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November 4, 2012


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fast way to submit your art to group

kiomaru1 Nov 4, 2012  Student Artist
is there another way but doing it one by one ?

Devious Comments

namenotrequired Nov 4, 2012  Student Interface Designer
You can go to the group's gallery and click 'contribute art' or 'submit to this gallery' and select multiple deviations :) though make sure you read the group's rules carefully before doing so, as they may have rules about frequency and amount of submitting. I also recommend you are careful using this feature as you may easily be seen as a spammer; if you're looking for ways to get your art noticed more, this may help you :)

FAQ #56: How can I get noticed on this site?

In the future please see our Need Help? thread when you need help with dA :lock:
Queen-Of-The-Night99 Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i dont know. ask KadenDragon.
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