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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: September IrrevocableFate
2w 6d ago
48 Silkienne
6h 3m ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
524 arunhdan
1w 1d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
This is terrible and I love it ML-Larson
3w 23h ago
34 NineFireStar
6m 4s ago
is it ok for me to publicize half of my book for feedback before sending it to a publisher? girlnumbertwo
16h 23m ago
8 JayMUY
15m 52s ago
Do you enjoy your own work? rockstar1009
6d 16h ago
72 iLackCre8T-V-T
29m 6s ago
Do you have the guts to kill of your main character? Eraezr
Jun 19, 2014
659 iLackCre8T-V-T
30m 6s ago
Share with me interesting vocabulary. Eraezr
2w 1d ago
102 neurotype
33m 35s ago
Fairy Tales: A Micro-Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
4d 20h ago
69 aillin1
1h 54m ago
Does someone want to beta read Dragon Age slash fiction? *Alistair/VAMPIREDuncan LadyMizra
1d 19h ago
1 GrimFace242
4h 33m ago
So... sestinas! KiriHearts
1w 23h ago
12 KiriHearts
11h 42m ago
Writing Software ourage
2d 15h ago
22 xxdraxx
14h 51m ago
Are you more comfortable writing an MC of your own gender or ok with both? Eraezr
Jul 11, 2014
329 spuggey
17h 49m ago
Offering Critiques for Writing Droemar
2d 17h ago
5 SavageFrog
17h 49m ago
Attempts at describing beauty... NineFireStar
1w 5d ago
179 spuggey
17h 55m ago
Unattractive characters DeniseCroy
Aug 23, 2014
163 spuggey
17h 58m ago
Books about facing death. Empfmil
1d 17h ago
3 3wyl
1d 6h ago
Writing fanfics for things that haven't been released yet chichichichipndale
1w 15h ago
29 chichichichipndale
1d 8h ago
I Need Help Resolving a Major "Theme Hole" Hethalos
5d 14h ago
1d 11h ago
Need help on my fanfiction 100 theme challenge! GameGirl95
2d 16h ago
51 chichichichipndale
1d 11h ago
Overused Tropes? YourVampiricPonysaur
2w 5d ago
110 Goldfish-In-Space
1d 23h ago
Seeking Feedback on Comic "Back-bone"! DShain
1d 23h ago
0 N/A
character playlists singagainsoon
4d 15h ago
37 singagainsoon
1d 23h ago
Clashing InuYasha Villains Dark-Sourceress-Aiya
6d 14h ago
8 chichichichipndale
2d 3h ago
Not sure if right place to post but.. FaolanEternal
3d 20h ago
20 rockstar1009
2d 21h ago
Overcoming Writer's Block? EchoInTheVoid
4d 2h ago
4 GrimFace242
3d 23h ago
Rejecting Critique Cause You Can (potato warning) BraveSwordTactitian
4d 1h ago
2 BraveSwordTactitian
4d 52m ago
Should I Post A Story on My DA Profile? SeniorPasta
4d 1h ago
0 N/A
Broken Hearts: A Micro-Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
3w 2h ago
87 DrippingWords
4d 11h ago
Does anyone here like wuxia stories, and what are your thoughts on the genre? Zoltor
5d 5h ago
13 Zoltor
4d 13h ago
Orchestra: A Micro-Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
1w 5d ago
41 katya-13
4d 18h ago
Sharing a book I've written! Samantha-Bennett
5d 14h ago
1 LadyAnder
5d 14h ago
How to write a storyline for a comic? TheDarkCommander
6d 21h ago
10 WynterPhoenyx
5d 14h ago
Writing in a Foreign Setting? CDing93
2w 3h ago
45 vglory
5d 22h ago
Semi Sci-fi Solution Suggestions? CHRISwillar
1w 1d ago
20 CHRISwillar
6d 53m ago
MDavidFrance on Twitter? ZeroClimate
6d 12h ago
4 GrimFace242
6d 1h ago
I'm relatively new to the literature world and my writing suck but just want some advice if I .... ToxicSkunky
2w 1d ago
37 Parth-Makeo
6d 11h ago
So - Diction. TristanCody
1w 5d ago
15 H-A-Cooke
6d 15h ago
Topics~ MuffinCox
1w 1d ago
37 raspil
6d 18h ago
Backstory vs lore and what you do with it neurotype
2w 2d ago
115 saintartaud
6d 19h ago