 6h ago
Writers conferences? SadisticIceCream
2w 6d ago
21 DrippingWords
1d 10h ago
Orignal story useage Yaoiwriter25
1d 12h ago
38 SavageFrog
1d 11h ago
What would you like to see more/less of in modern literature? JnRnCn
Dec 20, 2014
94 pugsmith
1d 15h ago
Light novel. Is anyone interested to be the Illustrator? Riiki17
1d 21h ago
6 GrimFace242
1d 18h ago
Work/schooling in your stories Yaoiwriter25
5d 18h ago
82 spitfire-panda
1d 21h ago
are there any places or websites people would recommend to get my fanfiction more noticed? LoL-ConnectedFates
3d 5h ago
32 Lytrigian
2d 5h ago
How to write foreign accents and dialects for characters when they are speaking? LadyData
1w 13h ago
28 LadyData
2d 6h ago
Books And Reading ScrewedHard
Dec 27, 2014
83 BlackBoxBeing
2d 9h ago
Anyone else terrible at naming characters? MissJenRose
1w 15h ago
31 ML-Larson
2d 15h ago
Character Development JukuHanran
3d 8m ago
4 tiganusi
2d 21h ago
To the writers on DeviantART, can I get your opinion? Vanilla-CherryXII
2w 2h ago
136 ML-Larson
3d 5h ago
Let's talk about writing projects! AmostmagificentNiGhT
1w 2d ago
51 Cinestress
3d 6h ago
Red Fox - A dystopian adventure novel for young adults. By new author, Lara Fanning. lara-and-chrystal
4d 5h ago
2 3wyl
4d 30m ago
Bizarro/Strange/Funny Literature 2 gozuga
5d 8h ago
6 gozuga
4d 5h ago
Need input on my story WritingRin
4d 14h ago
2 GrimFace242
4d 13h ago
New to DA with writing! leonightwatch
5d 9h ago
3 IrrevocableFate
4d 14h ago