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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: May IrrevocableFate
1d 20h ago
4 ZenBlood
12h 49m ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
600 raspil
5d 15h ago
So You Want To Do NaPoWriMo? DrippingWords
Apr 1, 2015
43 nawkaman
1w 11h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Feb 27, 2015
0 N/A
Can you stop a character's POV mid story? Ginlock
18h 35m ago
12 LadyAnder
35m ago
Insomnia writers? Yaoiwriter25
4h 35m ago
4 Yaoiwriter25
2h 42s ago
How to describe a character who sings without making him sound like a Gary-Stu? LadyData
1w 6d ago
101 LadyData
7h 50m ago
A Review From the Best systemcat
1w 3d ago
31 PhineasJamesVinci
10h 32m ago
I need help with sci-fi story title and possible scenario? LadyData
1d 20h ago
9 LadyData
11h 38m ago
NaPo 2015 ReCap Medoriko
1d 19h ago
10 RoseScarlet
14h 12m ago
Who is your favorite writer? light707
4d 6h ago
25 Grismalice
14h 52m ago
Best way to begin a story KaizenKitty
2w 1d ago
47 Bendyi
18h 42m ago
Worst Character ever made FluffBallDeluxe
6d 22h ago
30 Bendyi
19h 20m ago
Fanfiction ideas Bozlef-Mashima
1w 5d ago
26 Bozlef-Mashima
22h 42m ago
Can someone be taught how to write? palaeochannel6
1w 3d ago
35 Imaginativewriter
1d 8h ago
Prompt me bitches BeccaJS
Mar 5, 2015
137 baileyalice222
1d 14h ago
fnaf fan comics and au dualzxz
1d 17h ago
1 IrrevocableFate
1d 15h ago
I have no idea how to continue my book. HawkeHendrix
3d 14h ago
33 neurotype
1d 19h ago
Fanfiction -- Lazy?? KaizenKitty
3w 1d ago
76 DannyFenton123
1d 21h ago
Writer Problems AmostmagificentNiGhT
3w 4d ago
105 astralmelodic
1d 23h ago
Fight Scenes! Help Needed! jademariekit
3d 35m ago
17 vglory
2d 25m ago
Forum: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: April SingingFlames
Apr 1, 2015
30 Diamonds-Dont-Shine
2d 7h ago
What entitles an author to have readers? neurotype
4d 13h ago
158 raspil
2d 7h ago
The Power of Youth Prussia-Hungary
3d 11h ago
12 IrrevocableFate
2d 17h ago
Starting it off "Right" Goldfish-In-Space
2w 1d ago
50 Goldfish-In-Space
2d 19h ago
Awards Won and the Impressions Given TheJawlineReview
1w 1d ago
27 vglory
2d 19h ago
I need feedback on a story I'm working on crehbohrahku
3d 6h ago
7 crehbohrahku
3d 4h ago
Writing sad scenes FluffBallDeluxe
1w 6d ago
43 shinbum
3d 12h ago
A Fun Writing Challenge: Historical Fiction PhineasJamesVinci
3d 17h ago
17 PhineasJamesVinci
3d 12h ago
Writer's block channeledchaos
5d 21h ago
6 IrrevocableFate
3d 14h ago
Interactive Mario Story sonictailssomething1
1w 2d ago
14 IrrevocableFate
3d 14h ago
Does a poem have to be mostly concrete? HanOneSail
1w 4d ago
74 HanOneSail
3d 16h ago
How to advertise my work Glacier36
4d 20h ago
47 SavageFrog
3d 17h ago
I need some help Comicbooknerd1
2w 16h ago
17 LancelotTheBetrayer
3d 19h ago
Getting people to read your literature? TendoTheGamer
4d 13h ago
10 Lytrigian
4d 10h ago
Would it be realstic for a story Yaoiwriter25
5d 17h ago
19 neurotype
4d 16h ago
Good house names or medieval last names? THEnamesLAURA
1w 1d ago
32 Kennuhs
4d 21h ago
Critiques Here, Plz! mapuri
6d 11h ago
8 mapuri
5d 16h ago
Are "Choose Your Own Adventures" popular here at DeviantArt? Hyena-Yena
6d 12h ago
2 Hyena-Yena
5d 20h ago
Songs Runningsouls
6d 23h ago
2 Runningsouls
6d 22h ago