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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [April] diphylla
16h 19m ago
12 TheNixEon
7m 28s ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
photoshop or Sai? Noe16bcn
11h 9m ago
14 BloodstoneMage
38m 50s ago
how do you know when to take a break? ScarlettLeigh
1d 6h ago
9 Lanasy
48m 49s ago
4h 27m ago
1 TealXUltimate
51m 2s ago
w/o any feedbacks on my drawings, i feel like i might get burned out. makan-basamo
19h 21m ago
15 fe-byy
3h 41m ago
Photoshop Elements Editor on Mac. Fullscreen? ELFSPHERE
7h 58m ago
2 FriendlyHand
5h 34m ago
Commission Pricing? KayBit
1d 6h ago
3 KayBit
5h 40m ago
Any feedback on my digital art? gruntmajor
10h 56m ago
3 morbidman187
5h 41m ago
Anyone familiar with Manga Studio? followmeimlost
9h 48m ago
3 FriendlyHand
6h 1m ago
Adding scales? XStutzX
3d 15h ago
12 Vapolord
6h 4m ago
5d 10h ago
6 zoelaurendixon
7h 20m ago
Discussion Question: How people add google images to their art? Read below for more detail... Hissui
2d 17h ago
48 parkurtommo
7h 38m ago
Why do you think traditional artist hate Digital art so much? YUIR0
1w 13h ago
8h 3m ago
How to draw realistic pics? TheNixEon
2w 3d ago
22 TheNixEon
10h 47m ago
Need advice's from logo and graphics designers. Goodnight-Melbourne
1d 13h ago
27 nokari
11h 4m ago
How clean is your line art? Nek0n0mic0n
1w 2d ago
119 gruntmajor
11h 7m ago
FAQ session about working as a Professional Artist Suirebit
1w 2d ago
22 Lanasy
12h 46m ago
(Paint Tool SAI) Chain brushes that I can download? KAkkoiITO
1d 20h ago
1 VocaloidMist
13h 30m ago
Searching for Sonic Artists! francoer
1d 14h ago
20 RogueWolf44
15h 5m ago
What's up with the views lately? Edarneor
2w 3d ago
105 Edarneor
16h 30m ago
Can the Microsoft Surface replace a Wacom tablet? aegis-of-justice
6d 4h ago
34 aegis-of-justice
19h 55m ago
Looking for Critique SirWeeble
1d 9h ago
5 kartahon1
21h 30m ago
Help me price my commissions InvisibleKing
23h 47m ago
0 N/A
Permanent Art Block? Zephiex
1d 5h ago
5 Azaggon
1d 1h ago
How much in Cash is my Art Worth? kochiyourin
2d 1h ago
9 ArynChris
1d 1h ago
Who should i draw Apple jack or Shinigami? kochiyourin
1d 6h ago
3 morbidman187
1d 3h ago
Formatting Game Art CinamonToastCrunch
1d 8h ago
5 EliteRocketbear
1d 5h ago
Best day to post webcomic? jo-ink
1d 9h ago
9 jo-ink
1d 5h ago
Background help... suggestions needed HarlequinnAngel
1d 13h ago
5 SacrificAbominat
1d 11h ago
Problem with shading xRuthanx
3d 12h ago
10 xRuthanx
1d 13h ago
Doubt with multiple characters and their height ScarletKnives-X
1d 16h ago
7 SavageFrog
1d 13h ago
Adoptables RadLavvy
1d 14h ago
0 N/A
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [March] diphylla
Mar 1, 2015
86 DrawingMuffins
1d 14h ago
How big should a webcomic page be? ZirStrika
1w 1d ago
22 jo-ink
1d 17h ago
Giving the effect of moonlight? Kuro--Kitsune
2d 5h ago
6 achipps
1d 19h ago
Cannot create smooth curves in Paint Tool SAI coDDRy
2d 18h ago
2 coDDRy
1d 23h ago
Digital art or traditional? Fnicole
3d 16h ago
16 Fnicole
2d 6h ago
Suggestions on topics for tutorials? diaverik
3d 4h ago
4 diaverik
2d 12h ago
lineart opinions. queenmoreta
3d 16h ago
12 queenmoreta
2d 15h ago