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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread [June] ErikShoemaker
Jun 1, 2016
232 canttel
16h 21m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Need advice on this comic style drawing. DoodleKnots
1d 15h ago
41 DoodleKnots
29s ago
What would be the best way of coloring this artwork in Photoshop?And,Also I need some general advice M-Mahad
20h 46m ago
11 M-Mahad
2m 13s ago
Personal Opinions About Digital Art? Spark1eFountain
2d 9h ago
35 ResenZhu
2m 16s ago
what art program do you use? CHibilover0
1w 49s ago
54 DemonArious
37m 14s ago
how long have you been drawing? and show me your old and newest work. Rocket-Pen
1w 2d ago
186 SnowyArctics
1h 29m ago
are you a self thought artist or did you go to art school CHibilover0
3w 2d ago
117 ResenZhu
1h 48m ago
Need opinions, tips, etc. pixelperf3ct
3h 53m ago
5 oshiepaint
2h 1m ago
iPad or Wacom Tablet??? Rainstorm1414
2d 10h ago
30 phoenixleo
2h 4m ago
Beginner - SAI - Drawing Friends - Want ! Calamatis
13h 6m ago
16 Calamatis
2h 20m ago
Shading improvement leapardess
1d 1h ago
13 RokasR
2h 34m ago
Seeking Manga Artists and Writers Ningoi
6d 4h ago
4 willdrawforyaoi
2h 54m ago
Where do you tend to start from when creating a deviation? Just curious :) CleverAsFoxes
3d 16h ago
172 CleverAsFoxes
3h 5m ago
Anatomy practice CYSYS8993
3h 44m ago
1 oshiepaint
3h 21m ago
What brush do you use when shading/highlighting in Photoshop CS6? Spark1eFountain
10h 23m ago
6 RokasR
3h 36m ago
Need help with painting! Nerissy
1w 1d ago
46 Panzery25
3h 42m ago
I Keep Hearing that My Art is Sketchy spikelikegwah
2d 3h ago
39 spikelikegwah
4h 5m ago
show me your most recent quick sketch Rocket-Pen
2w 4d ago
115 Rocket-Pen
4h 41m ago
Want to try digital art. What is a good cheap beginner tablet? And other questions. Robertps8472
1d 8h ago
7 RainbowMoonBunny
4h 48m ago
Character Sale! xoHachikoxo
6h 55m ago
1 myrnnecromanson
4h 49m ago
How can I improve? Cointasy
12h 12m ago
8 chinchongcha
5h 7m ago
2d 7h ago
19 spikelikegwah
5h 25m ago
Boichi / Shinichi Sakamoto Screentone Question ajcivitarese
6h 49m ago
1 moonmute
6h 11m ago
Want to start drawing Digital Art Bloodkiller811
3w 4d ago
30 Miller-M
6h 24m ago
Old and New: show us an old and a new drawing whianem
2w 4d ago
75 Cestarian
9h 1m ago
How can we submit a Wallpaper? Daryl-the-cartoonist
14h 14m ago
5 Girlfoxgirl
10h 46m ago
traditional art before digital art ? waqasmallick
1w 4d ago
70 Mordrii
11h 5m ago
Looking to make friends ●‿● AngelicH0rror
4d 14h ago
27 Giriyen
11h 39m ago
The hardest thing for you to draw brushxo
2w 4h ago
52 FullMetalOwlChemist
13h 5m ago
Superhero ideas EmeraldRavensShop
1d 12h ago
3 achipps
13h 10m ago
Free drawing software for beginners 00LucasDaniel
13h 59m ago
4 Girlfoxgirl
13h 24m ago
What are some good ways to improve on drawing with a mouse and finger? shizukoisawesome
14h 35m ago
1 achipps
14h 15m ago
Please critique my art! :3 Celuthien
3d 21h ago
8 Bayshani
14h 44m ago
Would it be legal for me to sell original artwork of some elses IP? Cointasy
1d 4h ago
3 Cointasy
16h 11m ago
pls help canttel
21h 13m ago
2 canttel
16h 26m ago
Why do people hate NSFW art? canttel
1m 8h ago
111 CoyoDesign
17h 27m ago
Most challenging draws? MikeWizowski69
6d 11h ago
6 Panzery25
19h 24m ago
Your own coloring style MisterSlink
1w 13h ago
27 Panzery25
19h 39m ago
how to draw in Gimp2 evilwu
1w 4d ago
13 pixelperf3ct
20h 28m ago