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January 10, 2013


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Unexpectedly switching Mediums mid-way through?

The topic is: Do you find yourself switching mediums mid-way through a project unexpectedly? (Key word: Unexpectedly - not includes where you switch mediums intentionally such as photography to matte/paint)

- Do you do this often?

- What causes you to do this? (boredom, better skill with other medium, etc..)

- Do you find you tend to like it more or regret it?

In my own case, this week I've been working on some Fan Art line art for a watercolor piece. As I was ready to print the lines today, I decided to fiddle with a digital paint program to see what the color theme might look best as...

...and then I painted a bit more... hour passes by and I realize I'm 1/3 done with a digital paint. The quality is alright, could be better, but now I feel like I should go the full way. I'll likely still finish my watercolor, but I think I'll find it neat to see it in both mediums.

So how about you? Have any unexpected art mixes that turned out wonderful? or awful?

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Vineris Jan 11, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I never switch media halfway through unless I see a big problem developing with the picture and think that switching to a different medium is the solution.

I guess I'll sometimes start a picture, abandon it halfway through, and then come back to it months or years later and think "this would be better in pencil crayon". But at that point it's more like restarting than switching.
Hmm, yeah that makes sense. I've had a few where I leave for months (or years) to 'age' and then come back and say, "I should totally remake this...with something else." By then it does feel fresh, restarting as you say. *nod*

Thanks for your thoughts!
This is seem like that a new piece is now make the questions, and wants to experiment with it, Even if it fails to look good in either medium, I think I'll have learned much from it.

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Yes, that is what I think now as I switch mediums. We can learn from our failures; even if we make mistakes, they help us grow.^^

Thank you for your thoughts. :)
I just do whatever feels right for the project I am doing. If it requires switching up, sure. :shrug:   
I see. Do you often try doing multiple versions of the same one (if the feeling hits)? or just stick with what you feel is the 'best' version?
That I do. From there then I select what I feel is the best version. That can get hard when I sometimes feel like I like both versions D:
Ahh. Well, experimenting can be fun, at least! Thanks for your thoughts.^^
FionaCreates Jan 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
I tend to go with what I think would look right for the piece, so yes I switch up quite a lot, I've even restarted because something didn't work.

From personal experience if I am trying to do a watercolour/digital etc and just keep pushing and pushing til it fits the fit is never right, so it's best just to change your plan than keep ahead with one that isn't working.
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