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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [July] diphylla
5d 17h ago
43 Elrohr
10h 35m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
*Newbie here* - Would like to get some advices HyperXXXXXXX
1w 20h ago
12 davepl
9m 8s ago
Show me your last submissions and help me to increase my art! lxlx-lx-xlxl
1d 11h ago
3 xkeuthein
35m 9s ago
Help with programs? generalwolfe78
1h 41m ago
2 Centurion030
49m 13s ago
Please share about your learning curve :) KenryChu
3w 4d ago
54 TheHellboundAtheist
1h 8m ago
Grey pixels in lineart? SilverInuYoukai
1d 14h ago
6 SilverInuYoukai
1h 40m ago
Gimp curved text... I get a strange "extra line" after path is done with text!!!!!!!!! LulaUruguay
4d 23h ago
3 morbidman187
1h 58m ago
Help with a speedpaint?? ZhengjiuYishu
1w 1d ago
19 ZhengjiuYishu
2h 23m ago
tips on making background? machxan
1w 5d ago
9 used-rugs
3h 16m ago
Does anyone else have problems with the DeviantART Muro's autosave? MemorysEdge
1d 9h ago
1 icy-the-hunter
3h 27m ago
What style do you use in drawing? ScoopJohn
3d 5m ago
32 Werewolfferret96
3h 30m ago
Commissions blackwolfx99
1d 11h ago
2 ColorMyMemory
3h 38m ago
Artblock? KallistoJaris
6d 10h ago
54 ColorMyMemory
3h 40m ago
How do you practice anatomy? XxShadowTheSlayerxX
1d 5h ago
21 ColorMyMemory
3h 40m ago
On what sites you are looking for comissions? Konsuello
6h 13m ago
1 ColorMyMemory
3h 42m ago
What are the most useful tutorials you have seen for the digital art software(s) you use? AbsoluteSpring
1d 4h ago
8 Aerite
3h 45m ago
Which software do you prefer, Photoshop, Illustrator, PaintTool Sai, Sketchbook Pro or Manga Studio? AbsoluteSpring
2w 1d ago
107 DarklightseekerArt
4h 26m ago
Picarto Streaming! <3 Come Say Hi! MilkiMochi
5h 34m ago
1 MilkiMochi
5h 33m ago
Critique/Help on Pixels Pleaseee! Alunary
1d 10h ago
8 Alunary
5h 43m ago
Art Level/Improvement suggestions cakeZNDart
6h 23m ago
0 N/A
background art the bane of my existance (help plz) TinySuccubus
3w 1d ago
5 TinySuccubus
7h 5m ago
how to continue to draw without motivation/inspiration? EmmanuelNgene
1w 1d ago
38 TheCelestialCity
8h 7m ago
More painterly or less painterly? DarklightseekerArt
10h 44m ago
2 DarklightseekerArt
8h 11m ago
Corel Painter vs Photoshop? School me on the differences DrawPlzForum
8h 53m ago
0 N/A
Designing Mech Helmets MisterLopes
5d 4h ago
10 ScottaHemi
10h 21m ago
What canvas and brush size do you use for sketching? Kodiak-the-Wolf
1w 2d ago
21 ScottaHemi
10h 38m ago
Users gaining attention from re-purposing other people's artwork. JMTeal
3d 2h ago
8 operaghost
10h 38m ago
About tablet's pressure levels Taiki20c
1w 1d ago
12 Planet-i-Studios
11h 51s ago
Do You Use A Lot of Layers? joyceline-art
2w 2d ago
83 LeMalinPotiron
11h 30m ago
Any tips for animating pixel art? AquaPyrofan
13h 47m ago
5 AquaPyrofan
11h 31m ago
I WANNA DRAW (PRETTY) YAOI!! [Tutorials & References wanted!] SinfullyCute
14h 3m ago
4 SinfullyCute
13h 28m ago
my art is getting crappy...if possible some tips? Silent-winterland
2d 18h ago
32 Silent-winterland
18h 29m ago
Does art tablets make art easier ? fwuffy-buns
1d 19h ago
14 Cantrona
23h 32m ago
what do you think of my art? CierraNekoChan
1d 6h ago
6 CierraNekoChan
1d 3h ago
What's your current favorite digital tool to use? crysanthemum963
1w 2d ago
60 crysanthemum963
1d 5h ago
What program do you use for art? Essansee
2d 12h ago
32 shinjaejun
1d 7h ago
Charging Prices for Digital Drawing? DARielly
1d 12h ago
12 DARielly
1d 10h ago
Critique for critique Miracat
1d 14h ago
4 Miracat
1d 11h ago
How to feel as good as on paper ? BionaX
3d 5h ago
9 jeronce
1d 11h ago