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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread [September] Aeirmid
16h 1m ago
11 DrawPlzForum
3h 1m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
As a traditional artist, are you disadvantaged compared to a digital artist? Orenji--kun
5d 1h ago
46 Orenji--kun
22m 4s ago
traditional to digital violinquartet
6h 27m ago
6 kookri
22m 30s ago
What do you think of my logos? ReavrIndustries
2d 5h ago
10 Brownez-Koekoez
29m 50s ago
Beginner Animator Help Dannikins
4d 4h ago
9 R4Online
2h 35m ago
3D Progam for possing characters Kitten-Bomb
2d 17h ago
17 destranger
5h 39m ago
What digital program(s) do you feel doesn't get the love it deserves? crysanthemum963
2w 10h ago
57 Ikran
5h 59m ago
Which style should i use? ShadowLiepard
1w 15h ago
46 SnazzyDoodle
6h 51m ago
You know you want this! 102vvv
10h 39m ago
4 SnazzyDoodle
6h 56m ago
Need help with perspective Visitor-05
12h 16m ago
3 K-0-I
6h 57m ago
Tablet & SAI Help! IChibiNerd
7h 19m ago
2 IChibiNerd
7h 13m ago
How can I use a large picture as a background reference for a small image 5dollar-ipod
8h 57m ago
2 KingKaijuice
7h 34m ago
How woudl you fix this? Critique? the colors were hurting my eyes DrawPlzForum
13h 17m ago
14 DrawPlzForum
8h 5m ago
Paint Tool Sai Nimatzka
12h 46m ago
3 DrawPlzForum
8h 53m ago
Do you sketch on paper first? Planet-i-Studios
1w 3d ago
127 rariorana
10h 54m ago
Do you get headaches from your screen while drawing? ColorMyMemory
2d 9h ago
11 ColorMyMemory
12h 7m ago
What is the part of the human body that is the hardest to draw for you??? javicandraw
Jul 27, 2015
483 BoredAuzzie
14h 11m ago
How much commission is the most appropriate? AngelababyTina
2d 2h ago
9 Skence
14h 19m ago
Question about digitally rescaling traditional artwork Finnguala
23h 20m ago
37 CatStudio7
14h 22m ago
URGENT: Why can't I fix BPI/Resolution for my picture? Obscurity-X
17h 1m ago
6 Obscurity-X
15h 40m ago
Suggestions???? DoctorSiggy
1d 14h ago
18 DoctorSiggy
15h 57m ago
Monoprice Tablet's Pen Pressure Won't Work in PhotoShop TuckerMichael
1d 8h ago
5 TuckerMichael
19h 34m ago
Krita or Gimp? Please help! PossessedIron
2w 2d ago
24 PossessedIron
19h 42m ago
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread [August] Aeirmid
2w 6d ago
109 tturqueza
21h 9m ago
Question on Canvas Framing Quality CowboyHatValor
2d 7h ago
2 achipps
21h 42m ago
paint tool sai - question Aaronxdp
2d 6h ago
4 KingKaijuice
1d 2h ago
Is Mouse Skill Valued? JoanLuck
2d 9h ago
24 phoenixleo
1d 5h ago
How do you draw eyes LostCrown
1d 16h ago
8 LostCrown
1d 9h ago
what was your first art-program? Miracat
Jul 29, 2015
456 sivios
1d 9h ago
Photoshop vs Illustrator (when to use them) ProjectCornDog
1d 13h ago
7 DrogoTheCat1
1d 11h ago
Photo Manip Stage light Myrine86
1d 12h ago
0 N/A
ArtRange help ! Artemis0721
1w 10h ago
4 KingKaijuice
1d 14h ago
how much do you think i should charge for commisions? advice meetingmanga
5d 8h ago
20 DoctorSiggy
1d 14h ago
art critic funkitty
6d 3h ago
24 LottaLiberta
1d 17h ago
New Beatuiful19
3d 8h ago
2 morbidman187
1d 17h ago
Need help! Painting in grayscale~ thatsphobia
2d 8h ago
12 thatsphobia
1d 17h ago
Digital painting tutorial sinnelius
1w 5d ago
15 sinnelius
1d 18h ago
HELP: Buying the first tablet cribelia
1w 4d ago
47 cribelia
1d 19h ago
I all oppoturnities do i have if i learn adobe illustrator. Do i need to learn any other software harmeetk
6d 22h ago
23 bsienk
2d 6h ago