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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [March] diphylla
1d 19h ago
1 goombablood
6h 18m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Animated Pagedoll heeeelp me ;;A;; Kuriitama
2h 58m ago
6 Darqx
19m 11s ago
Un-giving up painting, need help LegendaryMetalBear
3h 23m ago
1 Acolet
1h 7m ago
Digital painting is promising? Rickyudo
1d 20h ago
10 Simsat
1h 19m ago
What to do when you get burned by a commissioner? seanbianchi
1d 13h ago
32 siantjudas
1h 39m ago
How do I start painting digitally? JasDRAW
1d 22h ago
11 DamaiMikaz
1h 43m ago
Thinking about getting a Cintiq, is it worth it? NeonM0NSTER
1w 5d ago
25 DamaiMikaz
1h 44m ago
Is there something wrong with my art? deathtomen
2d 13h ago
9 DamaiMikaz
1h 47m ago
Digital art: My "so called" art Sandramalie
3w 16h ago
152 DamaiMikaz
1h 51m ago
Can you ink in Adobe Illustrator without using anchor points and the pen tool? acecorona
8h 7m ago
4 sumoncps
1h 52m ago
Help Out a New Guy? ZomboGrub
1d 9h ago
6 ThePocketFay
7h 55m ago
Managing freelance projects? creusa
1d 23h ago
26 goofymoNkey
8h 51m ago
Pixel Programs for Mac Li-ten
2d 17h ago
4 Li-ten
10h 22m ago
How To Create Animated Icons? nipastyle
22h 49m ago
2 KingKaijuice
10h 38m ago
paint tool sai problem CrazyLittleZebra
17h 45m ago
5 EDemonswordsmanCrona
10h 52m ago
'HOW ' to study human anatomy?( PS:this has a long description/explanation) acess24
21h 44m ago
4 SentWest
12h 28m ago
Inverted controls? chibi-bakeneko
1d 8h ago
8 MichaelMetcalf
13h 36m ago
Creating "Painterly" Art help. DeviantDanny2000
5d 19h ago
7 Tamaira2011
15h 28m ago
Does there exist a free video editor that isn't trialware or absolutely useless? Mutant1988
1w 21h ago
9 Mutant1988
17h 22m ago
Pressure sensitivity and Painting in Photoshop Help DeviantDanny2000
22h 17m ago
1 puppy-dangerous
19h 1m ago
Looking for a Model Oobivat
19h 43m ago
0 N/A
"Uncanny Valley" of illustration ellielza
20h 19m ago
0 N/A
What is your favourite emoticon dualzxz
1d 57m ago
4 Fascher
22h 33m ago
So why do you use YOUR art software? ShinZm1911
6d 19h ago
49 nipastyle
22h 48m ago
Share your facebook page here! VinceJay
1w 5d ago
73 kittysophie
1d 1h ago
Can you please price my art!? AKira1189
1w 19h ago
12 kittysophie
1d 1h ago
How do I compete with other journal skin creators? Maiyunbby
1d 9h ago
1 achipps
1d 8h ago terms of use Nawheera
2d 16h ago
3 Maiyunbby
1d 9h ago
Need help with frizzy hair Kitty-Got-Wet
1d 12h ago
1 KingKaijuice
1d 9h ago
Starting from 3D to 2D for better artwork? agentcameo
2w 19h ago
8 JigglyRitz
1d 10h ago
How much would you pay for these? Cannedhorse
1d 11h ago
1 Cannedhorse
1d 11h ago
How would you color this if you were me? DFUmode
3d 15h ago
10 KingKaijuice
1d 12h ago
how do i improve anna2323
2d 5h ago
11 stoneman123
1d 15h ago
I'm thinking of creating some Paint Tool sai Tutorials RebeccaAlexa
2w 1d ago
14 RebeccaAlexa
1d 15h ago
Advice needed: What should I say to this artist? AzizrianDaoXrak
2d 20h ago
13 AzizrianDaoXrak
1d 16h ago
Looking to draw requests of people iScourge
2d 6h ago
4 3wyl
1d 17h ago
Draw my OC, please (?) POLISHhedgieFanGirl
1d 19h ago
0 N/A
Time Lapse (Process) Videos - How much should you speed them up? neophobica
4d 2h ago
6 neophobica
1d 21h ago
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [February] diphylla
4w 1d ago
87 neophobica
1d 22h ago