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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Literature Critique Thread: February LiliWrites
1w 2d ago
13 jjnelson222
1d 10h ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
655 HeroofEnelios
1w 21h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Feb 27, 2015
0 N/A
For all writers: Why do you write? PhineasJamesVinci
1w 4d ago
144 PolymerWantACracker
9m ago
what is your male to female ratio? ActsofArt
1d 23h ago
126 WaffleGolem
18m 47s ago
Writing and relationships Yaoiwriter25
4d 14h ago
39 KaizenKitty
38m 52s ago
How to retell "Beauty and the Beast" without condoning bad relationships LizzyChrome
3d 21m ago
38 saintartaud
1h 31m ago
Where can I find some good short fiction? Coughin05
11h 34m ago
8 Obelis
2h 16m ago
Who are the most favorite contraversial authors? Musicking74
2d 14h ago
13 PolymerWantACracker
2h 23m ago
Awesome, Literally! Vol 3 Discussion Thread: The Ladies of Lit LiliWrites
9h 31m ago
1 kiwi-damnation
6h 16m ago
Names for chapters? Nexils
Jan 6, 2016
55 Obelis
6h 32m ago
which kind of groups to submit erotic/plot driven series? ChaosReacon
1d 9h ago
10 Drake-N-Willard
11h 44m ago
Will People On dA Comision for Writing? MollyoftheMoon
5d 22h ago
13 KenKrath
13h 42m ago
Writing a script for a movie Cybergladiator
6d 20h ago
12 Cybergladiator
16h 15m ago
Have you ever inserted yourself into any of your works? NineFireStar
3w 3d ago
50 WuYiXiang
16h 16m ago
How to hook a reader? RicoOfTheSkies
3d 10h ago
32 KenKrath
16h 38m ago
Survey: right wing x left wing x art adondevas
2d 6h ago
21 LiliWrites
16h 45m ago
Swearing in fantasy books? My-Sword-is-Bigger
Sep 16, 2015
232 inknalcohol
20h 53m ago
Do you have a goal for the number books you want to read in 2016? SoraBulgar
Jan 12, 2016
55 Obelis
21h 41m ago
The hardest part about writing HeroofEnelios
1w 21h ago
84 Obelis
21h 43m ago
Description, why do people seem to hate it? TenshiNoShin
Jan 12, 2016
56 Obelis
1d 10h ago
Write a haiku about... Valentine's Day, with a twist TheMaidenInBlack
2w 2d ago
78 Megan1289
1d 15h ago
HNEED HELP! drakenman
2d 15h ago
11 Megan1289
1d 15h ago
Get Writing With The HaikuWriMo Thread For Lazies TheMaidenInBlack
6d 16h ago
19 brennenxr
1d 15h ago
What makes a poem different than prose? Frank-Jaspers
Jan 1, 2016
68 Frank-Jaspers
1d 19h ago
How can I build up romantic tension? LucaLouise
1w 9h ago
10 katatsumuri-hime
1d 23h ago
Is Nudity Necessarily Prima Facie Sexual? Steve-C2
1w 14h ago
53 Steve-C2
2d 13h ago
Other Websites Online That Focuses on Writing? bitteryetsweet
1w 1d ago
15 bitteryetsweet
2d 19h ago
Is unpredictability overrated? AliceSacco
5d 1h ago
18 DMSalesman
3d 5h ago
Forumneed a young adult reading recommendation featuring lesbians sliceofmysoul
4d 19h ago
13 Steve-C2
3d 13h ago
Youtube Channel for Writers Coughin05
3d 15h ago
4 TheMaidenInBlack
3d 13h ago
Do you prefer to write original fiction or fan fiction? mysterydragnet
Jan 11, 2016
27 Toxic-Umbreon
4d 2m ago
Can you tell me a story? :) PhineasJamesVinci
5d 1h ago
17 PhineasJamesVinci
4d 15h ago
Is fanfiction "real" writing? Megan1289
Jan 8, 2016
284 NightstarBuster12
4d 22h ago
Help a noob out? ModernHermit
6d 6h ago
39 ModernHermit
5d 7h ago
Where to start my story? ProspitFox
1w 3d ago
28 Jamocha101
5d 13h ago
Is it ok to add a fictional character? teutorix-maxen
1w 1d ago
14 Jamocha101
5d 13h ago
Character Development HeroofEnelios
1w 2d ago
35 Aiohon12
5d 17h ago
What is your writing process? HeroofEnelios
1w 3d ago
69 Elijah-Berryman
5d 18h ago
Character Help ZKT11
2w 6d ago
21 Jamocha101
5d 20h ago