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December 30, 2012


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About Dr. Chris Barlow, Amreen Kahn and Parallax Art Fair

privatename Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Iíll try to make this brief: please be very careful dealing with Dr. Chris Barlow, Amreen Kahn or Parallax Art Fair. They are based out of England and run art fairs there, in New York City and in Miami. They market and rent booths to artists of all kind: the good, the bad and the ugly. Please forgive me for keeping my name private as I am very embarrassed for being naÔve about them.

I rented one of their booths at the November 2012 Art Fair in New York City. The event was in a dark hall at a place called the Prince George (Iím now told it also serves as a homeless shelter). Amreen Kahn told me that they rent the Prince George for $6,000. They charge each artist about $1000 for a booth and about $200 for lights. There were between 50-75 artists, but not all rented full booths, some just rent panels.

At the opening there were no lights on the artwork, you couldnít see what you were looking at! Hereís a good review of what happened by another artist:!/2012/11/back-from-big-apple-parallax-art-fair.html

It was impossible to get any answers about the missing lights. Many artists scrambled the next morning and purchased their own lights from Home Depot and clamped them to the top of their booths. Some artists couldnít find a power outlet. Others were left to stand in front of their dark and invisible-to-see artwork for 2 days. It was very sad. People went to Amreen Kahn and she appeared to do nothing to help. When asked about a refund, she said Dr. Chris Barlow would send out an email to all the artists after the show. Someone passed around a 3-4 page list of signatures to get a refund for the lighting but the general feeling was that the artists were ripped off and there would be no refund.

But the lighting was half the problem. Not many buyers came to the event. Almost all of the visitors were friends and family members of other artists. With a little bit of Google searching, the November 2012 Art Fair was not listed in any event guide, online or in print, nor could I find any articles or press about it. In the end, artists stood around for 2 days (some in darkness) without anyone really interested in buying art, although in fairness I think a lady sold something (and she brought her own light).

Why am I posting this now? Well, itís now well over 30 days since the November event and there has been no refund for the lighting portion of the costs Ė (I just want the money back for the lights that I paid for but never got Ė about $200). Shortly after the event and several emails to Dr. Chris Barlow, Amreen Kahn called me and told me she would mail me a refund. And I had been hopeful one would be sent to me. Amreen Kahn, Dr. Chris Barlow and Parallax are no longer responding to my emails. I was recently contacted by another artist who suggested talking with some lawyers because there were so many artists who paid for lights but did not get them. Parallax Art Fair and Dr. Chris Barlow are now emailing out new invitations to their next set of art fairs in 2013 and I think itís important that other artists be informed before dealing with characters that would act like this.

Of course shame on me for falling victim to their pay-to-play art fair. I am quite embarrassed by this. I found two other links for fellow artists who want more information about Parallax Art Fair or Dr. Chris Barlow:

But please do your own homework. All I can do is document what happened to me. Thank you for listening (reading) and happy New Year.

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Katy-L-Wood Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
While this does sound like a serious issue, forum threads must encourage discussion. This would be better suited to your journal.
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