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November 24, 2012


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Are my prices appropriate?

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Devious Comments

achipps Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When you say world I am ready to sell art, that is the the first step at starting a reputation as an artist. Is it good or will it be bad, and how will that effect what people think of your art later.

If your art can take the critic they can make jokes about anything and people will laugh and remember something funny. When critic can say anything bad then they can help get you attention with praise, but very few like to give praise. They rather look for things to joke about. This kind of thing happens on other websites, not here, but they do get the art from here.

So the world can be hard on an artist unless you don't try to get the attention. If you art is good enough, even without trying some see it and make it a favorite, and other people see it and a chain reaction could tell you your art is ready for the attention.

A lot of great art goes unnoticed mostly because this is a place for a lot of great artist that don't need help, while the artist that need help get the attention. Face it there is very little to say about improving when you can't think of anything, and sometimes that leaves people speechless. No comment, not favorites, just close the page to think and not remember where you saw it.
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