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January 6, 2013


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Looking to start a bi weekly themed art comp, how do i go about it

I want to start a competition that occurs every two weeks where artist can have fun with their work while still having to follow a brief (something akin to scratch jams). Does anyone have any advice how i should go about it since i'm not that well known in the community yet, if you have suggestions i'm all ears.

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Devious Comments

I'd suggest starting a group for this objective. You can count on not having a lot of entries in the first few competitions, but there have been contest groups who have done similar things, and who saw growth in the number of members through advertising in the projects forum, affiliating with other groups, and saw to it that the entrants had to post a link to the contest in the description, or they'd risk disqualification.

I don't know if these groups are still active or not. But they are probably not de-activated, so I'd suggest checking them out for ideas.
ok will do, thank you
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