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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Improving by copying others telmofreitas
4d 13h ago
14 telmofreitas
4d 9h ago
Working on the theme Rukasuzu
4d 10h ago
0 N/A
What is a 'Closed Species' really? Aizzi
1w 1d ago
16 Samplenote
4d 11h ago
Scanning pure black - inking problems / manga NejynFrenchCancan
3w 6d ago
19 telmofreitas
4d 11h ago
Sculptures/statuary/figurines SomeStrangeMan
4d 16h ago
2 SomeStrangeMan
4d 12h ago
How much should commissions cost? HowlingWolves15
5d 8h ago
5 HowlingWolves15
4d 15h ago
Looking for a good metallic paint, any suggestions? DeepDrearyThougts
5d 5h ago
4 achipps
4d 18h ago
Illustrator or Graphic Designer? HELP! wafflerp
6d 6h ago
13 Envisualist
4d 21h ago
Design suggestions for T-shirts. Zarfact
5d 6h ago
1 phoenixleo
5d 1h ago
Do you animate? Sniper0092
3w 1d ago
18 NindaKarinsa
5d 2h ago
Problem with Graphics Tablet DarthFishhum
5d 3h ago
1 WilWhalen
5d 2h ago
Am I the only one? BluePixxel
6d 17h ago
23 NindaKarinsa
5d 2h ago
Can I called myself an artist with this method? And how to go over to my "perfectionist" t Grimgor09
5d 16h ago
9 Umbravita
5d 6h ago
Uploading Pictures of Paintings AndreaMarie93
4w 1d ago
27 miasmic-mind
5d 8h ago
1w 8h ago
16 Isho13
5d 9h ago
Any advice for basic pencil sketch shading? Sephtis
Mar 16, 2014
12 Sephtis
5d 11h ago
Scanning artwork Dragon-flame13
1w 1d ago
12 SaccharoKirby
5d 12h ago
What motifs or themes are prevalent in your art? Rayaroja
Mar 21, 2014
8 Sachi-pon
5d 12h ago
Superhero Short Story Collaborative Universe? GiantEvilPizza
5d 13h ago
1 GiantEvilPizza
5d 13h ago
Wanting to start offering commissions please help InsideImmortaI
5d 15h ago
3 SomeStrangeMan
5d 13h ago
Question about Copyrights! much appresssh Jessefarrenkopf
1w 18h ago
8 pencilbleed
5d 15h ago
What exactly does it mean to 'do a study'? Oblights
6d 4h ago
12 Oblights
5d 15h ago
I'm looking for the paper to write/draw comics on, what are they?!? the2k5flash
6d 9h ago
6 Katara-Alchemist
5d 16h ago
Getting into Traditional Mediums aikawarazu-desu
6d 6h ago
9 Sachi-pon
5d 17h ago
Art: Your life or a hobby? freshart23
6d 16h ago
21 Cirprius
5d 23h ago
Medieval style clothing/armor irthepwn
Mar 10, 2014
38 irthepwn
6d 25m ago
Poses Reference ? SebastienHoule
1w 5h ago
8 InryDanmaku
6d 1h ago
Revamped account! What do you think? ^W^ whianem
2w 6d ago
8 hazeldazel
6d 6h ago
Can someone help me find the artist? clarissafrn
1w 6h ago
3 KunichiMinamino
6d 7h ago
Colors You Can't Make? SaccharoKirby
6d 12h ago
19 Katara-Alchemist
6d 7h ago
What types of artwork does everyone enjoy making? AbyssalSerpent
1w 2h ago
6 DarkPrinceArmon
6d 10h ago
Habits of working. FionaCreates
1w 1d ago
39 Umbravita
6d 11h ago
Hope LillyBreeze12
1w 15h ago
7 galecrescent98
6d 13h ago
Lineart woes... NecroCandy
6d 16h ago
6 Florian-K
6d 14h ago
Alternatives to Polymer clay? Ogonese
1w 3d ago
9 ladymeow
6d 14h ago
What motivates you to keep drawing and What makes you feel discouraged? J-DE-DEA
1w 1d ago
9 Opheliac-noire
6d 16h ago
ESPN FREE@#$%@Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Free Copa Del Rey Final 2014 mattertonert
6d 18h ago
0 N/A
Licensing - question about rates/fees to charge? Kvlticon
2w 6h ago
7 DFX4509B
6d 19h ago
How to express you feeling with art and stuff Tsukubane
1w 1d ago
1 DFX4509B
6d 19h ago
What did you do for free premium day? Change your name?! felicityfalls
2w 1d ago
32 DFX4509B
6d 19h ago