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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [September] Thiefoworld
2w 18h ago
40 CT-AnimalPortraits
2d 5h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules Beccalicious
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Run into artblock much? What to do... crysiblu
2w 4d ago
129 daisy-kraft
20m 33s ago
Digital art isn't real art? Kurosantchi
6h 55m ago
11 daisy-kraft
29m 12s ago
Learning Poser pro 2012 to create characters kira793
1h 48m ago
0 N/A
изучаю Poser pro 2012 для со&#1079 kira793
2h 11m ago
1 3wyl
1h 56m ago
Dat Pixelation. I need help with smoothing the lines. GIMP. cronodevir
5h 49m ago
2 cronodevir
3h 38m ago
Opinions on 3D animation haris-san
20h 15m ago
10 alalampone
3h 49m ago
Is it worth getting a tablet? Kurosantchi
6h 40m ago
16 CrispyLettuce
3h 49m ago
Choosing the right colours Centurial
2d 16h ago
14 crysiblu
3h 55m ago
Photoshop for Poor People ElvishChozo
12h 53m ago
16 ThatAceAttorneyFan
4h 13m ago
Fading filters in Adobe PS 6 for Mac SaeransSketches
12h 2m ago
3 achipps
6h 17m ago
What's better for digital drawing? xerusv2
12h 47m ago
3 alalampone
6h 25m ago
Digital Painters! Help a noobie. Jeisusenpai
15h 6m ago
3 alalampone
6h 28m ago
Which graphics tablet should I buy??? Wigee
4d 12h ago
12 BearGrizzly
6h 30m ago
Price Check please? KiraYuuki02
6d 19h ago
47 Kurosantchi
6h 36m ago
(To Digital Artists) Have you ever faced this kind of situation? laopokia
2w 1d ago
46 Kurosantchi
6h 58m ago
Need Advice Beatles24
9h 5m ago
11 littlewalrusgirl
7h 2m ago
Shading Tools (on separate layers!) glifire
2d 11h ago
14 glifire
9h 15m ago
Can Anyone Teach me how to make Icons? MonicaLikesGiraffes
3d 8h ago
18 MonicaLikesGiraffes
9h 18m ago
Pixel art Help please!TvT mieufille
1d 3h ago
1 andrae0
10h 3m ago
Animation in photoshop, anywho? CaptainRazer
13h 41m ago
3 achipps
12h 23m ago
Should old art be erased? NicaRox
1w 3d ago
46 Shannanigan
13h 34m ago
what made you decide to go digital? lavi1443
2w 5d ago
59 Hono-Atomi
13h 52m ago
AT Wallpaper -Tips?- ZamerDesk
14h 46m ago
0 N/A
Drawing Eyes Digitally Tips? DarkAngelsWork
1d 10h ago
11 DarkAngelsWork
14h 55m ago
How do you make .gif transparent and animated preview? blackwing-fang
15h 13m ago
1 shininginthedarkness
15h 4m ago
Pricing help please ~? moggy2007
1d 1h ago
3 SavageFrog
15h 8m ago
Price Check Please :) Smelly-Mouse
1d 2h ago
2 Smelly-Mouse
15h 39m ago
what's cg & cgi? alsarab
1d 23h ago
5 Vusiuz
20h 44m ago
Questions about color and painting. Sakurabe
2d 9h ago
7 used-rugs
21h 40m ago
tutorial for water coloring in photoshop? cupukid
4d 19h ago
5 used-rugs
21h 44m ago
Photoshop Or Sai? moggy2007
3w 1d ago
45 CaptainRazer
1d 11m ago
How do you guys paint realistic stuff? haris-san
2d 9h ago
10 SamDelaTorre
1d 1h ago
Is it my artworks? Is it bad? sahz06
1w 1d ago
17 dr8gonwolf666
1d 3h ago
Pricing Portrait Commissions? SquirrelyTodd
3d 15h ago
9 SquirrelyTodd
1d 3h ago
PS vc Corel Painter CT-AnimalPortraits
1w 12h ago
28 radisty
1d 13h ago
Paint Tool SAI vs Manga Studio 5? f3r0ci0us
2w 3d ago
6 f3r0ci0us
1d 15h ago
Custom Comic Strip loreleileigh
1d 16h ago
1 FriendlyHand
1d 16h ago
Brush swap? TheWhiteWolf12121
6d 13h ago
6 TheWhiteWolf12121
1d 21h ago