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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread [October] Aeirmid
3d 15h ago
11 Hearstar
17h 42m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Digital Art Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
What was your first digital art piece? zvoehi
6d 19h ago
93 queenofeagles
20m 5s ago
Tablet fixing, Pen error Sors-the-luck-bot
1w 1d ago
9 nime080
48m ago
How do you blend with CS6 ? kad1984
1d 22h ago
12 Adorabamf
2h 7m ago
Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool SAi. Calibration not working. Cloudnixus
17h 20m ago
6 Cloudnixus
2h 28m ago
Do anyone want to critique my art? GreyRoscoe
3d 13h ago
12 GreyRoscoe
2h 53m ago
Do you think I am good enough for commission? icieice
12h 5m ago
3 EstherLR
3h 26m ago
I know absolutely NOTHING about how to digital art. Can you help me? CaptainofNames
3d 11h ago
17 CaptainofNames
7h 28s ago
Critique thread(Or just opinion :D) MissTakess
5d 21h ago
42 Gookar
7h 49m ago
Tablet Issues Seraph-Stray
8h 28m ago
1 Katy-L-Wood
7h 57m ago
Problem with blending in Photoshop (Weird pixely blending, jagged edges) theangelicjourney
1d 17h ago
15 goofymoNkey
8h 48m ago
Do you click "Only Web Colors"? ProjectCornDog
1d 17h ago
8 operaghost
8h 57m ago
what was your first art-program? Miracat
Jul 29, 2015
527 Warrior-Song
10h 7m ago
My user was deleted from comp. will studio accept same code? canttel
10h 54m ago
0 N/A
Manga Studio Users Help! kuromeru-panthar
5d 8h ago
7 canttel
11h 1m ago
Is it best to draw along a theme? Shadowheart626
1w 4d ago
16 canttel
11h 3m ago
Why I 've never seen anyone make a pro realistic painting in paint tool sai? Aaronxdp
1w 8h ago
19 RZ-desu
11h 28m ago
Flash CC Brush Wonkiness!!!!! OmniSaiko
12h 23m ago
0 N/A
How to make this more badass? hankypanky2
2d 19h ago
4 OmniSaiko
12h 38m ago
Why won't my 'Start-Sai exe' file work?? Otaku4Life5997
14h 3m ago
2 Otaku4Life5997
13h 26m ago
What is the part of the human body that is the hardest to draw for you??? javicandraw
Jul 27, 2015
589 scarletier
16h 29m ago
What Brush do you recommend using for Skins ? kad1984
1w 5h ago
27 kad1984
17h 55m ago
Paint Tool Sai & Pressure Sensitivity on Touchscreen Laptop? RubiezX
19h 20m ago
2 DrawPlzForum
18h 38m ago
Is this a technical problem? TheNeonPalmTree
1d 8h ago
6 Vineris
19h 20m ago
If I were to make tutorials, would you read them? EmmanuelNgene
1d 16h ago
3 Harfolorun
23h 50m ago
Anime Fanarts Kyomeiyu
5d 22h ago
5 Kyomeiyu
1d 2h ago
NEED SOME HELP! kainthebest
1d 12h ago
6 kainthebest
1d 7h ago
Digital Screentone Okami49
2d 8h ago
3 Purpllamas
1d 8h ago
[Illustration Request, I can pay $$$$] Neo-Tokyo inspired Native American warrior BardOfTheGreatSpirit
1d 8h ago
0 N/A
watermarking artworks keymomo
1d 10h ago
3 AdrianaBitesYou
1d 9h ago
I can't blend in Clip Studio Paint Smudge-Proof
5d 17h ago
15 AdrianaBitesYou
1d 9h ago
How can this be even more badass? hankypanky2
1d 17h ago
2 Alexzandria44
1d 12h ago
Converting kra. to sai.? (or just converting different program files) olymps
3d 44m ago
2 Katarina-Kirishiki
1d 16h ago
Art Critique Please ACID35
3d 20h ago
10 ACID35
1d 16h ago
Drawing/painting programs for beginners... Fuzzy-Pixels
1d 17h ago
1 shininginthedarkness
1d 17h ago
Can't draw scenery Neocmiri
5d 10h ago
22 Neocmiri
1d 17h ago
Tips for getting TVpaint? lauraacan
3d 22h ago
19 lauraacan
2d 37m ago
Artwork in my first game! Fherot
2d 1h ago
0 N/A
Istebrak's vs FunyMonkey (Wich book should I buy?) MYTHICSONOFGOD
3d 1h ago
2d 4h ago