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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: August GrimFace242
4w 1d ago
87 Pedigri
4h 21m ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
516 SpiderLondon
2w 4d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
How do you like to write? AlanTheRobot
16h 28m ago
23 ML-Larson
5m 13s ago
Siren's Call: A Flash Fiction Contest OfOneSoul
21h 45m ago
45 OfOneSoul
17m 31s ago
Help in creating alien species. snape4ever
14h 15m ago
6 darkone4587
1h 17m ago
How Would You Explain Poetry to Someone Who's Never Read It Before? TristanCody
2d 23h ago
52 vglory
1h 23m ago
"If You Didn't Have An Interesting Life, You Can't Write An Interesting Story" Goldsickle
2d 17h ago
67 raspil
2h 11m ago
Organization help, and avoiding cliches and mary sues Eternal-II
1w 3d ago
54 Eternal-II
2h 17m ago
Am I Writing Well Enough? PhantomPizza
16h 11m ago
16 GrimFace242
3h 40m ago
world builder? ghost59
4d 44m ago
108 aillin1
4h 8m ago
In your opinion, what makes a poem good? LunaNitor
15h 30m ago
4 LunaNitor
4h 19m ago
Poets: Are you reading poetry? PinkyMcCoversong
1w 1d ago
73 TristanCody
7h 22m ago
What do you NEVER write? DeniseCroy
3w 2h ago
301 DeniseCroy
10h 54m ago
Exercice time! Dawn-Mayer
2w 2d ago
12h 12m ago
Unattractive characters DeniseCroy
1w 8h ago
117 DeniseCroy
14h 11m ago
A Quick Question About Publishing CDing93
19h 53m ago
6 AlanTheRobot
17h 11m ago
Are you more comfortable writing an MC of your own gender or ok with both? Eraezr
Jul 11, 2014
299 SimpleBend
19h 32m ago
Annoying types of Characters darkone4587
1w 1d ago
76 LizzyChrome
1d 2h ago
Book illustrations - Why, how, should? MCKejml
2d 59m ago
15 BlaineDaymon
1d 2h ago
What words do you find yourself using the most? Timothi-Ellim
1w 2d ago
1d 12h ago
What does pedantry achieve? neurotype
1w 3h ago
237 Blacksand459
1d 19h ago
Short writing exercise! Inquire within! Wallflower-Kris
3w 5d ago
40 Zeedi
1d 22h ago
Chapter lengths teenrex7
1w 6d ago
21 ajb-2k3
2d 2h ago
poetry inspiration LissieBull
2w 8h ago
48 LissieBull
2d 4h ago
Author Avatar darkone4587
6d 19h ago
151 aillin1
2d 6h ago
Do you have the guts to kill of your main character? Eraezr
Jun 19, 2014
2d 10h ago
I want to play a game.. SirCassie
3d 8h ago
17 phydeau
2d 14h ago
Genres you like reading, but don't like writing it. lovelymars908
4d 23h ago
27 Azure--Phoenix
2d 22h ago
5d 6h ago
126 Squad1rox
3d 1h ago
What's in a Name? Harlequin-Werewolf
3w 5d ago
3d 8h ago
Writing with the radio on JericaWinters
6d 2h ago
47 polycomical
3d 13h ago
Pacing and environment problems ThatKidWithTheRabbit
4d 15h ago
18 ThatKidWithTheRabbit
3d 16h ago
Hello fellow writers, I've but a simple question to ask of you all. landyn123
4d 16h ago
45 BraveSwordTactitian
4d 9m ago
[Need Help] Writing Submission with Photo Ebonsong
4d 4h ago
4 GrimFace242
4d 1h ago
Punctuation in Poetry keiku
1w 6d ago
29 pipesmokingpoet
4d 7h ago
Help with character visualization (for some one who can't draw). The-Space-Elephant
1w 3h ago
142 Callarix
4d 10h ago
Why have you started to write? Mizu1993
2w 6d ago
26 Newbie1104
4d 11h ago
Strategies for receiving feedback? Jayce-R
1w 2d ago
110 Jayce-R
4d 12h ago
What are you editing? neurotype
3w 1d ago
219 GuinevereToGwen
4d 19h ago