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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [April] Thiefoworld
2w 2d ago
89 Grievere
8h 2m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Animating ? edeline1812
2w 5h ago
30 Transparently-Opaque
29m 41s ago
Is there a correct way to do a lineart? Zaprong
12h 37m ago
9 GlacialFalls
1h 24m ago
I'm using Paint Tool Sai. Will someone please help me on how to make this look better? Blueenkor
6d 5h ago
29 Blueenkor
1h 25m ago
What is better for drawing a map. CostaRic
4d 12h ago
7 siantjudas
2h 51m ago
Non-Wacom Tablet Alternatives litvac-art
9h 51m ago
1 TristanBerndtArt
2h 57m ago
Digital Art system pianof
2d 13h ago
6 siantjudas
2h 57m ago
Recognize this? misa-acar
8h 51m ago
1 Pakaku
4h 53m ago
Why does everyone have the impression digital art isn't hand drawn? E-Kathryn
2d 12h ago
37 phoenixleo
5h 18m ago
Questions for Video Game Artists Koogleblitz
2d 19h ago
5 angrymikko
5h 50m ago
Would it be neat if we could have a 3D drawing software? Like lines in the air. Eraezr
1d 9h ago
6 Eraezr
7h 34m ago
I need help with my avatar image. Nyrunex
4d 21h ago
13 Blueenkor
9h 10m ago
Looking for an alternative for Illustrator and Photoshop Szabo2
Mar 11, 2014
23 Szabo2
9h 19m ago
[Paint Tool Sai] Guhrr. My selection tool is deselecting. Blueenkor
9h 20m ago
0 N/A
Image created using 3d models or drawn... ? RupertAvDulle
16h 55m ago
5 FuzzyPug
12h 14m ago
Cintiq 13HD, Hybrid or SP2? DemureAura
5d 23h ago
12 ArtofJeffHebert
14h 12m ago
Would you recommend: Wacom Intuos Manga Pen & Touch? LinaJohansson
Nov 3, 2013
69 RupertAvDulle
15h 9m ago
Computer PC Tablets - Does anyone use them to draw? Pikacino
3w 10h ago
24 Frostpeltwolf
15h 49m ago
Drawing tablet and software? cats-for-losers
Feb 23, 2014
70 cats-for-losers
17h 33m ago
Photoshop Mac: How to make a reference image float and stay in the foreground deni664
1w 3d ago
16 deni664
18h 32m ago
Is selling recolored Manga pages bad? CuddlyBunneh
2d 19h ago
16 CuddlyBunneh
18h 45m ago
Digital art software Girl-With-A-Dream
1d 3h ago
16 achipps
19h 14m ago
Emulating SAI brush in Photoshop Andorea-Chan
1d 11h ago
3 achipps
19h 38m ago
A digital art rookie wingsofthesparrow
3d 19h ago
10 wingsofthesparrow
23h 53m ago
Corel Painter 12 Tips? brighteyes00
1d 5h ago
4 brighteyes00
1d 2h ago
Best digital art program? ninet19n
1w 1d ago
5 Eraezr
1d 9h ago
advice on doing comic-style art with GIMP? dchmelik
2d 11h ago
2 dchmelik
1d 12h ago
Using Inkscape or Gimp to add graphics to illustrations-very new to digital art artisgood1029
2d 16h ago
2 Lauradactyl
1d 12h ago
Digi Artists! What software do you use? kapala01
2w 5d ago
91 DanielleIvanova
1d 16h ago
Digital Tutorials! ReallyCoyKoiFish
1w 17h ago
15 Dantedevilhunter
2d 34m ago
Who else has made a Drawcrowd? jemaica
3d 6h ago
11 phoenixleo
2d 3h ago
I can't decide! >.< Lustanjo
2d 5h ago
0 N/A
What is the best file type to upload to DA for Digital Art? MirrorKey
3d 21h ago
11 Gintara
2d 9h ago
Digital art mixed media? JesseAcosta
3d 20h ago
6 operaghost
2d 12h ago
Price check :) Iamunknown16
2d 22h ago
3 Iamunknown16
2d 12h ago
White cells to transparent? kanamemochii
2d 14h ago
14 kanamemochii
2d 13h ago
Looking for Adobe Flash tutorial on making dripping chocolate/liquid? Auburna
2d 22h ago
0 N/A
How much is my art worth? SundaySunny
3w 1d ago
37 SundaySunny
2d 23h ago
Don't you just HATE it when...... FlyingToasterGirl
5d 4h ago
28 SomniVision
3d 4h ago