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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Literature Critique Thread: Novmber GrimFace242
3w 4d ago
49 SkippySplatter
10h 56m ago
Official Writers Block thread Beccalicious
Jun 28, 2011
529 Vertureoay
3d 22h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Pantsing; Planning; Pants-Planning? mnmccarthy
59m 20s ago
0 N/A
Getting more popular on Deviantart silversongwriter
Oct 27, 2014
103 ZeroBelow00
3h 30m ago
Finding the villain within Feast4daBeast
2w 4d ago
17 SimpleBend
4h 51m ago
Character Development Questions Dianakit12
1w 4d ago
14 SimpleBend
4h 59m ago
Characters Based on Real People (...or animals) Dream-EatingBakeneko
10h 54m ago
14 raspil
5h 28m ago
Writing on a novel over a long period of time NineFireStar
1w 4d ago
40 Abbi-Normal
5h 28m ago
how would I write magical realism in a post apocalyptic setting? Bfwesh
1d 9h ago
15 Bfwesh
5h 31m ago
Should I write a screenplay or a novel? Soriyns-Knight
2w 5d ago
10 xxdraxx
7h 4m ago
The Gender Transformed Fairy Tales Challenge Beccalicious
2w 1d ago
69 Aret
13h 28m ago
Here's a crazy idea: Tell the reader what's going to happen before they read it. justinwray
3d 16h ago
18 ShenaniBOOM
13h 29m ago
How do I fit myself into a category of writing? Is it poetry? free form? prose? all three? CodyPhoenixS
4d 6h ago
21 SlideSwitched
13h 38m ago
Procrastination! 3Ravens98
2d 15h ago
12 justMANGO
1d 1h ago
Titles are hard! SkippySplatter
3d 8h ago
28 justMANGO
1d 1h ago
What do you do when you're not writing? ThiranosTales
1w 5d ago
171 ThiranosTales
1d 5h ago
Sonic Rovers TheNightSky1998
1d 16h ago
3 SavageFrog
1d 6h ago
Fight scenes. Eraezr
1w 4d ago
52 Chris000
1d 13h ago
Quick, summarize your story in one comment! sistermatrix
1w 3d ago
74 Chris000
1d 13h ago
Deus Ex Machina (And Other Fallbacks) BlizzardBlitzer
2d 8h ago
1d 13h ago
Background noise darkone4587
5d 3h ago
25 darkone4587
1d 14h ago
what type of relationships do you personally like writing about? silversongwriter
3w 1d ago
45 Abbi-Normal
2d 6h ago
Topical Photos - Add your own! CodyPhoenixS
3d 2h ago
2 CodyPhoenixS
3d 1h ago
Would you badly hurt your Main character? Magictech9999
Oct 22, 2014
100 sistermatrix
3d 2h ago
non -native english speakers 's writing adondevas
2w 2d ago
50 AlanTheRobot
3d 4h ago
Differences Between "Science Fantasy" and "Fantasy in a Sci-Fi Setting" Hethalos
Oct 25, 2014
24 Hethalos
3d 7h ago
Dream Interpretation appreciated LoveUnderneathMe
3d 12h ago
6 3wyl
3d 11h ago
Men, I need your insight. Illusionna
1w 6d ago
37 aillin1
3d 12h ago
How depressing is too depressing? silversongwriter
4w 13h ago
73 Fun-Filled4eva
3d 12h ago
[MLP] Forcing Twilight Sparkle to "research" her friends. robbieagray
3d 23h ago
1 GrimFace242
3d 17h ago
Dealing with Loss of Work BlizzardBlitzer
2w 1d ago
53 SuprSpacePrincessRed
3d 23h ago
Poetry about love futilitarian
2w 5d ago
31 futilitarian
6d 18h ago