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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: March GrimFace242
5d 21m ago
15 JordanTheAdventurer
2h 36m ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
571 BraveSwordTactitian
2d 21h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
1w 2h ago
0 N/A
Betrayal: To Foreshadow or Not to Foreshadow. COKE-ZER0
19h 28m ago
21 twipplestoast
23m 10s ago
Prompt me bitches BeccaJS
1d 1h ago
37m 36s ago
Thicker or thinner skins? neurotype
2d 6h ago
41m 28s ago
First time Writing StopShootingM3
17h 15m ago
8 BraveSwordTactitian
1h 1m ago
Recurring Themes and Motifs DTKinetic
1w 2d ago
45 DTKinetic
8h 42m ago
Fanfic: What's your favourite fandom to write for? ObsydianDreamer
2w 2d ago
76 Azael17
9h 47m ago
How To Be A Successful dA Writer? Social-Toast
3d 20h ago
86 raspil
10h 42m ago
About Story Descriptions systemcat
22h 12s ago
7 raspil
13h 11m ago
Seven Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding Memnalar
1w 3d ago
34 DTKinetic
19h 26m ago
The yoke of perfection NineFireStar
1w 4d ago
61 NineFireStar
1d 7m ago
One thing I'd like to see more in stories: undead protagonists Heavier-Lobster
5d 18h ago
12 Magnius159
1d 1h ago
Your Favorite Literary Hoaxes palaeochannel6
1w 5d ago
14 InumiInuzuka
1d 4h ago
Character Creation Steps RejectiontheHedgie
1w 5d ago
68 RejectiontheHedgie
1d 7h ago
The myth of disinterest (In popularity/accolade) palaeochannel6
3d 25m ago
38 jamberry-song
1d 11h ago
Pseudo-Official Lit Forum Cock-Measuring Thread, 2015 Edition tiganusi
Jan 21, 2015
411 tauntology
2d 48m ago
Give me a reason to care neurotype
1w 2d ago
160 Illusionna
2d 4h ago
looking to publish literature inspired by games, paying $$ GoldShader
2d 4h ago
2 GrimFace242
2d 4h ago
1w 1d ago
2d 7h ago
Found Poetry: ASK ME ANYTHING PinkyMcCoversong
4d 35m ago
22 siantjudas
2d 11h ago
Bored? Here's a Little Writing Challenge IrmaZwart
1w 1d ago
6 IrmaZwart
2d 11h ago
How important is the "World" in which a story takes place? winter-of-hearts
4d 10h ago
30 winter-of-hearts
2d 11h ago
Prompt Challenge-BEWAREEEE!!! BadWolfRin
2d 20h ago
0 N/A
Title Help cadavis3
3d 50m ago
10 GrimFace242
2d 22h ago
HOW PUBLISHING ACTUALLY WORKS: 2015 Edition PinkyMcCoversong
3w 2d ago
150 vglory
3d 1h ago
So I've written a fantasy trilogy... TJMetalHead
3d 20h ago
19 IrrevocableFate
3d 19h ago
Anyone else struggle to start/choose a book to read? charlie733
6d 8h ago
15 IrrevocableFate
3d 19h ago
Ice Breaking Writers's Block Wonderland-Rebel
3d 21h ago
7 IrrevocableFate
3d 19h ago
Literary Magazines PinkyMcCoversong
1w 6d ago
47 PinkyMcCoversong
3d 19h ago
Writing blind character? TheFlameSkinAlchemis
1w 5d ago
23 Finja-ohne-N
4d 2h ago
Writing a Big Reveal Wottles
6d 17h ago
4d 13h ago
What do you think makes a story interesting? Ravennatheblackqueen
3w 2d ago
82 DaltinBydeed
5d 29m ago
Help me find this love poem, please? Sunjo
5d 3h ago
1 GrimFace242
5d 2h ago
Read free serial novel arcades666
5d 14h ago
4 GrimFace242
5d 2h ago
Blacklist Yaoiwriter25
6d 1h ago
3 3wyl
6d 26m ago
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: February IrrevocableFate
Feb 1, 2015
72 cadavis3
6d 1h ago
Productivity is key Green-EyedTiger
2w 13h ago
56 ClockwiseDream
6d 3h ago
I need help plotting out my story Ginlock
1w 21h ago
11 IrrevocableFate
6d 23h ago