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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: October LiliWrites
1w 17h ago
9 Colorless-Glaceon
1d 23h ago
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
614 HoorayForSloth
2d 6h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Feb 27, 2015
0 N/A
give me a number from this prompt and I'll do it! AriaGrill
16m 5s ago
1 mb67
13m 20s ago
What's your favourite part of story writing? PivotShadow
1w 3d ago
74 Chuckling-Ghost
55m 32s ago
I'm posting my manuscript, I'd love it if you give it a read catsglade
56m 5s ago
0 N/A
give me a spooky prompt! AriaGrill
1h 3m ago
1 cassieinimikia
1h 1m ago
500 Words Challenge gridcube
1w 5h ago
7 AriaGrill
1h 4m ago
Profanity In Literature? LadyData
1w 3d ago
75 AriaGrill
1h 6m ago
What makes fantasy "fantasy"? cronasonlyfriend
1w 2d ago
22 Lytrigian
1h 15m ago
Online publishing? Veynn
8h 4m ago
12 SIlentHunters
1h 16m ago
Snippets Of The Best Writing You Have Ever Made Bman19
4d 13h ago
39 Balaria
3h 28m ago
Not A Silly Question Steve-C2
1w 1d ago
93 Steve-C2
8h 22m ago
Which Genres Do You Write? ObsydianDreamer
Aug 17, 2015
291 Legio-X
8h 33m ago
Who has influenced your writing the most? lykosonette
18h 9m ago
9 semilaiska
10h 24m ago
Comment and I'll write a short verse about your profile/gallery BethelStone
2w 6d ago
227 Koushoku-jin
12h 2m ago
need ideas to keep me busy while I seperate myself from old story RaulBrozzoXIV
3d 21h ago
10 yazackak
17h 19m ago
What is your goal with writing? Mine is Saving Ppl. lykosonette
21h 48m ago
28 lykosonette
17h 22m ago
Shipping Yourself with Characters Kitsune0Jester
1w 1d ago
28 Chuckling-Ghost
20h 51m ago
Novels - Categorizing & Mature Content Filter Questions Shikkyaku-Yuki
1d 16h ago
7 XenoSolii
21h 23m ago
What do you want from writing? Naktarra
Jul 23, 2015
87 RhymeThyme
23h 34m ago
Software/tools for writers and ideas for software! JayceRan
5d 17h ago
13 AkelDiantelas
1d 21m ago
Blogging FluffBallDeluxe
3w 23h ago
13 LadyAnder
1d 1h ago
How often do you ask yourself "why bother"? DeniseCroy
Jul 17, 2015
213 lovexparody
1d 2h ago
I need a lot of help for this one, please read! RussianHacker
1d 6h ago
6 RussianHacker
1d 2h ago
What does a story need in order to turn a human character into a robot? chichichichipndale
3d 23h ago
9 thexenops
1d 2h ago
You give me a color, I give you a poem. If it stokes my creativity, that is. poems-about-hue
Jul 16, 2015
106 bvanevery
1d 2h ago
How many words do you write a day? EXCALIBURSword
6d 15h ago
22 bvanevery
1d 3h ago
Writing: Chapter Openings KaizenKitty
6d 16h ago
33 KaizenKitty
1d 10h ago
What do you think about my writing so far? KombatMaster94
2d 17h ago
13 morbidman187
1d 16h ago
Need help with character bios please RatsuTerra48
2d 8h ago
13 Mercury-Crowe
1d 17h ago
What makes people care about your characters? MYTHICSONOFGOD
3d 4h ago
15 thexenops
1d 17h ago
My work needs critiquing JJWsmith
3d 17m ago
8 Naktarra
2d 19h ago
Swearing in fantasy books? My-Sword-is-Bigger
3w 2d ago
129 My-Sword-is-Bigger
3d 11h ago
Where does one get read?? EmbassyOfTime
2w 2h ago
43 J-B-Hickock
3d 12h ago
preparing to revise!~ RaulBrozzoXIV
5d 1h ago
8 LiliWrites
3d 23h ago
Clothes description TEANO
1w 14h ago
5d 9h ago