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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: April wreckling
2w 2d ago
26 beeinthebottle
3d 11h ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
486 KarouWS
Mar 2, 2014
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Do you consider rap poetry?? emotional-leprosy
6d 3h ago
30 xxdraxx
1h 19m ago
Character traits that annoy you Annuski
1d 17h ago
54 GhostInThePines
3h 29m ago
Past Stories AircatSkylion
1d 6h ago
13 emotional-leprosy
3h 35m ago
I always stumble at the first step :-( any ideas why? renstalker
4d 14h ago
9 KaizenKitty
3h 42m ago
Just a thought shehrozeameen
1d 9h ago
20 shehrozeameen
7h 30m ago
Death of Creativity aillin1
1w 6d ago
177 organiccumshot
8h 59m ago
PUBLISHING MISCONCEPTIONS DEBUNKED! How Publishing Works 2014 PinkyMcCoversong
1d 4h ago
14 vglory
9h 41m ago
What's your favorite poem by a published poet? KathlynNicole
1w 55m ago
16 hockeymask
10h 12m ago
The P Word neurotype
2d 10h ago
187 neurotype
10h 18m ago
What makes your writing special? neurotype
2w 10h ago
488 neurotype
10h 18m ago
how to avoid using the word suddenly Mrgreen36
1w 5d ago
31 KaizenKitty
13h 50m ago
Research: Insanity ArtCrusade
3d 4h ago
64 KaizenKitty
13h 57m ago
How do you set up for starting a story/novel Demoniacs
1w 2d ago
33 KaizenKitty
14h 7m ago
When to bring in the bad guy. RyuxShido
21h 22m ago
8 KaizenKitty
14h 20m ago
Question shehrozeameen
14h 56m ago
0 N/A
Splitting up a book when many characters are intertwined DryBonesReborn
3d 32m ago
10 witwitch
17h 28m ago
Anyone have a story they wish to share? EmoRaverGirl
3d 8h ago
28 simple-minds
21h 25m ago
What things do you hate about writers most? W-Lupus
1w 4d ago
72 BarbecuedIguana
22h 28m ago
Needs help writing an ORIGINAL story? GhostNinjaART
1w 14h ago
33 BornWithTheSun
23h 26m ago
To Poets: Why do you write poetry? MrsSocrates
Mar 15, 2014
52 PinkyMcCoversong
1d 5h ago
Questions About Interactive Stories A--Anthony
2d 23h ago
4 justMANGO
1d 10h ago
Modern adult novels to add a character list or not? DryBonesReborn
4d 23h ago
48 siantjudas
1d 14h ago
To Story Writers, What is the Main purpose of Horror Stories? Henkyo
2d 23h ago
31 Henkyo
1d 22h ago
Writing and the Audience? TheMitmit
5d 1h ago
33 TheMitmit
2d 1h ago
What are the different options to publish a book ?? RodrexMatthew
Feb 28, 2014
12 TheStrategos
2d 2h ago
Searching for Publishers...? Hannah-Ceilidh1995
6d 21h ago
27 PinkyMcCoversong
2d 4h ago
Story Bibles FallenUmbrella
4d 23h ago
16 PinkyMcCoversong
2d 5h ago
Let's write a story. [Possible offensive religious material. IDK] ImpiousImp
5d 18h ago
31 bryosgirl
2d 20h ago
my plot structure? natetheninja23
1w 5d ago
65 J-B-Hickock
3d 2h ago
Read this OnedreamOnegirl
3d 4h ago
1 GrimFace242
3d 4h ago
Forum Challenge: The Poetic Spice Rack Beccalicious
Feb 18, 2014
143 Dreamworld88
3d 5h ago
A Problem with Research? Dr-Vergissmeinnicht
2w 6d ago
38 angelxxuan
3d 7h ago
To capitalize a repeated word or not to that is significant in meaning DryBonesReborn
4d 5h ago
17 DryBonesReborn
3d 9h ago
Ladies (and men, if interested); whats your ideal male protagonist? Eraezr
5d 18h ago
35 Eraezr
3d 10h ago
Evil Terror Kloudthegamekiller
3d 21h ago
13 neurotype
3d 12h ago
Writing Sass Michlearie
5d 7h ago
8 raspil
3d 17h ago
I hate my main character? dragonwolfgirl1234
2w 6d ago
33 CooperElkin
4d 11h ago