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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: July wreckling
4w 1d ago
27 Mikethemerciless
1d 6h ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
506 beeinthebottle
2d 5h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
How to know when to kill? ImoutoMoogle
28m 20s ago
1 Balaria
24m 4s ago
Emotional Attachment Spatzchen
2d 16h ago
74 doughboycafe
1h 46m ago
Writing fanfiction vs. original fiction. WeenySparrow
2d 1h ago
45 Atlantech
3h 29m ago
Is there such a thing as too much detail? Felifu
3w 1d ago
33 darkone4587
5h 16m ago
Does One Throw Away Their First Ever Story, Or...? GoldenNocturna
1w 6d ago
33 FrauMersaultK
5h 31m ago
Recycling Material. BraveSwordTactitian
2d 10h ago
27 FrauMersaultK
6h 14m ago
What do you like in a villain? SilverNekoBaka
3d 8h ago
185 Notorius-Quack
7h 12m ago
Any non-binary people here willing to help out? ElithianFox
1w 4d ago
41 saintartaud
7h 32m ago
Your Favorite Book ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1w 2d ago
14 DomnuWyrda
9h 17m ago
Which reading method is more comfortable to you--for comics/manga? Ogono
2w 1d ago
31 theBlackWolff
9h 41m ago
Inspiration? FrauMersaultK
2d 6h ago
32 Mondenschein81
9h 59m ago
Death to the phrase GalaxyGoddess
2w 2d ago
47 FrauMersaultK
11h 22m ago
Issue with a Character's Backstory GoldenNocturna
2w 4d ago
42 FrauMersaultK
11h 55m ago
Literature HELP Starshadow16
16h 1m ago
3 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
15h 20m ago
Do you have the guts to kill of your main character? Eraezr
Jun 19, 2014
536 doolhoofd
15h 53m ago
Tropes darkone4587
1d 8h ago
19 unicornomics
17h 13m ago
Darkness Irishfury97
6d 6h ago
29 Irishfury97
19h 28m ago
Worst or overrated writers ProtoRepublic
3w 2d ago
151 aillin1
1d 4h ago
Premium memberships on writing websites? Peonies18
1d 14h ago
5 raspil
1d 4h ago
Advice? fawnliing
1w 2d ago
40 WilliamTheKonqueror
1d 4h ago
Input on a possible story? TopHatTruffles
1d 14h ago
11 neurotype
1d 6h ago
Getting people to read your work darkone4587
2d 19h ago
52 darkone4587
1d 11h ago
Young writers neurotype
2w 4d ago
286 Elijah-Berryman
1d 19h ago
What do you write fanfiction for and why? Rebel-of-Argon
1w 6d ago
31 natetheninja23
2d 10h ago
Lets talk premise PrincelovelyMan
4d 6h ago
14 PrincelovelyMan
2d 15h ago
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (book vs movie) museicalart
2d 17h ago
0 N/A
What do you do to get the juices flowing? meermish
5d 14h ago
28 darkone4587
2d 19h ago
What is your Fascination? Goldfish-In-Space
Jun 12, 2014
85 darkone4587
2d 20h ago
A question to writers in general and in particular shehrozeameen
May 19, 2014
165 darkone4587
2d 20h ago
Pointers Talentless-Actress
5d 20h ago
18 Talentless-Actress
3d 7h ago
Need readers for my story. TheResilience
3d 8h ago
0 N/A
A load of craft? beeinthebottle
1w 3d ago
15 vespera
3d 9h ago
Introspection Amana07
1w 2d ago
14 some1eleven
3d 10h ago
What's your story about? justMANGO
3w 5d ago
241 WeenySparrow
3d 13h ago
The 100 Day Challenge [Literature Edition!] Timothi-Ellim
5d 17h ago
1 neurotype
5d 17h ago
opinions on freeverse XenoPluto
2w 4d ago
20 hockeymask
5d 23h ago