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November 8, 2012


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oh my god i think im going to cry...

i was working on this amazing art on sai it took me a day or 2 i was so proud of myself it was turning out great so i went to make a background for it and the first file i made its name was new.canvas.sai so of course the background file was also named that so i saved the background file as a png and it said there was a file already named new.canvas.sai and i clicked yes saving over my picture so i went to my picture to save it as something diffrent and it wouldnt let me saying "failed to save canvas" so i just decided to close the background image and save the picture over it...
my mouse has a double click problem...
it closed both the picture and the background.
sai said that a image wasnt save and asked to save it and without thinking i clicked yes.
then reality hit me...
i quickly went to open the picture and all there was, was my background picture..
is there ANY way to retrieve my actual picture back i saved it before there HAS to be a way i saved it like 10 times before please there has to be a copy somewhere in my RAM or whatever can u guys please help? i feel like im gunna rip my hair out. this isnt the first time this happend..
(the first time i was working on a picture and my mom turned off the computer. and i still find it odd the computer didnt inform her that there was something open like it usually does)

thank u.

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achipps Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know what that is like. I was working on a computer with a lot of my drives were bought at the same time, and they all failed at the same time in a way.

I did my art and didn't want to do anything huge, but I thought no matter what I do it will be lost like the last five years of art. The biggest thing to remember is everything in art is part of practice. No matter how great you think it is your next and the one after that will be better.

It takes an artist a while to achieve the quality they create, because you have to see that quality to draw it or fix it so it is better.

So, no matter how much you loose you will do better and if you could see at least one of the images you lost it would become an embarrassment to claim. With all you know now that is needs fixed before you can say you did it.

So don't worry about the art you lost, just thing of all the great art you can make. Your next remake could be better, and I don't think it could be worse.

Give your skill and vision some credit because with out that you would never have created what you lost. It was another image you created and learned from. You just need to show what you learned from it.

If it takes 7 million images to become a great artist how many more do you still have to draw to get there?
very inspiring message, thank you very much. i think the reason why i was so worried and depressed after i lost the image is because i felt that one picture was a gem, sometimes my pictures turn out great and others.. well... and it sometimes depresses me to think that ive been drawing since i can hold a pencil, and ive seen artists who've only just recently started in the art field and their art is caviar compared to mines. mines looking more like gas station fast food lol but thank you, you're very right.
Vineris Nov 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist

Hope that one of these things works for you. Next time make backups -- iPads and robot fish might exist but you still have to take action to go out and buy them!
thanks for the link. and your right gatta take action ;)
That's rough, friend. I'm no computer expert, but I would think you could only recover it if you had backed up your computer somewhere at some point during the process (like Time Machine) or saved it someplace else like a memory stick. I could be wrong though and someone else may know a trick to help you.

Might I suggest getting into the habit of using file names different from the one the program offers? Rename everything to something distinct, make multiple saves of each file (like you are keeping track of progress, date them even), and back up your computer often, because it's not if something will go horribly wrong, it's when. I back up my computer every week at least. Everyday if I'm working on something important. Good file management may seem like a pain and be decidedly un-artistic, but it saves a lot of grief like this.

Good luck, hopefully someone can help!
alright.. yes i usualy do save them with diffrent names but for some reason it completely slipped from my mine this time.. thank you for your help i guess i gatta invest in a USB haha ^^
It's one of the best investments to make when working with computers. ;) They're not that expensive now either so don't go for a cheap one, do some research and get the best you can.
alright, thanks for your help friend! ;)
CableDrive Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry you can't retreive the picture, next time I suggest saving the background file by a different name (or maybe just adding a '2' after the file name...)
yah... alright thanks..
god we can create ipads and recently i saw the army is experimenting with robotic fish that sense out naval enemy ships and blow up on sight...
but we cant create file retriever systems.
lol oh well XD i got over it, thanks for the help tho
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