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October 20, 2012


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Microsoft Word Picture format goes away when pasted in Paint & Stretching the bottom half of a p

The artistic effects, color & corrections I make on photos in Word go away when pasted in Paint.I don't have any other programs to solve this problem.
Can anybody help me keep the formatting in Paint. I've tried directly saving the picture in Word (right click,save as picture...)but nothing worked.I would prefer if I didn't have to download a new program,but will get a free one if that's the only way.

I also have a picture that I want to stretch out ,but just the bottom half because it has a black triangle corner,cropping won't help because the picture is not straight. I've tried removing the background but I don't know how to stretch that bottom part out that is smaller.
Any help would be really appreciated!

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CinderBlockStudios Oct 21, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
pick up GIMP, it's a free editor.
thisismyboat Oct 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Try taking a screenshot and pasting that in paint instead of trying to copy the picture from word directly. Then you can crop it back down to the image you need.

Have you tried selecting just the bottom part and pulling it vertically?
Thanks the screenshot worked =D.Guess I will just have to crop the other one straight.
ahh great idea the screenshot thing =)I shall try it
yeah I tried selecting the bottom,all it does is make the picture bigger
The picture that I want to stretch forms an upside down trapezium,hope that helps describe it.
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