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December 23, 2012


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Should I buy a new Tablet and which one?

MainaraShenzai Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012   General Artist
So, I'm thinking of buying a new tablet, but I'm really unsure of which one to buy and if I actually need it.

My first choice was Bamboo Create, but it's quite more expensive and is Pen & Touch. I'm not sure if Pen & Touch would be a great thing, because my hand always rubs the tablet when I draw.

So, I was thinking of Bamboo Connect or Bamboo Splash. Bamboo Connect says it's good for notes and documents. Would that mean it won't be that nice for drawing and painting? Or is it just the software that comes with it that's meant for notes?

But I was also afraid it's not really much different from what I have and that I'll just waste my money...
Mine currently is one from here: [link] (Classic Series > WP8060_TAB06)
It does what I need pretty well, the only problem is if I try to trace a circle, it comes out as an elipse. An it surely affects all of my lines, even though I can't notice much, but perhaps some of my dificulties with certain lines come from this.

So, I'd like some help to decide...

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