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November 3, 2012


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HEY was wondering if u awsome pros could rate and comment on my drawings and tell me wat can improve

ticntwitch Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
i reaaaly need ur guys advice plz have a look and tell me wat i can improve on plzz im here to learn thanks for ur time guys wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo link is[link]

Devious Comments

sTiViA Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist
:lock: Stop spamming the forums.
narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student General Artist
Ive been waiting till you post on the right forums.

One please do not spam on the forums that you want your work to be critiqued. There is plenty of forums for sharing and critiquing and one of them so happens to be the thumbshare forum. Make sure to read which forum goes to which, and post appropriately. You might get Banned from DA, if you continue to spam.

Two, I don't think having a genetic disease with uncontrollable voices and twitches has anything that has to do with your progress in art. There are plently of people who are disabled and do art anyway. Please do not repeatedly mention this.

Three. I don't agree that you should stop recording. It helps to track how much time your drawing. This is said in Fox Orian's journal:
However, flinging it around won't make you better.

Since you can talk good English, when you do it for the web, and if you want to do this as a profession, makes sure you reflect that. Don't type in texting/leet language, reserve only for your phone or instant messenging.

And we don't know, what to say about your work, other then revisit all the fundementals completely. Mediums and drawings, the types of art are never consistent, but the Fundamentals, Basic design theory, etc, always will remain consistent.
I reccommend starting with PSG Tutorials. Its summs everything you really need to know basically.

Oh yea, you should also have some figure drawing and anatomy. ITs best to do it after anatomy Bones and muscles that touch the skin are the most important for anatomy. Figure drawing, for gestures, more flowly humans and rounders appereances. This page apparently gives all that you need for figure drawing.

Then work on the manga or anime, I find it also inspiration to look at your favorite manga artists. Especially if you can get a hold of an artbook of your favorite anime. Or even DA can be your guide.

Also don't be afraid to reference because alot of manga is referenced from real life. I went to japantown, and they just got a ton of pose books. Or looking at Bakuman, they got backgrounds that they trace over.
WilWhalen Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ok, I'm going to probably make a mistake and take you at face value.

You need to:
1) Stop mentioning that you have Tourette's unless it actually comes up/is relevant. I've seen you post around the past few days, and not once have you failed to mention it (besides, ironically, this thread, until you click the link of course). You're treating it like it's some kind of hook or something. Let your art speak for itself.

2) You don't need to record your drawings and post them to Youtube. Yes, it is easy, but it benefits nobody. You aren't going to build a presence/psuedo-célébrité posting videos of you learning to draw for the YEARS that it takes to become even competent at it. Youtube is filled with a glut of narcissists who found out that they can screen cap their doodles and talk over it. It's especially egregious when you try to 'teach' your methods that seems to be cobbled from Ben Dunn how-to's. Not to mention that providing narration is just another way for you to remind us of point 1. We get it, Tourettes. Is that the most important thing about you? Because it sure seems like you think it is.

3) Type like an adult human being. From your voice you're definitely old enough to use complete words and sentences.

What do you need to improve on? You know as well as anyone - everything. You are a self professed beginner. Draw - from reference and from imagination. A lot. Do it a little further out of the public eye - post some of the good drawings after you sit down and make 100. Would you want to watch a beginner carpenter learn how to safely operate a belt sander? Would you want to watch a beginner guitarist pluck around on a C major scale and get it wrong over and over? Then don't assume anyone wants to watch you make the 10,000 drawings it's going to take you to become competent at it.
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