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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Forum: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: April SingingFlames
2w 2d ago
19 meubanks
17h 57m ago
So You Want To Do NaPoWriMo? DrippingWords
2w 2d ago
41 nawkaman
5d 8h ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
598 pugsmith
5d 8h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Feb 27, 2015
0 N/A
Best way to begin a story KaizenKitty
2h 51m ago
2 Steve-C2
38m 25s ago
What questions should writers be asking? neurotype
4d 2h ago
158 neurotype
1h 9m ago
Worst way to begin a story? NicaRox
2w 5d ago
79 KaizenKitty
2h 48m ago
General fanfic rules?? Winter--Dove
1d 1h ago
25 KaizenKitty
3h 10m ago
Prompt me bitches BeccaJS
Mar 5, 2015
114 Christianonfire7
3h 18m ago
Starting it off "Right" Goldfish-In-Space
7h 1m ago
6 Steve-C2
3h 35m ago
Writer Problems AmostmagificentNiGhT
1w 3d ago
80 neurotype
5h 38m ago
Best POV to Write In? NicaRox
3w 3d ago
61 ziltoid1991
5h 39m ago
Fanfiction -- Lazy?? KaizenKitty
6d 16h ago
65 ziltoid1991
5h 40m ago
Opening lines most likely to open horrible fan fiction. Pedigri
2w 4d ago
160 HtBlack
6h 1m ago
How do I become an even better writer? MimiYukiKawaii
3w 3d ago
48 saartha
7h 55m ago
Are there any jokes on Early college students? Axol-The-Axolotl
15h 42m ago
7 IrrevocableFate
10h 16m ago
Misconceptions about writing neurotype
1w 2d ago
508 baileyalice222
10h 51m ago
Looking to meet more writers! I love to comment and leave feedback. papaw
Mar 10, 2015
69 mrgrinmore
11h 9m ago
Gentlemen, Please Help Me: Describe Your Ideal Heroine J-B-Hickock
1w 9h ago
131 AkelDiantelas
1d 33m ago
Your story: How did you get to where you are now? FluffBallDeluxe
4d 1h ago
81 AkelDiantelas
1d 52m ago
weirdest fanfic you've ever read pickles0629
Mar 16, 2015
127 ObsydianDreamer
1d 57m ago
References: why don't writers use them? FluffBallDeluxe
2d 11h ago
58 ArynChris
1d 1h ago
Twist endings Comicbooknerd1
1w 3d ago
10 Tails-155
1d 1h ago
Archetypes without Stereotypes Black-Knight-4090
6d 8h ago
12 neurotype
1d 5h ago
the antagonists in your stories raspil
Mar 14, 2015
97 Kennuhs
1d 20h ago
How do you fill in the gaps in a story? PhantomPizza
3d 6h ago
29 PhantomPizza
2d 4h ago
Foreshadowing FluffBallDeluxe
3d 13h ago
2d 9h ago
Writing Software JZLobo
2d 13h ago
24 JZLobo
2d 9h ago
Why ask others to write it for you? Lytrigian
2w 1d ago
75 doughboycafe
2d 21h ago
Could this be racist? ReissumiesSF
2w 1d ago
45 Heltinde
3d 2h ago
I keep scrapping my ideas? AfterDarkFalls
5d 8h ago
33 CDing93
3d 12h ago
Ladies, Please Help Me: Describe Your Hero J-B-Hickock
1w 10h ago
53 J-B-Hickock
3d 21h ago
Most cliché things in horror stories? FuryOfTheNecromancer
1w 2d ago
38 FluffBallDeluxe
4d 1h ago
Commissioning for Fan Fiction. What are your thoughts? Vanilla-CherryXII
2w 1d ago
81 KaizenKitty
4d 6h ago
What to do for a second draft. FluffBallDeluxe
5d 5h ago
18 justMANGO
4d 6h ago
Finding an editor FluffBallDeluxe
5d 7h ago
15 FluffBallDeluxe
4d 14h ago
Werewolves as relevant characters: questions and personal doubts 00WAR-THERAPY00
6d 6h ago
41 vglory
4d 15h ago
A Poem for those who Think about Dreaming dannythemartian
5d 3h ago
4 neurotype
5d 2h ago
What kind of literature do you love writing the most? light707
Mar 16, 2015
117 light707
5d 3h ago
English or german, I need help Merlok1
1w 1d ago
13 doughboycafe
5d 7h ago