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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: Novmber GrimFace242
2w 6d ago
45 Eyolf-of-The-Fighter
4d 4h ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
527 DonaldAction
3w 1d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Background noise darkone4587
3h 19m ago
4 darkone4587
1h 25m ago
What do you do when you're not writing? ThiranosTales
1w 12h ago
113 LunetteYabrew
3h 6m ago
Dealing with Loss of Work BlizzardBlitzer
1w 3d ago
50 darkone4587
3h 27m ago
Quick, summarize your story in one comment! sistermatrix
5d 15h ago
60 aillin1
5h 7m ago
The Gender Transformed Fairy Tales Challenge Beccalicious
1w 3d ago
52 Keminsolar
6h 7m ago
Men, I need your insight. Illusionna
1w 1d ago
33 Illusionna
8h 34m ago
Fight scenes. Eraezr
6d 21h ago
36 BlaineDaymon
9h 48m ago
non -native english speakers 's writing adondevas
1w 4d ago
36 adondevas
19h 39m ago
Writing on a novel over a long period of time NineFireStar
6d 7h ago
35 adondevas
1d 8h ago
Should I write a screenplay or a novel? Soriyns-Knight
2w 18h ago
7 Slave2Karma
1d 11h ago
Poetry about love futilitarian
2w 15h ago
31 futilitarian
1d 17h ago
Differences Between "Science Fantasy" and "Fantasy in a Sci-Fi Setting" Hethalos
4w 1d ago
19 Hethalos
3d 4h ago
Character Development Questions Dianakit12
6d 9m ago
11 Astro-Star
3d 8h ago
Requesting publishing advise Clare-Bohning
6d 8h ago
17 FanaticalPublishing
3d 22h ago
Moving on Yaoiwriter25
4d 3h ago
2 Lytrigian
4d 3h ago
Slender's Revenge Eyolf-of-The-Fighter
4d 4h ago
8 Eyolf-of-The-Fighter
4d 4h ago
Finding the villain within Feast4daBeast
1w 6d ago
15 saintartaud
4d 5h ago
Feeling weird or uncomfortable trying to explain your story idea? soul-eating-bastard
1w 10h ago
15 saintartaud
4d 6h ago
Just thoughts on a poem... goatchoir
4d 11h ago
15 3wyl
4d 10h ago
Improving as a writer sketchiest-ink
4d 13h ago
2 GrimFace242
4d 12h ago
what type of relationships do you personally like writing about? silversongwriter
2w 3d ago
40 YourSleeplessHollow
4d 22h ago
Homages NineFireStar
6d 8h ago
3 NineFireStar
5d 13h ago
Revisiting your first draft Callarix
1w 6d ago
17 LunetteYabrew
6d 1h ago
Would you badly hurt your Main character? Magictech9999
Oct 22, 2014
97 LunetteYabrew
6d 1h ago
Continuing a Novel Callista7
1w 2h ago
7 AlanTheRobot
6d 8h ago
Adverbs NineFireStar
Oct 5, 2014
41 NineFireStar
6d 12h ago
I need mature critiques for a character's bio / prequel MetalFeline
1w 6h ago
18 GrimFace242
6d 14h ago
Am I the only that don't get emotional over my character-stories? AliceSacco
1w 1d ago
6d 21h ago