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November 4, 2012


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I need help. (This will sound off, but I'm being totally serious)

ArchitectXailin Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ok. So I need help with drawing underwear.

Before i get a "Oh god not another troll" or "Dumbass pervert". Let me explain.

The idea I had was to create a color spectrum with my characters using Just their undergarments. (male and Female) And them posing. However their are two problems. I don't know how to draw butts (I kid you not) and i don't have any idea how to draw undergarments period. Any advice or help?


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Devious Comments

FriendlyHand Nov 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Vineris Nov 4, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
There's only about a billion photos of people in their underwear on the Internet. I'm sure if you load a few thousand up and start drawing what you see, you will figure it out pretty darn quickly.
WilWhalen Nov 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Insert any word into "I don't know how to draw _______" and the answer will always be the same:

Find reference.
Euterpe-The-Egret Nov 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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