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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
'Official' Pricing Your Commissions or Artwork Thread phoenixleo
Jan 8, 2014
159 Rockwraith
16h 11m ago
Monthly General Art Critique Thread: [July] morbidman187
3w 5d ago
17 nathan-boyes
1w 1d ago
'Official' Artist's Block Thread phoenixleo
Oct 8, 2012
307 TheAmazingHarold
1w 6d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - General Art Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Does the personality of the artist matter? DamaiMikaz
1d 22h ago
538 DamaiMikaz
2m 6s ago
Timing yourself on drawings XMegantronX
5d 14h ago
84 Finnguala
6m 34s ago
Personal artsy-style. Do you have one? Regaux
18m 6s ago
0 N/A
Prismacolors Trouble, Help? Andy813
5d 5h ago
14 TimeDevoursALL
31m 3s ago
Stereotypes about artists... PenPenDraws
1w 1d ago
189 PenPenDraws
36m 56s ago
Looking For: Custom Breyer/Custom Model Work Catzei
44m 24s ago
0 N/A
Looking for Breyer/Clay Horse Model Commissioners! Catzei
51m 54s ago
0 N/A
What's Your Inspiration?? Zombiedog3
1d 5h ago
1 Cdinorawr
1h 5m ago
How did you find your own art style? gemckenna
16h 46m ago
13 wfgodot
1h 32m ago
What are you working on? EquisEspada
2d 10h ago
50 RicardoCarmine
1h 34m ago
In your own opinion, what is the worst painting you have ever seen? superftmn
1w 5d ago
97 RicardoCarmine
1h 36m ago
What are some of your philosophies about art? Aridax
2w 2d ago
126 RicardoCarmine
1h 40m ago
What's your story? onyxbubblez
4d 19h ago
95 RicardoCarmine
1h 44m ago
Help with finding a deviant lavi1443
3d 3h ago
9 siantjudas
2h 59m ago
What part of drawing do you find fun? Tsukubane
2w 3d ago
118 IceFireDrag
3h 24m ago
Painting environments or interiors DamaiMikaz
2w 5d ago
112 artencounter
3h 54m ago
New short film about Race jetray103
9h 49m ago
7 jetray103
4h 8m ago
Help us create .STL files for 3D Printers jasonxman
4h 25m ago
0 N/A
In need of an graphic designer or good artist sora500
5h 2m ago
1 weremole
4h 30m ago
colors in dark lighting SteelWing1
5h 23m ago
2 HopelessPandora
5h 3m ago
How do you get more views on your artwork?! Hawksfan4848
2d 17h ago
15 NodokaVisualArts
5h 21m ago
Traditional VS Digital UrbanTheProfessional
9h 58m ago
17 WynterPhoenyx
5h 34m ago
What bad habits do you have? M-A-F
2w 13h ago
94 DoodleZap
5h 38m ago
Well, that's constructive... Fiery-Florals
9h 44m ago
4 HopelessPandora
5h 55m ago
What is your best artistic tip? Sydney-Smith
4d 23h ago
75 FlamesofSugar
6h 29m ago
Show me Most drawing you're proud of lilCuteThings
11h 42m ago
7 ISuckAtLifeRealbad
6h 34m ago
Don't Be This Commissioner Angeltsuki-Chan
14h 39m ago
9 extragalactichero
6h 53m ago
has anyone written and ilustrated preschool childrens books? wislingsailsmen
16h 26m ago
1 Alex828x
8h 26m ago
Train wreck of a commission (Critiques needed!) Euterpe-The-Egret
1d 7h ago
12 Zardi
8h 35m ago
What do you think of my first song? SparrowWrightheart
10h 55m ago
0 N/A
needs help Heartofwing
13h 25m ago
7 sketchbeetle
11h 5m ago
How do you construct heads while drawing?) KeeNahMee
3d 22m ago
9 Violetta-san
11h 15m ago
Need help replicating something I accidentally did in SAI with the selection tool Battleferrets
16h 51m ago
11 Battleferrets
11h 45m ago
What do you do to concentrate on finishing ur art ? Syaraa
3d 3h ago
3 Resennar
11h 53m ago
What social media sites do you use the most? Resennar
3d 3h ago
14 Resennar
11h 54m ago
sculpting help Kracov
3d 19h ago
21 Kracov
12h 36m ago