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Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [April] Thiefoworld
3w 17h ago
109 Discarbia
1h 8m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
PTS Dual Screens SteelWing1
1h 19m ago
1 used-rugs
51m 29s ago
Tablet as mouse ctang15
3d 20h ago
28 ctang15
1h 57m ago
CGhub?? PhanThom-art
2d 13h ago
7 ComputerNerd92708
2h 14m ago
Wacom: Bamboo Fun Issues Yakkov
1d 8h ago
7 Lux-Vertas
4h 4m ago
Photoshop Mac: How to make a reference image float and stay in the foreground deni664
2w 22h ago
19 GatsuRage
4h 36m ago
Constraint pixels in my art uploads..? Not top quality, help! Noah-x3
3d 4h ago
34 Noah-x3
4h 36m ago
Is a larger Tablet better? NDDragor
4d 17h ago
9 GatsuRage
4h 42m ago
Photoshop cs6, worth the upgrade? SoupX
2d 10h ago
8 operaghost
4h 49m ago
Is there a correct way to do a lineart? Zaprong
5d 8h ago
15 GatsuRage
4h 53m ago
Don't you just HATE it when...... FlyingToasterGirl
1w 3d ago
37 operaghost
4h 58m ago
Using Inkscape or Gimp to add graphics to illustrations-very new to digital art artisgood1029
1w 12h ago
11 ironbrandstudios
6h 6m ago
How do I color hair in SAI??? Adammant
19h 54m ago
2 Adammant
6h 21m ago
Pencil Animation Software review please? GhostNinjaART
7h 46m ago
1 pianof
7h 10m ago
Studying Anatomy as an Artist? Yunomono
8h 56m ago
3 Katara-Alchemist
7h 29m ago
3D and 2D artists required for successful Kickstarter project - recruitment or commission OtherWorldsSoftware
11h 4m ago
1 weremole
10h 37m ago
Questions to high-level digital artists: How to effectively get rid of lines ? Lel0uch
4d 6h ago
20 MattCombsArt
12h 10m ago
Cintiq Alternative AmetAlias
3d 14h ago
16 AmetAlias
13h 8m ago
How Can I Get More People to See or Comment on my Work? Shimmerin-Moon-Tears
2w 1d ago
34 patovz
13h 26m ago
Why does everyone have the impression digital art isn't hand drawn? E-Kathryn
1w 8h ago
49 patovz
13h 28m ago
How do you draw without lineart? Bragoz
18h 56m ago
3 Bragoz
18h 26m ago
So I really want to get into digital art. Greenglish
2d 23h ago
9 LhuneArt
18h 38m ago
How much would it cost to model a Sci-fi suite of armor, life size? Logomachist
1d 9h ago
1 photomark
20h 51m ago
Want to do comics/manga, however, I don't know where to start Zaprong
4d 13h ago
12 siantjudas
22h 49m ago
Model/Rig smeshfoto
1d 3h ago
1 sinnelius
23h 19m ago
I'm using Paint Tool Sai. Will someone please help me on how to make this look better? Blueenkor
1w 4d ago
34 kouroux
1d 3h ago
To: all paint tool sai users: I NEED HELP! pertinn
2d 18h ago
22 pertinn
1d 7h ago
My tablet is working yet it is not Yarbro
2d 14h ago
6 RainSoda
1d 12h ago
how can I get more people to know my work? Xamy777
Mar 17, 2014
38 Xamy777
1d 12h ago
Can you guys recommend me some good tutorials YouTube Channels? sickandsad
2d 7h ago
20 NicaRox
1d 15h ago
3d software tecnology kuroro8675
2d 16h ago
3 kuroro8675
1d 23h ago
NEED HELP: Photoshop digital art (anime/cartoon) Xerclipse
2d 10h ago
5 used-rugs
1d 23h ago
Shading in Photoshop CS6? yuval45
3d 6h ago
6 yuval45
2d 4h ago
Help: New To Digital Art Cloch-Laoch
2d 9h ago
4 Cloch-Laoch
2d 6h ago
Been a while, need a price check please. RedrinArt
4d 2h ago
8 kuroro8675
2d 13h ago
Non-Wacom Tablet Alternatives litvac-art
5d 6h ago
7 Shagliy
2d 14h ago
Digi Artists! What software do you use? kapala01
3w 3d ago
98 Shagliy
2d 14h ago
Can someone explain to me what "ADOPTABLES" are? d-tomoyo
3d 8h ago
19 AnxCC1337
2d 15h ago
art apps for galaxy tablet Omnivault
1w 3d ago
5 pertinn
2d 18h ago