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November 12, 2012


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where to buy cheap shoes to draw on

im looking to start designing my own shoes i sell and i was wondering where i could find some cheap vans or some other shoe similer for a good cheap price say less then $50

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Thrift stores are a given. Also ghetto department stores that sell post-retail inventories, if there are any nearby, like Ross, Kohl's, Burlington Coats, or Big Lots might be good place to look. I've found some fine deals on shoes at Ross.
theirs a coats factory opening up close by real soon that ill check out and i havent tryed big lots so ill do that soon too thanx
thisismyboat Nov 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Try the thrift store, they usually have used shoes in good condition for $5-20. Try Claire's, Winners, and Stitches too. I believe they all carry a cheap knock-off brand of converse called Streetwear Society that run about $20.
claires has shoes? and dont know winners and stitches but if they have websites ill check them out
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