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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: September IrrevocableFate
Sep 1, 2014
53 CameronKobe
2d 21h ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
524 arunhdan
2w 4d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Inspi-no neurotype
2d 7h ago
175 DeniseCroy
17m 15s ago
Share with me interesting vocabulary. Eraezr
3w 3d ago
147 doughboycafe
37m 49s ago
Are you more comfortable writing an MC of your own gender or ok with both? Eraezr
Jul 11, 2014
355 Eraezr
1h 3m ago
Eden Symbiotic CherokeeGal1975
1h 14m ago
0 N/A
What makes a story deep and complex ? Redfoxbennaton
1d 2h ago
23 raspil
1h 20m ago
What makes a scary story scary? rockettreverie
5h 14m ago
6 raspil
1h 22m ago
Backstory vs lore and what you do with it neurotype
3w 5d ago
130 Redfoxbennaton
3h 46m ago
Nightmares: A Micro-Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
6d 9h ago
95 SaintOfTheDragons
4h 1m ago
So who's up for NaNoWriMo? Ywander
1d 23h ago
11 rockettreverie
5h 21m ago
Short writing exercise! Inquire within! Wallflower-Kris
Aug 3, 2014
53 Vineris
5h 27m ago
Need a beta NicaRox
1d 13h ago
14 SolidMars
9h 4m ago
Do you have the guts to kill of your main character? Eraezr
Jun 19, 2014
675 MsMotty
9h 21m ago
Naming characters AliceSacco
21h 29m ago
19 neurotype
10h 17s ago
NEW MAGAZINE Accepting All Mediums of Art - Otherworldly, Ethereal, Whimsical PleniluneMagazine
12h 44m ago
3 GrimFace242
12h 2m ago
Attempts at describing beauty... NineFireStar
3w 1d ago
189 NineFireStar
15h 6m ago
This is terrible and I love it ML-Larson
Aug 31, 2014
50 Memnalar
16h 15m ago
Overused Tropes? YourVampiricPonysaur
4w 1d ago
125 YourVampiricPonysaur
19h 21m ago
Favourite spots and inspiration NineFireStar
6d 5h ago
33 NineFireStar
1d 9h ago
Do you enjoy your own work? rockstar1009
2w 2d ago
82 ColorGush
2d 1h ago
Writing in a Foreign Setting? CDing93
3w 2d ago
48 Bo-Po-Mo-Fo
2d 15h ago
character playlists singagainsoon
2w 6h ago
50 spuggey
3d 10h ago
world builder? ghost59
Aug 26, 2014
148 ghost59
3d 10h ago
Fairy Tales: A Micro-Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
2w 11h ago
104 OfOneSoul
4d 4h ago
Writing Software ourage
1w 5d ago
49 xxdraxx
5d 3h ago
So... sestinas! KiriHearts
2w 3d ago
13 Nestalgica
5d 7h ago
How Would You Explain Poetry to Someone Who's Never Read It Before? TristanCody
Aug 27, 2014
101 Elijah-Berryman
5d 8h ago
What is good literature? neurotype
Aug 3, 2014
364 natetheninja23
5d 11h ago
What are your opinions on.... NettleMoore
1w 2d ago
43 Eraezr
6d 10h ago
How would you describe alien creatures Mrgreen36
2w 3d ago
18 vglory
6d 16h ago
Need help in writing "southern hick accent" GameGirl95
1w 12h ago
17 GameGirl95
6d 20h ago