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January 10, 2013


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question for webcomic artists and readers

syrupneko Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ok, so I run my website using Joomla, and I post comics on there as well. Due to some features of Joomla being not too webcomic friendly right out of the box, and a serious void of "webcomic" plugins (the kind of which Wordpress users seem to have the luxury of enjoying), I had to do some major customizations using CSS styling. And I got to thinking that perhaps other people might be interest in a similar "webcomic" template, since there does seem to be some demand for running webcomics on Joomla websites and I gather that people placing these requests are not as web design savvy as I am or else my methods would most assuredly be more widespread.


My needs for a layout seems to be much different from the usual webcomic user, as I run a much bigger site than most (I run a full e-commerce site, a blog, and host videos, in addition to webcomics, all under 1 site.)

Looking at other webcomic pages, I have a basic idea of what people have, and what layout schemes seem to be popular, but I also notice that the design itself isn't always on the level of say a comic like PennyArcade.

So anyways, my question to you all is:
What would your ideal webcomic page Layout look like? Do you prefer PennyArcade, or a page more like Sandra & Woo?

Do you like it when the blog is shown below the comic, or prefer the blogs and the comic content to be kept separate?

Do you want ads to appear on a column beside your comic, or do you prefer ads to be kept above and below your comics?

What sort of content do you like to put in the footer of your page? Menus, ads, "social icons"? Would you like space for a login box or mailing list?

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.

At it's most basic, I had planned to do a 2 column layout, with suggested space for a Calendar and vertical advertising. With additional space for putting in advertising the comic and above the site. But that seems to be too "standard" and I'd much rather like to challenge myself on this project.

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Devious Comments

hedwards Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Honestly, the main things I care about are being able to click on the comic and move to the next one and having a layout that scales down to the 1366x768 screen I'm using. As well as up to the 1920x1200 monitor I have at home.

The menus aren't bad, but make sure that they don't prevent people from viewing the content.

Also, as far as ads go, I'm far more likely to click simple text ads that are relevant to the page than flash ads and ones which are targeted.
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