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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: May IrrevocableFate
4w 2h ago
25 segaman4
7h 32m ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
601 DrazticDarren
2w 2d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Feb 27, 2015
0 N/A
Your thoughts on an LGBT type story? Sorren-Chan
3w 1d ago
72 Personage110
5m 30s ago
Ciberpunk AkelDiantelas
2d 20h ago
28 LizzyChrome
33m 12s ago
Franz Kalfka is so amazing!! FeeblePencil
7h 38s ago
2 PivotShadow
1h 23m ago
Storytelling that goes against most writers' opinions FluffBallDeluxe
2w 2d ago
56 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1h 33m ago
Brevity - how important is it? TheMaidenInBlack
2w 3d ago
133 Elijah-Berryman
5h 39m ago
Antagonists, Heroes, and Conflict ThatKidWithTheRabbit
6d 17h ago
84 PhantomEssenceMarc
5h 39m ago
NaPo 2015 ReCap Medoriko
4w 36m ago
36 noorelven
12h 55m ago
Magic - and its limits wquon
1w 3d ago
57 aillin1
15h 10m ago
How important is it to use your own ideas? charlie733
2d 5h ago
26 raspil
1d 5h ago
Horror cliches that need to DIE Black-Knight-4090
1w 1h ago
33 VisualMarauder
1d 5h ago
The BOOMING Rhyme TheJawlineReview
3d 4h ago
8 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1d 7h ago
Si hablas español bienvenid@¡¡ InventaTodo
1d 19h ago
7 morbidman187
1d 17h ago
Short Stories - Satisfying? Soloeus
1w 4d ago
21 FuryOfTheNecromancer
1d 20h ago
Building a city? Oliver--Fey
2d 20h ago
8 vglory
1d 23h ago
Writing game: continue the story with just a sentence or two, but in another (sub)genre (examples) Pedigri
2w 3d ago
9 Rhuen1
2d 13h ago
Realistic fantasy? G0D0FSHAD0WS
3d 9h ago
12 Rhuen1
2d 14h ago
Artist Group NaamahCrossbones
5d 21h ago
1 TheMaidenInBlack
2d 14h ago
Should I be worried I PhantomEssenceMarc
2d 21h ago
5 TheMaidenInBlack
2d 14h ago
Information Needed - Publishing? Arazi-Baby
6d 23h ago
2 TheMaidenInBlack
2d 14h ago
Growing a Character Blog HELP! KamenOne
2d 18h ago
1 TheMaidenInBlack
2d 15h ago
Should I finish and post my literature? JetArt101
4d 3h ago
21 JetArt101
2d 16h ago
Reader that wants to help seeking Writers in Need! SetsaBlackspur
2d 23h ago
14 darkone4587
2d 18h ago
Starting off your story with trauma? Kirasel
3d 15h ago
9 Mr-Timeshadow
2d 19h ago
Literature commission pricing? ComanderSprings
5d 8h ago
20 ComanderSprings
3d 59m ago
Ever felt literature is so underrated in the academic world? PhantomEssenceMarc
3d 7h ago
10 Steve-C2
3d 2h ago
How to write about a person in delicate? FeeblePencil
1w 1d ago
65 Sp3tZn4z
3d 3h ago
When it comes to your characters? Yaoiwriter25
2w 5d ago
120 Alagvaile
3d 6h ago
Scenes You Cut thexenops
1w 6d ago
60 PhantomEssenceMarc
3d 6h ago
Help with story RZ-desu
3d 21h ago
2 IrrevocableFate
3d 20h ago
looking for fnaf AUs to read. I'm also posting about my AU here dualzxz
3d 22h ago
10 IrrevocableFate
3d 20h ago
Bad questions. AkelDiantelas
5d 5h ago
3d 22h ago
I'm just looking for a little feedback on my ebook-ish project. wesjwebb
4d 1h ago
4 BeccaJS
3d 23h ago
So You Want To Do NaPoWriMo? DrippingWords
Apr 1, 2015
56 TheMaidenInBlack
4d 3h ago
Wait till you're finished, or go along with the game you're using? lopsidelibby
1w 4d ago
9 IrrevocableFate
4d 4h ago
Building a world Help TheVexingFox
1w 5d ago
30 IrrevocableFate
4d 4h ago
Your Opinion on My War Story. AdmiralDoenitz
1w 3d ago
33 IrrevocableFate
4d 4h ago
Daily Writing Exercises! ourage
2w 1d ago
25 3Ravens98
4d 4h ago