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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [July] diphylla
Jul 1, 2015
126 lili-tomato
2h 15m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
what was your first art-program? Miracat
3d 1h ago
210 ScottaHemi
1m 55s ago
cell shading wet surfaces. Tattorack
2d 2h ago
10 KingKaijuice
23m 22s ago
Which lineart do you prefer? IAlice-chan
1d 14h ago
18 naueth
49m 31s ago
Where can I find noise0 for SAI? AClockworkKitten
55m 40s ago
0 N/A
What is the part of the human body that is the hardest to draw for you??? javicandraw
4d 22h ago
217 javicandraw
1h 21m ago
I fucked it up DatPoneEnthusiast90
1h 31m ago
0 N/A
Weird brush jitter in photoshop? tetera-encantada
4h 19m ago
4 Trafal-the-Law
2h 45m ago
Help! I can't find this art! TT^TT NoeruNeko
2d 22h ago
13 WindBreezeSheepLoveX
3h 9m ago
Programs for 2D animation? PauJackson
19h 9m ago
14 thegreatamphibian
3h 28m ago
Pressure Sensitivity Not Working Aescout
22h 39m ago
5 Althox
5h 19m ago
New Brush! Feedback? Spazer86
10h 14m ago
0 N/A
Selling prints, stickers and more advice on best place to do so? Lunathyst
2d 9h ago
13 Lunathyst
10h 35m ago
which one is your favorite software for digital art...? dkdivyak0
3w 2d ago
135 dkdivyak0
11h 59m ago
NO INPUT SIGNAL when I start my Cintiq 13HD BionaX
14h 2s ago
0 N/A
How Do You Choose Your Colors? joifish
6d 2h ago
29 2Phill4You
16h 14m ago
Please criticize my art + digital drawing program suggestions? Silvri
19h 51m ago
3 R4Online
16h 32m ago
I think I just did photomanipulation. TJ-Fresh
19h 12m ago
0 N/A
Photoshop or Sai? DarkBlueCrescent
3d 12h ago
16 PauJackson
19h 12m ago
Please Help Me. Very Desperate. AeolianMode
1w 4d ago
7 AeolianMode
19h 49m ago
Can I get some tips on how to fix this face? nightspirit174
1w 3d ago
36 Otikuy
20h 28m ago
Picking shadow and highlight color. ASHLENTINE
23h 15m ago
22h 47m ago
Anyone figure out a system for getting more viewers? BenHinman
1w 14h ago
36 Opheii
1d 4m ago
Colouring without lineart... Help? Ego-of-a-Valentine
3d 35m ago
12 Opheii
1d 11m ago
Do You Use A Lot of Layers? joifish
Jun 20, 2015
158 Opheii
1d 20m ago
Who is your inspiration? Noctualis
Jun 20, 2015
53 MidniteHearts
1d 4h ago
Best stylus for a budget Planet-i-Studios
1d 19h ago
2 Planet-i-Studios
1d 4h ago
What colour do you paint on? SofJae
2d 3h ago
16 NessielaKee
1d 4h ago
SFM Femscout cosmetics? ChildOfMajora
4d 14h ago
6 ChildOfMajora
1d 11h ago
Logo design daily challenge Brandsumo
1d 23h ago
2 IstvanSzaboIfj
1d 12h ago
What do you use to line/color your art/adoptables? Ravvex
1d 23h ago
4 KingKaijuice
1d 12h ago
Dear Digital Artists, can you actually draw using traditional mediums? EazyPanda
6d 19h ago
45 queenofeagles
1d 12h ago
How much is my art worth? Rilye195
1d 20h ago
1 HoneyPlease
1d 20h ago
Best Programs for Digital Art IluntasanaEder
1w 1h ago
24 PauJackson
1d 20h ago
2D Animation Question Zethnos
3d 6h ago
21 DaphfloconMojo
1d 20h ago
Self taught vs Art Degree SofJae
2w 6d ago
106 tobin-k
1d 21h ago
Grey pixels in lineart? SilverInuYoukai
3w 6d ago
8 SilverInuYoukai
1d 22h ago
How method do you use to sketch characters? ScoopJohn
1w 3d ago
37 kanamemochii
1d 22h ago
Any beginner web designers here? morrenmaa
3d 12h ago
3 TJ-Fresh
1d 22h ago