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December 22, 2012


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I advice on making a tiger head sculpture

ankaryciuch Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Iím planning to make a sculpture that looks something like this:
However it would be standing on a rectangular base (probably 25x25x6cm) rather than hung on a wall.

My problem is I have no idea what materials I should use.
I was thinking I can do clay with a wooden armature...
But I really have no experience in making sculptures, and this is a big assignment for my art class.

Can you give me some materials I can use?
Or absolutely any advice on the process in general?
Thank you :)

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Glori305 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
If you are doing polymer clay, where it bakes in the oven, use a foil or wire armature, a wood armature can hold moisture that will be released when baking, causing craks in the clay.

If you are using modeling clay, a wood armature is fine.

If you are using an air dry clay, no armature will work, as air dry clay shrinks a little when it dries, and would crack.

You would not be able to use any type of armature with an earth clay that goes in a kiln.

If it is for your art class, I would talk to the teacher.
EldingaGunman Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
There are many tutorials on dA that will help you do this. Your technique is going to be dependent on the material you choose - some clays need to be baked in order to harden. It means you can work on it for a long time and not risk it drying before it's finished, but it also mean that you need to make it hollow or use a heatproof base, and there is a bunch of things like that which you'll need to keep in mind if you wish it to survive the baking. I would say do a google search. Decide on a material, then read up on that. there is a lot of information out there.
AnaCaspao Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
When i see sculptures around here on da it's usually of comic characters so don't know if it's actually comparable, but (if i remember correctly) the artists use something called super sculpey or something along those lines.
The artists first star with a thick wire skeleton and begin building from there, that kind of material(super sculpey) must withstand some period of time before hardening, or maybe it goes to the apropriate place to harden(like clay).
I once used a airdry clay to do a base for a work, wasn't expensive at all, but you needed to keep it out of the reach of air so it didn't dry over de next 2 days, so it's a quick work material.
Hope i have helped somehow.
ankaryciuch Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i need advice* -_-
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